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Anti-Federalism Ad

Thomas Jefferson said in the Declaration of
Independence that people have “unalienable rights.” The document that they are creating
in the Constitutional Convention does not guarantee these specific rights. Virginia
delegate, George Mason, has also noticed that the Constitution does not protect individual
liberties. He has taken it upon himself to write the Virginia Declaration of Rights,
which clearly spells out liberties of citizens. This should be considered as an addition to
the Constitution. Americans should be able to look at their neighbor and expect them
to respect you as an individual. The Necessary and Proper Clause lists the national government’s
power too broadly. This sets no clear limits. This is very dangerous because it could possibly
lead us back to a government with all of the characteristics of the despotism that Great
Britain had that we fought so hard to become free of. This government is a threat to our
personal liberties. This government is too big and will consolidate too much power and
will result in an elite in charge. Representative government only works if you’re well represented
at a federal and state level because the needs of the people are not fully met if you’re
only represented well at a federal level because [the needs] are so diverse. So, you need a
government that hears the voice of people who have similar problems. The Supremacy Clause
that is going to be added to this new constitution states that federal court rulings outweigh
those of state court rulings in the same actual court cases. See, this does not allow the
states to efficiently or accurately represent the people that it’s supposed to. As said
in the Centinel, in the “Hobgoblins of Anarchy and Dissensions Among the States,” “If anarchy
were the inevitable consequence for rejecting this new Constitution, it would be infinitely
better, for even then [there would be] at least a chance of a good government rising
out of licentiousness.” We are an international symbol for independence and freedom. America
will be looked to for future generations as an example of individual rights. We must stick
to our beliefs we had when we started all of this. We cannot agree to go back to a tyrannical
national government. Anti Federalism: Protecting Your Rights

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