Andrew Yang Explains His Universal Basic Income Plan | NBC News
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Andrew Yang Explains His Universal Basic Income Plan | NBC News


  • Ambient Pedals

    Yang has solutions, yet we get sound bites from the other candidates just bashing Trump and repeating last election policy ideas.. we need to move forward together not divided. Yang has policies that would directly affect the lives of ever American from all walks of life and regional.. small towns would get big boosts from $1000 a month to its citizens, plus people might be able to purchase a home or keep their home and not go broke during times of uncertainty.. but no.. same old story from the gallery of hacks on the stage.. giving none substance lines with no plans for the future.

  • Emmanuel Wu

    The fact that race-related topics such as mass incarceration, police brutality, immigration and welfare were never asked to Andrew Yang, who is apparently Asian and not pandering racial groups, just shows how narrow-minded and ignorant the moderators were. Plus, the debate was truly rigged, out of 2 hours, Andrew Yang only spoke for less than 3 minutes.

  • Tyler Chance

    So if their asking where the money will come from to fund his ubi. That means there's no more money to be made. We're all trapped. This the system.We need to take money out the 1% so everyone can live the real definition of free. If we're all against each other we're not for each other. 💯

  • Gary

    Wow! NBC deleted my comment. Now I'm 100% sure they are biased. I said they cut Yang's mic off so we should cut their revenue off by not watching NBC and those babies deleted the comment.

  • Grimreaper29

    I bet all the drug addicts would love an extra 1k a month to buy more drugs, and criminals would love the money to buy illegal guns, sounds like a great idea!!!!!

  • Marcus Jarrell

    Literally the ONLY candidate with ideas addressing real issues, meanwhile he got a whole 2 mins while Sanders and Harris shouted about who was the most virtuous politician.

  • Danny N.

    They muted Andrew Yang's mic. They only let him speak when they talk directly to him, but they let all the other candidates scream as much as possible to get screentime.


  • Tai-Chen Lin

    Since andrew yang weren't allowed to speak, Marianne Williamson also confirmed this… please view this as andrew yang's debate response instead

  • Rock

    Yang idea means higher taxes good idea just done want pay for illegals Healthcare and my own people need to get education take up a trade and stop depending because if the government gives you something they will take it away when they decide to so keep that in mind my fellow Americans

  • Columbus1152

    Whether or not you agree with Yang's policy proposals, he's one of the few candidates talking about what he'd do for the American people instead of how "mistreated" the border jumpers are.

  • Ethan Kirl

    Andrew is polling higher than some of these candidates, yet he was called on the least of all of them. The establishment Dems don't want an outsider. The American people need one! #HumanityFirst #HumanCenteredCapitalism

  • Jose Hawking

    Andrew Yang is a joke. His only plan is Universal Basic Income or UBI which is simply an aggregate demand enhancement tool, devised to eradicate the last vestiges of the New Deal. Unlike a Job Guarantee, UBI will not add any capacity to the economy, inflation being its only contribution. Andrew is simply a neo-liberal shill, not a real Democrat like Tulsi, Bernie and Warren.

  • Andrew Herman

    Have the Commiecrats drop their campaign to destroy US businesses with a $15 minimum wage & you'll be losing fewer jobs to automation. But, that's why Commies do what they do: destroy businesses, eliminate the middle class, eliminate the US, usher-in their Commie N. American Union. So, they're not going to stop. There are plenty of opportunities out there. Get off your drugs and your pot & go to interviews. In your spare time, read a book: "The 68th Convocation of the Rose & Cross Order." Then, you won't have to be ignorant your entire life. Hard work is the only way you're ever going to get anywhere. The Socialist's magic money tree doesn't exist. The Socialist Utopia doesn't exist. Put on your Yang MATH hat & please explain how people making multiple salaries still live under a poverty line. Working multiple jobs kept me above the poverty line for many years. The slavery dividend helps nothing. It further legitimizes and inflates the Communist Fed's fake, fiat currency scam that's been rammed up our noses for the past century. If you want to see how much people will "benefit," look at Venezuela. If that's your definition of benefit, you can have it.

  • sai76

    Don't believe this Yang with his 1,000 a month bribe. There was a Chinese millionaire who pulled a similar stunt a few years ago and this is what happened.

  • Robert McDougle

    Say it with me. "No More Old Guys". We need a person like Andrew Yang in the White House making sure America is truly winning.

  • Hildebeast Clinton

    There’s already a system in place – Social Security. Look, you’re taking all incentive away if the government hands out cash to able body citizens and illegals.

  • Sean Lei - Money & Minimalism

    Andrew Yang and Marianne Williamson both confirmed their mics were MUTED MULTIPLE TIMES. They couldn't even interject when they tried.

