Andrew McCabe: ‘Not Surprising’ Trump Tried To Intervene In SDNY Probe | The Last Word | MSNBC
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Andrew McCabe: ‘Not Surprising’ Trump Tried To Intervene In SDNY Probe | The Last Word | MSNBC


  • How To Bath Bombs

    He got $700k from democrats while investigating clinton email. He is under a grand jury invesrigation. He is going to prison.

  • Roberta Hubert

    I agree McCabe should get his retirement. I will buy his book just to help him because I think tRump did a great in justice to this man. I hope he makes millions off this book he certainly deserves it. I don't understand how all these people are not in jail and being held accountable for all these crimes. All I know is that if a brown brother or any other minority in this country would commit such crimes they would have been removed. I am beginning to believe this country is as corrupt as tRump

  • DianeD08

    Trump will be out one way or other. At this moment everything will be give to the peoples. Republicans will have to respond about treason against Americans peoples.

  • Roberta Hubert

    When the justice department is being hindered of doing their job which is to keep us all accountable for illegal acts is in some way blocked by the President it just shows how low this country has gone. Where is the moral outrage? Where is America heading? When we are numb to lies and crimes committed by these so called leaders it's time we all look in the mirror and ask ourselves how much are we willing to look the other way for or bury our head in the sand.

  • Jay Hille

    All you guys waiting on Mueller to bring down the hammer IT AIN'T HAPPENING.Then whats going to be the excuse then?Mueller missed something or didn't talk to the right people?TRUMP is innocent of any type of crime.You may not like him or his policies but there's no crime done.

  • Nassim Sabba

    The people who are publicly supporting the dumb old man are obviously too smart to be doing what they are doing if it was not for a purpose. To my dumber old man's mind it seems that they are poker players who are letting dumb old show more of his nefarious hand thinking that the other players are really dumb enough to have his back. They will let go of his back so fast it can cause a huge double crater on the Oval Office floor.

  • HodgePodge Doodles

    The FBI, DoJ, NSA and CIA are all just part of a 'deep state' conspiracy to destroy America and stop Trump from making it great again. Thankfully the dear leader has a friend in Russia. A white knight there to help the world. Praise Putin. America's best friend.

  • anonyarena

    at 11:52 – so what the heck does "recusal" mean anyway? It's supposed to mean to withdraw yourself utterly and completely, due to your lack of impartiality, or because of a possible conflict-of-interest. So, to Devin Nunes it means: "I'm just going to TELL people I've recused myself, like for pretend, and then keep going to these meetings and involving myself in all of it!" WHAT CRAP!

  • The Philosopher of Culture

    A person who never had to answer for anything to anyone, was duped into being PotUS where, unexpectedly to him, he had to answer for everything to everyone. After having doled out $1500 billion to his backers and destroying EPA and education, his job was done, and so he was dropped like a hot potato. Now, all of a sudden, Donald Trump realises he has been taken for a ride. Now he is stuck because even if he resigns, the court cases will progress. It drives him into one tantrum after another. He can't believe what is happening to him. Having been surrounded by sycophants and obsequious servants all of his life, he is now confronted with people who won't do his bidding. He cannot understand that, he never never never had that as a visceral experience. Put that on top of his four mental disorders and you have a fiery brew running around in his his poor brain.

  • The Philosopher of Culture

    (14m in) IT is very simple to get intel into the mind of Donald Trump. Just put in that he is going to make a lot of money from it, or that he can get away from everything scot-free.

  • Yes I’m Blessed

    This is all so absolutely insane! It's not surprising but it's crazy! This "unindicted CO-CONSPIRATOR" has done all this yet he's been able to shut down the government, which devastated workers' lives, put our country at greater risk than ever before, and much more. He's been able to declare a national emergency, which will tie up our courts and take away resources we need elsewhere. He can install people on the Supreme Court that are not worthy of that position. And on and on. AND there are still American people who support him. Yeah, not surprising but incredibly insane!

  • Doris George

    All of them has taken money from Trump that's why they er not standing up to him some of them their wife er working there with Trump, so why will they do that

  • Doris George

    He has payed them off that's the thing that the American people has to understand, Trump has sold Americans with the American people first to Putin and then Saudi Arabians and to the Turkish government and don't forget to the North Korean too they give money that's why Trump is there to make money for himself and family he doesn't cear about the American people or for the poor or does that ve problem c

  • ElPocho DelMundo

    The Pig appoints Rosen, no prior experience for the job, completely political , no doubt. More Pig corruption and corrosion of the underlying bases of our way of government.

  • Luna Azule

    Thank God for men like McCabe and Brennan and the journalists that let US know what's the truth. What "U.S." does with it has been sad so far.

