Anti-Gay Teens Suspended for Wearing Confederate Flags to School
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Anti-Gay Teens Suspended for Wearing Confederate Flags to School

to anti gay teens were suspended for
wearing Confederate flags to school this is in Washington in the suburbs of
Seattle addicting info is reporting that school
officials say they had warned the boys not to wear the flags because the flags are specifically
prohibited in the dress code they were deemed disruptive and banned
by the school and a a note when out saying from this
point forward student in violation up the district dress code
will be sent immediately to the office in parents contacted also clothing that promoter advertises
drugs alcohol tobacco or sex are that displays representations of
hate for anti-establishment like swastikas Confederate flags
anarchism are not allowed these boys ignored the
warnings and war the flags anyway school
officials say they received complaints and that they had to take action now one
of the boys grade he said it’s just a way have showing our
southern pride southern pride in the suburbs of seattle
washington I had no idea Louis that the Confederacy
stretch that far I’m willing to bet that not only has
this idiot never even set foot in the south that there’s a good chance no one from
his family has or even any of his ancestors will listen he said specifically that he
was wearing the flag because there was another student who
war a gay pride flag and he said if he can wear his flag in support of
what he believes we figured we could do that as well the difference is that the great
gay pride flag is not discriminatory against anyone. it is a probably quality a symbol and
the big thing here is that conservatives are using the confederate flag is the kind of
catch all for everything they are against in this case
it happens to be gay rights and the right-wing is going to scream
about the suspension will say to free speech issue it isn’t they were warned
specifically about these items and they wore them anyway and it is not the government abridging
someone’s right to say what they want so not a free speech is free speech issue at all Louis right we
talked about this before those schools can have their dress codes and
that’s fine I think these kids should be expelled


  • Bolgernow

    perhaps "Grady", & his racist asstoy friend might learn history. The south tried to secede from the United States over slavery. Being against discrimination is not = to discrimination

  • Bolgernow

    being ignorant of reality makes you stupid, partisan, & lacking. MLK didn't support either party. He was apolitical, & advocated for civil rights. The Democratic Dixiecrats moved over to be REPUBLICAN'S in the 1950's, & that is the current make up of the party today. Lying to strangers on the internet makes you very pathetic & sad

  • B C

    I'm trying to find information on specific prominent Dixiecrats that moved into the Republican Party, do you know of any? I'm actually very upset with the entire political structure of the de facto two-party system; I'm anti-collectivism, pro-liberty. I'm against things like the FRB, the 1913 deal that helped to create today's debt mess. I'm well aware of discrimination, having family affected by Chinese Exclusion Act and Japanese Internment.

  • B C

    If being ignorant of reality makes me stupid, partisan and lacking, and lying to strangers makes me pathetic and sad, does that same standard apply to David Pakman? He seems to only target conservatives in his videos—why not target ridiculousness in both major parties and call all politicians out for their lies and dirty dealing? Like Diane Feinstein & Richard Blum.

  • B C

    I read something some time ago with MLKJr quotes about conservative ideology and principles but can't find it at the moment. Ardent certainly doesn't apply to MLK. Does personally attacking people and insulting people on the net make you feel better? I won't participate in that kind of thing, but will acknowledge your point about MLK. I can't find anything relevant in defense of it.

  • Jason Daniels

    They should make a shirt that says straight pride and dare them to do something about that. If the others can have gay pride. Dumb asses

  • TheFrownyclown

    A confederate flag to a black person is like a nazi flag to a jew. The Southerners perpetrated a system of slavery and oppression beyond what the Germans ever did. The confederate flag is the most despicable symbol in US history.

  • Jusoon

    I am from the south and I am proud of my heritage. I also have a degree in government from a northern university. I understand fully the history of this country. The reason we'll never agree about that flag is that you see it as symbol of treason and slavery and I see it as a symbol of courage and independence.
    I don't consider myself ignorant, nor would I assume that you are. I will never be ashamed of my ancestors or the stand they took, no matter how much other people think I should be.