  • Slim Paco

    So he raised his hand for free health care for illegals and open borders? Get use to waiting in line to see a doctor.

  • Catowar Meowson

    I love how they turned off this guys mic because he's smart, The democratic's are doing the same they thing did last time, screwing over everyone that's not part of there idea's. I hope everyone is ready for 4 more years of trump, because ignoring this guy is how you get 4 more years of trump

  • Daniel Gallant

    Both Andrew yang and Marianne Williamson a reporting that they had their mics muted at times during the debate. I think I'll take the word of two presidential candidates over the DNC and NBC conspired to stop Bernie Sanders last time around.

  • bluey1232

    Hey Guys, we raised 2.5 Million dollars for Yang but the goal is 3.5 Million. Just donated another $10. #YangGang2020 lets make it happen!!!

  • radigass

    NBC sucks! Didn’t give the Asian man a chance.. probably they knew the U.S of A is not ready for an Asian man to run the country

  • larimer

    Here's what Yang would have said, if these corporate puppets had bothered to actually include him in the debate that he was the first to qualify for.

  • Dave

    Let's give Yang another 10 minutes for no reason just like we did with Biden and Harris. He's the one the people really want to hear right now.

  • David Williams

    Ah…the lying con-man Yang, filling the minds of delusional Leftist Lunatics who think that they will get $1000/month.

  • bladeseptim

    The Democratic party should be ashamed of themselves. Biases left and right. You can even see how they choose which questions to ask which candidates. The question that required more data and used numbers to support the argument was given to Yang (even though he still had the most in-depth answers).

    Sadly, Trump will be in office for another 4 years if Democratic mainstream media continue to play these games. More ammo for Trump to rip on and a divided party in itself. Having a fair debate would help move the country forward but NBC still decides to cheat and insist on immoral grounds.

  • signalfire6

    Nice of you to give him a whole 3 minutes to speak. He was the ONLY one who stuck to the debate rules. Harris STOLE his time giving us her sob song about how the poor little black girl was bused so she could get a good education and become a District Attorney and then one day, stand next to an almost 80 year old useless Vice President, and blame him for her lot in life… Next time, MSNBC, if you're going to have debate rules and 10 people on stage, HOLD THEM TO THE TIME FRAMES ALLOTTED, or find some format that doesn't require people to talk so fast no one can follow their complicated, genius ideas to get us out of the economic nightmare most people are actually in. Rachel is getting $77,000,000 a year to ASK QUESTIONS. So I assume, are the rest making 'good money' . It'd be nice to hear from the people we haven't heard from before, you think? DO BETTER, because this thing called the internet is available and we don't need to get our news from you, and gee whiz, what'll happen then? Who will pay you to air hemorrhoid cream commercials, then? We might even stop paying for cable and then Rachel will have to join the soup lines, or at least sell one of her several houses. Poor Rachel.

  • a c

    MSNBC really screw up this time, I can’t believe yang only spoke for less than 3 minutes, and guess what ? Maine primary polls just release after the debate, yang is polling at 5% (yang is in 5th place) while the “break out star” Harris is polling at 2% (10th place) last place is o’rourke at 11th place… now why trump keep saying you guys fake news ? Because everything “for profit” news media do is questionable… just like Thursday’s debate… don’t blame trump & trump supporters calls you fake news because they aren’t wrong. Anyone that’s moderate can see the debate are bias…

  • signalfire6

    "How you gonna pay for it?" -Answer: JEFF BEZOS HAS TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS. HE HAS SO MUCH MONEY, HE COULDN'T SPEND IT IF HE TRIED AND LIVED TO BE 1000 YEARS OLD. Meanwhile, we have homeless people on the street, 1/3 of all malls are closing soon, 3 million truckers will be out of work soon, veterans without care, and the Pentagon likes to bomb wedding parties. I think we could spend our money a tad bit wiser than we are…

  • Julian Bruce

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh, then they fight you, then you win.”

    -Mahatma Gandhi

    Don’t just take Andrews word for it about UBI do your research. This will create the balance and growth we are all hoping for despite party affiliation.

  • tracerit

    Andrew Yang is heating up the internet. That's where the real news is at. Only these old timers pay attention to televised news nowadays.

  • Hack My Control System

    I love the answer to America's problems: Tax. Having lived in Europe, VAT was to be avoided at all costs

  • Dutch Van Der Linde

    This video was longer then all of Andrew Yangs time at all. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Andrew Yang is the only candidate who can take Donald Trumps support. You don’t pick Yang, you will never win.