  • Ellen Spear

    We're sorry (not), but tRump has to go. He needs to be arrested. He needs to be stopped from inflicting further damage on our country and its institutions. FDT.

  • Carly D

    Why is this Man still President???! This is traitorous in every sense of the definition. So, again I ask WHY IS THIS MAN STILL OUR PRESIDENT???

  • Robert Baker

    Nobody believes the FBI, CIA, your all liar's.trumps stupid , maybe but why is our country doing so great now . because he's doing what he said he would do for the poeple.

  • musicalala

    The most important message to take from this interview is that The Gang of 8,4 of which are Republican, and nobody objected or questioned investigating Trump. If somebody thought this is a witchhunt,one of these Republicans would have objected. Unless one of those 4 Rep. speaks up that McCabe is lying,you can take McCabe's words as the truth. The other conclusion you need to draw is that the investigation was deemed warranted by those 4 Rep.(Mcconnel,Burr,Ryan, Nunez). You'd think Ryan would have spoke up if it is a witchhunt. Even a dishonest piece of junk like him had resigned himself to Trump's investigation. Desire by Trump to go to war w/Venezuela is alarming too.

  • 1burnman

    The most worrisome thing about the meeting was when he said he knows North Korea doesn't have the weapons because putin told him so

  • WindSolarHydroHuman

    I hope McCabe's book sells millions and millions, that would drive the FAKE PRESIDENT EVIL CHUMP nuts 👿🎃🚼💩😷

  • E F

    It is absolutely imperative that we remove the GOP senators from office through the power of the vote. They have enabled Trump and his crooks and done NOTHING about it. They have sold us to Russia for their own sake. Yes, I said THEY, because being an enabler makes you an accomplice.

  • Mr. fearless

    ITS quite frightening if not INSANE how absolutely stupid the CON man trump is. ITs scary how dumb he is. Putin hit the jackpot with trump

  • Eb theDoc

    Thanks, Mr. O’Donnell and team!
    One additional aspect: if I remember the legal aspects correctly, a conspiracy to commit a crime DOES NOT NEED TO HAVE SUCCEEDED, to still be considered a crime, and to be examined for criminal intent. I dearly hope someone can shed more light on that…

  • muuuuuud

    As i see it the directive from the Justice department to not indict a sitting president doesn't apply to the gravity of the crimes of sedition and espionage. Both have the capital punishment in military law as a sentence if proven guilty. Trump is commander in chief, he's part of the military structure, we just never thought the commander in chief would be a traitor himself.

  • muuuuuud

    14:15 he gets his intelligence reports from russia "i believe Putin" How is he not removed? We're letting an obvious traitor in the white house? The GOP needs to be thoroughly destroyed in 2020 for this.

  • Peggy Trawick

    Don’t forget the multiple cases of kidnapping of little children and babies. First put in zoo-like cages, then putting them one-by-one in big cities so these children will be difficult to find. This is Trump and Sessions’ “idea”.

  • Michael Gfroerer

    The courage and dedicated service of Andrew McCabe should be an inspiration to all elected officials, especially Republicans, who claim to represent the best interests in the USA. Unfortunately, Republicans are grossly out of touch with reality and the effects of their actions-which have endangered so many in the USA.

  • 1Infinite Loop

    Absolute BS. Like trump or not, why are career politicians so afraid of Trump. As a rule of thumb, anytime mainstream politicians get agitated, I tend to support the one they are are rallying against.

  • Chloe Randolph

    When I hear Trump and Republicans talk about McCabe being a "leaker", I forget that the sin they're referring to is McCabe giving damaging information about Hillary Clinton to the press. Lol! Yeah, because you guys cared so much about Hillary Clinton's reputation.

  • Barbara Roberts

    trump has tried to make Comey and McCabe and others a "scapegoat" to punish and fire them for doing their jobs and speaking the truth about their "conversations and communications" with trump…thank god it's all "documented" and on file with Mueller and the FBI.




  • Geoff Dein

    McCabe should be stripped of any financial payouts, even his prorata superannuation.
    I am so surprised this grub has found and had nothing on his sweetest desire, to impeach Trump.
    He is President. He was elected President. He will Preside for his full term and your favourite sweetheart Clinton LOST EVERYTHING. That was because of criminal activity, assassinations of her enemies and arrogant attitude
    McCabe fits in with that bunch.

  • kingda117

    Trump is Projection Man (Projecto), the super-villain America does not need. He is a Crooked, Low Energy, Lying, Failing, Angry, Crazy and , Treasonous Little Man. The GOP, the supposed "party of Lincoln" is the home of Confederate, Nazi and Russian sympathisers. The traitors will always side with the enemies of core American values.