  • Marxist-Leninist Theory

    Simply because its the school telling them what to not wear or because they told them before hand doesn't mean its not a free speech issue. Of course it is. That said I'm completely for banning fascist and racist symbols but that's where I'd draw the line. I can see why they'd want to ban Anarchist symbols as well but its complete fascism to do that. Anarchists defend the rights of the oppressed and fascists are the oppressors.

  • Jason Daniels

    You think this kid should be expelled. This is exactly what's wrong with liberals if everyone doesn't do as they do they are wrong. You guys are the true racist fascist

  • Jason Daniels

    Leave it to Obama in given time everyone in society will have to wear matching uniforms so no one will be offended. Free food, phones, and clothes

  • Andreas Z

    The school must also expel the students who were the flag to support the gay rights. In America, everyone justifies lefts, but when conservatives do something they are not treated equally. I am a conservative.

  • ThEcAnDyCrAcKeR

    I agree with Lois, they should be expelled. The confederate flag represents nothing but hate. The rainbow flag represents pride of being who you are, it does not show any hate.

  • TheQualityrkc

    Juan juan juan. Freedom of speech was not meant to protect only all inclusive and loving speech. There is no caveat about not being able to openly preach discriminatory views. We need to be consistent. If we want to keep the right to protest war then we also need to tolerate those who would protest in favor of war. Understand?

  • TheQualityrkc

    Exactly, they dont get it. You will be very hardpressed to find an intellectually consistent person who votes dem or republican so its not surprising. But how many times have you heard a liberal say freedom of speech isnt meant to protect popular speech? Truth is they are just like conservatives in that they only support freedom of speech when they agree with it.

  • TheQualityrkc

    Enough with your thought crimes. If people can wear gay pride shirts then others should also be able to wear shirts in favor of their cause. This is common sense. Freedom of speech is for unpopular speech. You are acting just like a conservative. What is it with dems and race? Its like blood in the water for you people. Inject racism and all your principles go out the window.

  • Sarah Plays Games

    Just checked, nothing that I have written is spelled wrong. But back on topic, I don't hate these people, I for one am actually from the south and I despise the actions of most southerners. I know how many southerners are and the fact that they strive to be like them, to be the cruel, hateful people that they are choosing to be is pitiful. Now, not all of them are this way, but a good bit are. For what Florida has wrong with it, it's a symbol of progress for the south.

  • Abnormal Wrench

    Well, if we ever have a civil war where one side takes up a rainbow flag to represent their support of slavery, I will support you. However, that imaginary reality hasn't happened yet.

  • DastardlyMuffins

    Yes, Obama contacted the school board and told them to ban the confederate flag. Afterwards, he continued rewriting the Bible to be more similar to the Qu'ran, gave $20 to a pimp, and then cancelled the Super Bowl.

    Damn, commies.

  • Benito Hernandez

    As a young gay man, I firmly believe that these guys SHOULD be allowed to wear these T-Shirts. If I can wear a gay pride T.S. To school, why shouldn't these guys also be afforded the same benefit and right? IMHO it is a freedom of speech breach.

  • lex811117

    After the malcolm X movie came out in 92, it became popular to wear the black shirts with the X. Some of the white guys started wearing the battle flag with "you wear your X and I'll wear mine" type shirts.

    I feel embarrassed for them. These symbols of civil rights which have been successful and you pull out a symbol of FAILURE as if there is pride in that. Being from the south, I see people all the time with the battle flag chanting USA and the disconnect is just mind numbing.

  • Lobos222

    What? Malcom X was a hardliner for blacks. He wasnt a Martin Luther King type. In a black majority society Malcom X might just as well been a member of a black version of KKK, BBB?

    I would hardly call walking around with hes sign any better.

    "Oh great, a borderline anti white slogan. Great…" /sarcasm

  • hatchbx

    True, but to suspend them for exercising First Amendment rights, esp. when the shirts in question carry a political message? Far far more ignorant

  • hatchbx

    Expelled?! What kind of progressive advocates expelling children? It's not up for us to decide that one flag is acceptable and another is not. I'm somewhat shocked that a liberal can hold such an authoritarian, conformist attitude and believe this suppression of expression is appropriate simply b/c we find the symbol/message morally and politically abhorrent. Dress codes of this nature are out of line, esp. if it's a public school

  • hatchbx

    Police and other professional uniformed organizations are voluntarily entered into — public edu is compulsory. There's a difference between regulating sexually explicit dress or images, and regulating political messages with which authorities may disagree. I find it patently hypocritical that any avowed progressive would not come to the defense of these misguided boys' right to political expression.