  • TallCoolDrink

    Wouldn't government giving away money cause inflation, which would cause people to demand even more money from the government?
    It would be a vicious cycle.

  • lebell79

    the tragic thing about this is that you just know the dummies are tuning out whenever numbers and amounts are involved and they don't understand what Yang's vision is.
    then there's no response to what Yang said as most probably don't even get it and the story moves on to: so what you think about gays, women and climatechange?

  • sewuzy


    WHERE IS THE WEALTH? — The Bottom 90%, the Top 10%, the Top 1%, and the Top 0.1%

    • Here's a gentleman bidding $80 million for a little 3 foot tall stainless steel rabbit sculpture (one of edition of three) to add to his collections; do you think he or his client is going to give a hoot about a little 10% VAT? He decided to pay $91.1 million (including commissions and fees) for the little rabbit.


    • The richest 10% of households now represent 70% of all U.S. wealth. The share of wealth among the richest 1% increased to 32% (39% according to recent update by Federal Reserve) from 23% between 1989 and 2018.


    • The top 0.1% of U.S. taxpayers—about 170,000 families in a country of 330 million people—control 20% of American wealth, the highest share since 1929. The top 1% control 39% of U.S. wealth, and the bottom 90% have only 26%.

    • The bottom half of Americans combined have a NEGATIVE net worth.

    • Multinational corporations move 40% of their foreign profits, about $600 billion a year, out of the countries where their money was made and into lower-tax jurisdictions.


  • sewuzy



    THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO FUND THE FREEDOM DIVIDEND WITH THEIR VAT EXPENDITURES ARE people who have taxable income of over $160,000 a year; whose net worth is over $4 million; and who are in the top 3% of Americans.

    • If you spend more than $120,000 a year in purchases, you are paying more in the 10% VAT than you receive in UBI ($12,000).

    • This means your net AFTER tax income has to exceed $120,000, and this means that –

    1. Your taxable income has to exceed $160,000, if you live in a state with no state income tax; 

    2. Your taxable income has to exceed $180,000, if you live in a state with relatively high state income tax;

    3. You are in the top 3% of Americans if you make over $160,000 a year.

    4. You are in the top 3% of Americans, if your net worth is over $4 million.

  • P B

    Good Job Andrew Yang. You had 3 minutes out of 2 hours of debate to send out your message, muted mic and bias interviewer. We hear you. #AndrewYang Gang 2020.

  • Ali Atrushi

    Ladies and Gentlemen a candidate with pack of innovative and calculated proposals that will make America progress . And the one candidate guaranteed that american not gonna vote for.

  • Jeoni Tao

    No lies, Amazon is getting stronger especially with the prime. He does have a good point, but he forgot to mention people are getting lazy with technology. Real talk he is on point, AI is forever, humans are easy

  • C C

    It would make it more associated to voters by saying "Big corporates are moving to to automation that replace workers and so increase income inequality while they pay less in tax. Increasing corporate tax based on the size of their automation will substitute the loss of jobs and incomes of American workers…..etc."

  • Rae ofLyte

    They're already testing something similar to this idea in the Marshall Islands with their legal tender cryptocurrency the Sovereign.

  • Tom VjAh

    I find it interesting that all other candidates seem to be paying attention and did not intervene. Almost like "ok important person speaking … shhh"

  • Saucy Wench

    I can't decide if this is awesome or the worst mistake in the history of mistakes. Will more big businesses move overseas if this happens? Will our market head into a collapse 10 or 20 years in the future? Will this effect inflation or hurt or help the value of the dollar?

  • Ricardo Perez

    I like Yang as a person. He's an ethical and well-informed individual BUT his political career is unproven and untested. There is only ONE Democratic candidate who has been consistent for decades about his policies. There is only ONE Democratic candidate who has a realistic approach to moving foward to improve Americas middle and working class. Dont need to say his name. #FEELTHEBERN2020

  • شيخ جوجل

    Andrew Yang has everything planned out. That's why he's gonna win the DNC. He's doing what Trump did in 2016: anticipate the interviewer's questions.

  • Luis Gonzales

    Yang is dreaming. Funny how these nobodies have a clue how the government is funded and then pays for the many programs for US citizens (including illegals aliens), supplies, government payroll and allots money for foreign interests. Mr. Chicken Fried Rice thinks $3.2 billion for his "free giveaway" annually can easily be funded back into government coffers. I don't think so!

  • Jim PaMa

    NBC, Anti ubi, fine. But what’s your solution for those who lost their jobs to automation? Yes you guys have jobs and don’t worry about your health insurance and food and your children education cuz you guys are in the elite and your children can go to ivy with no problems, what happened to those who are powerless and are in hunger?

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