  • lagaman11

    How, exactly, does Captain Bone-Spurs have one single solitary supporter at this point? That's some very powerful cool-aid these Trump/Russian/Republicans are drinking.

  • InfoWorks

    Problem with officials from the CIA and FBI is that they are experts on both propaganda and destabilizing countries that don't want to follow US Government Policy – as you can see – our leaders appear to be as blood thirsty as our adversaries in the world. As nice as the leaders of these organizations appear to be – they are not above persecuting critics, fabricating stories and planting false evidence, if they can justify the outcome. All this means is that while I may believe that the President of the United States has a special relationship with Mr. Putin – I can't put out of my head around what a perfectly condemning Trump Dossier that leaked at a perfect time and which had been paid for by Hilary Clinton and the Democrats. I think government has become a war ground for wealthy people who are in the process of dividing up future opportunities. I think Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and the others are owned by billionaires, who pay millionaires to promote shared values as was stated by a historian at DAVOS and to Tucker Carlson. While Trump appears to have a money motivation – the disfunction in Washington DC comes down to power politics. Which is worse for our country – that we do not even see facts the same way or power politics creating enemies that always need to be fought – instead of addressing the existential crisis or problems of their own constituents? The Reagan Revolution of conservative Republicanism that spawned "trickle down" theory has been debunked —– but both Democrats and Republicans have essentially embraced that model for the last 40 years. Why? Billionaire individuals and organizations with vested interests in manipulating government for their own desires for more wealth. This is a form of an oligarchy and our representative democracy has been perverted by these wealthy individuals. And it was deliberate.

  • Richard Cory

    "They wished to manipulate the functions of government mainly for their own interests" … isn't this exactly what so many Americans voted Trump into office to do? They gave him the keys to help himself so who can blame him?

  • Donna Vorce

    Un-indicted co-conspirator needs to move to Russia with his little immigrant wife. It would be the easiest for him to sneak out and head to mother Russia. Save him prison and save us taxpayers a few more billions in prosecution/investigation/litigation costs. Don't go away mad. Just go away.

  • firebearfl

    What good is all of this if the DOJ, Mitch McConnell and the Republican senate refuse to take action? The corruption appears to go way beyond the executive branch.

  • James Bond 007

    This man is a great American who spend his whole Career Risking his life Protecting 🇺🇸/ Americans a great American who’s Only loyalty to
    🇺🇸constitution 🇺🇸People what Trump did to him and so many more was a disgrace

  • Ken Evanska

    I can't wait untill I see that dopey smug look, slapped off Jrs face as he is dragged away in cuffs.
    I can't wait untill we see Eric and Ivanka being dragged off in cuffs, both of them screaming for daddy.
    But all daddy can do is watch it all on the communal prison TV.

  • Jim Menard

    TWO YRS OF FAKE LYING NEWS AND A FAKE LYING WITCH HUNT AKA A HOAX,planned by bad cop Corrupt Mueller who sold URANIUM ONE TO RUSSIA with Crooked Hillary and didn't even Investigate anything because he knew it was him , Crooked Hillary,the Demonrats who COLLUDED WITH RUSSIA and Ukraine who ADMITTED to helping the CLINTON CAMPAIGN to try and Win the Election,THE EVIDENCE IS OUT THE WALLS ARE CLOSING IN ON THE DEEPSTATE CORRUPT DEMOCRATS AND FAKE LYING NEWS MEDIA.GAMS OVER

  • Jeannie Myers

    No wonder YOUR RATINGS are going down with liars like McCabe! Sorry, but we know these deep state operatives are panicking and will say anything! Didn't he gets FIRED for lying and leaking???!!!! Please, start getting some real journalist and real truthful guest on or your ratings are going to go under CNN's soon!

  • zackery zackery

    Rod Rosenstein was smart enough to flip on the deep state when he realized Comey and McCabe and Brennan would be tried for TREASON.

  • zackery zackery

    I feel a little bad for Cohen. Mueller threatened his wife with a 30 year jail sentence for her involvement in the taxi scandal. At least, he didn't let his wife take the fall….but unfortunately, Cohen had to spew the Mueller lies against Trump in order to save his wife. The power of the state/FBI needs to be reigned in.

  • rleb blco l

    Andrew McCabe: ‘A PROVE DIRECTOR FBI! AFTER! The last ! persecute by Trump! Not Surprising’ Trump Tried To Intervene In SDNY Probe |we have a Russian ! (america"s traitor) an agent of Russia"s! in the WHITE HOUSE!!

  • Allison Edward Bridges

    Trump's administration are all about greed and self serving groups of people well lean their no known thing as a Perfect crime

  • Gary Curtis

    In Helsinki on the world stage Putin suggested the investigators be investigated. Proposed
    to do himself. The POTUS thought it was a good idea. Now this.

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