Appomattox Campaign, Episode 23: The Confederate Cemetery (HD)
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Appomattox Campaign, Episode 23: The Confederate Cemetery (HD)

[Banjo Music] We are currently located in the Confederate Cemetery, surrounded by the Appomattox Court
House National Historical Park. These gravestones represent just a few of
the soldiers who died during the American Civil War – the total casualties of about
750,000 boys. 750,000 boys who were here
in 1861 would not be here in 1865. Those soldiers fight for many different reasons,
but they do answer a few questions. One of those questions is, will the United
States government survive; will the idea of democracy live on through the ages? Of course, we know today that answer was yes,
the United States government, this idea of democracy, can survive. The other question is, what will become of
the 4 million slaves within the Southern borders. Shortly after the meeting between Lee and
Grant, that question will be answered: 4 million slaves would automatically be set free. Most of the Confederate soldiers who died
in and around the fighting of Appomattox Court House were interred here by 1866,
with one Union soldier. Most of the Union dead from the battles in
and around the Court House have been moved to Poplar Grove Cemetery, located at
the Petersburg National Battlefield. But these men, who gave their sacrifice for
their country to answer those questions.

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