Arizona’s Democratic legislative leaders on goals for new session
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Arizona’s Democratic legislative leaders on goals for new session

– [Lorraine] In the
same room I pose the same questions to
Democratic leaders, House Minority Leader
Charlene Fernandez and Senate Minority
Leader David Bradley beginning with their
biggest focus this session. – For us a big issue
is no more tax cuts. As I said, you can’t be digging. Be it you’re in a
hole, stop digging. As an ad adminimum. If tax cuts are
brought forward as a big proposal in
this budget, we’re not gonna be on the budget. We are not. ‘Cause it’s that important. The infrastructure of the
state in many aspects, whether we’re talking
about corrections or health services or
the department of water. Or, any one of them
that you can pick, it’s been hollowed out. And there’s tremendous
need in the state. It’s an illusion that
everything’s hunky dory. And if we’re gonna
keep cutting then it’s gonna be hard to
discuss other things. – I tell people
this all the time. The mantra is please
fund public education and this comes from people
that have kids in school. Grandmas that no longer
have a commitment to put anyone through school. They care about
public education. Our future depends on how
well our kids are doing today. – How much do partisan politics
get in the way of action? – You know, I’ve been
around such a long time. I was just talking to
someone the other day. I came up the ranks. You know, being a
precinct committeeman. Organizing my
neighborhood all the way to Vice Chair of the
Arizona Democratic Party. And also I worked
for a congressman. There was a time that we worked
closely with the other side because it was to the
benefit of every Arizonan. And unfortunately we
don’t see that today. So I have to say. And it makes me sad to
say that partisan politics is alive here in Arizona. – Would you agree, David? – Yeah, unfortunately when I
first got to the legislature the majority leaders were
Republican of the House when I was in House, said
that no Democratic Bill would be heard period, in
any committee for any reason. So, it’s been a little bit
better over the years at times As a function of that. I think the pressure
in the House 3129 some of their folks have
got their attention. I think they are concerned
about this next election. And a lot of resources are
gonna come in on both sides. But unfortunately
we don’t step back. That’s why I was only
being moderately facetious when I said go read
Fred Rogers book. Listen to each other,
be kind as a base. And unfortunately,
especially towards the end of session last year,
that did not happen. – What could stall budget
negotiations this session? – Well I think Mr.
Bradley said it. With 31 in the House, he
can tell you what’s going on in the Senate, but
31 in the House and I’ll be a little snarky here but the funny part is, is
if someone has to go home and walk their dog
or let their dog out we shut down business. That’s all there is to it. If their 31 members
are not in their seats we close out for the day. Case in point, we were
there for 135 days. One of the longest in the
history of this state. And that’s on the back
of our taxpayers because they have to pay us
while we’re there. – What do you think is the
headline out of this session? – I think the goal is to try
to get out of here quickly cause that’s a big
concern of theirs for the reasons that
we just brought up of. That this coming
election may be in a transformative for the state. I hope that at ad adminium
as I started at the beginning that we get out of this
session with no tax cuts. That would be a win as
far as I am concerned. (chuckles) – Absolutely I would
like to see that. Definitely. – Okay Ms. Fernandez,
Mr. Bradley, thank you. – Thank you so much. – Thanks. – For allowing us this time. – Yeah, thank you.

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