  • hatchbx

    Malcolm renounced NOI bigotry and racial essentialism in his more enlightened years, but that's immaterial. Political censorship is extremely dangerous. If they want to ban one flag, they must ban all flags, American flag included. We can't go around cherry-picking what is "acceptable" based on our ideological bents. How can you people be so blind as to support this repression?

  • Colin Sherritt

    I didn't mean to imply that there was anything extraordinary about Covington/Maple Valley, when it comes to likelihood of being home to those inclined to hold such views and any other community that's a similar distance outside the city. I did intend to differentiate between views of your typical Seattleite and those typical of such outlying areas as Covington, where this occured.

  • Colin Sherritt

    I'm assuming you meant to say conservatism and not conservationism when you referred to my "childish association" and apparent lack of high standards correlating political ideology and intelligence. While I'm happy to wax environmentalism, too, I don't think that was your intention.

  • Philly Jimi

    Banning symbols starts to get everyone into murky waters. If you're going to ban everything then ban everything including gay pride t-shirts & all religious t-shirts. Schools are there to teach our children. If the kids want to do something in non-school hours let them do whatever they want. For the record, I am am very pro gay and am happy NJ finally got aboard.

  • PrimeConsciousness

    The teens should have replaced their CSA shirts with custom T's dawning a warm colored picture of Uncle Joe Stalin. This would allow the political correctness to remain anti-American.

  • Celery Man

    Fuck the confederate flag; I had to see it more than enough growing up in WV; which is sadly ironic considering West Virginia only became a state because the western half of Virginia sided with and wanted to remain a part of the Union; while Virginia seceded. Of course people have the right of freedom of expression; but we should make them feel like the ignorant assholes they are if they choose to display it.

  • Chad Edwards

    We need to ban the confederate flag entirely. They lost because they were on the wrong side of history. What is there to be proud of?

  • lex811117

    See that is a gross is understanding of Malcolm X. Your history is coming from the people that he stood and opposed. Not being non-violent is not the same as being violent. He never went to situations with the intent to commit violence, he was prepared to go to protest and retaliate with equal force. He did not feel that his people should receive abuse without raising a hand to protect themselves. Please listen to his speeches and interviews. He is no saint, but he is certainly not KKK.

  • Dante Brown

    1. The Confederacy was treason.
    2. Confederate President Jefferson Davis was corrupt and totalitarian.
    3. No country in the world recognized the Confederacy.
    4. The Confederacy had less man power, money and resources than the Union.
    5. The Confederacy was a completely reactionary secession based mainly on the paranoia that Lincoln was coming for the rich landowners slaves.
    6. The Confederacy only lasted 4 years and was over 100 years ago.

  • typeviic1

    These teens and others like them, need to catch up and get with the CURRENT program!

  • Period correct Campaigner

    i think its absolutly rediculous to suspended kids for whereing that flag. In my mind its the same as the american flag. it is part of our history and heritage not a discrimination. Many soldiers died for that flag not to lash out against gays but to fight for what they believed in GET IT RIGHT

  • FFstetson

    Y'all are so damn retarded learn what the flag stands for before you speak about it.  i wear the flag because thats my heritage and thats what i believe in and noone will tell me i cant fly my flag!

  • Adam Iannetti

    you guys are dumb. i find the pride flag to be offenceve and yet people shuve that and there way off life in my face… just quit

  • Cody Jewell

    All ya sum dumbasses arguing about sum stupid shit n who gives a fuck about a flag n dude who says they should be exespelled go fuck ur self n walk in there shoes before ya judge on shit u know nothing about

  • Dru Miller

    Man if u ain't in the south and ur somewhere up there don't fly the flag cause that's like goin and askn to get ur nuts chopped off,Man U just don't do that now if u live in the south and are from the south and live the south then by all means fly that son of a bitch fly it high and if ur n the south and ur from the north and ur haten on the rebel flag then take ur yanke ass back up north y'all ain't gotta b down here if u don't like it take ur problems else where

  • Not-So-SuperNova

    Wait. What does the fact that they are "anti-gay" have anything to do with this. I smell liberal left-wing propaganda cooking.

  • a cast

    horseshit  we were it all over around here. love to use a cattle iron and brand your rosy asses with the CSA flag just for principal. Peace to my southern neighbors the rest can all go to hell !

  • Dustin Granger

    Fuck you David!!!!!!  I strongly support anyone who wears the Battle Flag, and if you think it's racist against blacks, tell that to the colored field hands who fought with Nathan Bedford Forrest for the Confederacy.  How can you tell me they were willing to die to support racism against blacks!!!!!!!!!  Don't believe all the bullshit the history books in our schools tell you.

  • Russian Mob

    Th South is the only normal part of USA left,, and now its considered bad?,, im from seattle living in north carolina,, and im already proudfull of the sout. Except the fact we dont get enough rain the way I like.

  • G.H.ChristoFascist

    I can understand if they were strictly warned not to wear the flag, but I respect whoever will do that out in public. To me that shows courage, strength, and Southern Pride. Take a history lesson douche bag and you'll learn how the Rebel Flag does not in any way represent slavery.

  • Pán Nedokonalý

    Did I hear correctly? Svastika is not a hate sign!!!! FFS, because Hitler used it it doesn't mean it is hate symbol!!! LEARN HISTORY!!!!!!

  • Sign NFF Cm Ku

    First of all I think also they can wear there dumb gay shirt they can wear theres. #THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN

  • Darkless4X

    This is sad. The US is now officially turning into The Liberal States of Liberamerica. I'm about to move to Canada.

  • Sergii Kovalchuk

    Because the second name of Confederate flag is the "Rebel flag", so it – clearly – became the universal symbol of denial of something. 

    BTW, I came to this page looking for a symbol against your damned rainbow flag, something like "Anti-gay flag" and I think I've found one! Thanks 🙂

    UPD: The bad thing is that many black people may get offended with Confederate flag and I don't want to offend them by any means so I'll, probably, keep looking.

  • lukas

    All these pro-Confederate idiots commenting, you read the title, knew what the video was about, yet you still decided to click on it.

  • Blaine Collins

    You are a dumb ass it does not matter if he's from the south or not he can wear what ever wants dumb bitch go fuck your self you look like your gay as fuck and anyone can fly that flag I have seen black people fly it so go fuck your self

  • Casey Harmon

    I would have to totally disagree the "Gay Pride" flag is very offensive and discriminatory to Christians. The rainbow is God's promise to never again destroy the earth with water but they have turned it into something that the Bible is against.

  • BloodTar

    I'm for freedom of speech regardless of who gets ass-hurt over it.  You're either for ones right to express themselves and their beliefs freely, or you are not.

  • Kody Barnett

    Pakman you are an IDIOT the flag does not promote hate, hell I have some African-American Friends, I am not racist & I support it, it shows state rights not racism!

  • Colton Smith

    The real issue is that people don't understand equality. If I get offended by the rainbow flag then why not ban students from wearing that? Equality has been rough in the past but everyone deserves it including people who are simply proud of who they are and where they come from. Recognize that us who support the flag have as much of a right to do so as those who support the rainbow flag. (Not saying I'm against the rainbow flag, it annoys the shit out of me at times but hell I really don't care too much)

  • Elliot Bishai

    I think the gay pride guy should be expelled for wanting another fucking man to stick his discusting dick up his fucking butt hole

  • Jessica Parker

    BREAKING NEWS! Lying leftist cunts make fake news about boys displaying their heritage! Since another boy was wearing a gay flag, they decided they wanted to display their beliefs too! ….And got suspended!

  • phantom nova14

    Who tf is this libtard trying to say the gay flag is not hurting anyone and that the confedarate flag is the con federated flags not hurting anyone either it's just a flag stop being a bunch of libtards and get a life

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