Art of War 3 Global Conflict Mission No 45 || Confederation
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Art of War 3 Global Conflict Mission No 45 || Confederation

hello friends welcome to art of war
three global conflict and I am going to play mission number 45 in mission number 45 I have to secure
the special squad route through the rebels defense line so for this purposes
I need a build resources container for my resources supply so that I can built
it up more troops so I am going to build four or five resources contained in this
mission and my main objective is that now the second objective is that to
clean the route and the clean the hidden enemies that might attack my troops that
may attack my security special squad so I have to clean that too for this purposes
I will build an aviation Factory and choppers for that so I am going to build
some aviation factories and start building choppers or that energy
resources factor there is no energy okay that is required 30 or 20 second it will
take 20 seconds so that is much more needed that we need to build some
choppers to defend our coastal line to defend our lines our route hidden enemy
find out the henna dye on me and tell them the chopper will do that only the
choppers can do this alone we call it clone in this game so I am going to find
hidden enemies in these bushes moving troops so resource containers you
find okay take that for the better defense I am building the
bunker because the enemies might attack from these areas possible attacks can
become no need to build a larger army areas just I need to secure my security
team for this I need to assault factory and to clean ambitious I am building
choppers so enemies has been attacked go go go go go dead well done so what’s
up messages are coming I’m using BlueStacks software for this game that
is much more fun if you like this game then you must play on close deck so I
like this Lord I am playing this game for since from a childhood so creating
my factories both of them upgrading both of I think two factories built these two
factories are enough and means in this mission enemies will
more have groups so you need some vehicle that yeah
these troops are more than the cars so you need some vehicle to produce that
eliminate that troops efficiently infantry infantry enemies have a larger
infantry in this mission so you need a groups you need an a vehicle that can
kill these enemies faster and in SL factory the first vehicle is best for it
there is going surveillance whining troops and here we go oh come on
find some troops oh I finally three of troops oh my god there’s just enemies
vehicles were there so building more choppers for another keep anything my chopper is going to be destroyed okay that’s my turn right now these these because they’re good for the
troops so in this mission we have a lot of group I will face a lot of proof so
try to build these vehicles okay if you are liking my video then
please subscribe my channel I just like to upload certain videos on these these
games and I also gave some lectures videos information videos on my youtube
channel so please subscribe me because that is going to be helpful for you guys okay how clearly there is might be some
Witten and me I’m patrolling I’m patrolling with my choppers and they
find so many ways you don’t croaks try to kill them all because there is a
secondary objective that can give you stars that can give you one star try to
keep away your choppers from the enemy’s troops because you planted them for
these peoples in the bushes these troops enemies troops in the
bushes so you need to keep your choppers away from the enemy’s other vehicles
that might that might attack you your choppers your clone okay try I’m trying
to building these two these because why because I am going to face a lot of
troops in this route I will not face much of the enemy’s vehicles in this
mission and so that is why I’m building that oh my shit man I wonder that but my
that my because out there they confront easily okay try to patrolling keep
patrolling with your choppers that is best solution but if we keep at rolling
then and your choppers can attack we kill enemies because that might damages
that may be damage were launched off also do it with your hand own hands I’m just trying to get the star from an
Andhra job teacher okay the resource container has been
fine but that is impossible to reach because I’m trying to find bushes troops
in these bushes before the until the Kemal move forward so in one one minute
I have to kill clear all troops in them bushes oh come on they can attack them
no they can’t beat me now I have a lot of troops right now the game is hanging on the BlueStacks
software so for this game you must also have a good processor after PC ok if
you’re liking my video please subscribe it because I’m going to I just try to
upload videos on the games my channel name is gaming soon and another channel
is national I can you all find it oh my god the time it’s less and I have fooled
these four you can see oh my god my job here the secondary objective has been
failed but if you can do this because you know the location right now that
where are they hidden I wasn’t so now you know so the security surveillance
team has been arrived special squad has been arrived and I have to clear the
route so keep moving so these yes here you can see there is a lot of troops and
miss troops so that is why I built it these because these are my special
squads and there I have to clean my route I have to clean the road
ok see you can see that my dad because was not effective for this purpose but
my other because are good so that is why I am building these because ok oh I am
under attack shit man oh man my place is the nerd
attack but I have cleaned my tree in the route I must keep moving I don’t care
three or four they will it will take 4 or 2 meters to for the my security teams
to reach don’t worry my T’s troops 3 or 4 can handle this so that is why I’m
going to provide the security to of my
security team nothing is to be worried oh you can handle it come on
they’re attacking shoot man don’t worry I’m not going to lose this vision
because I am champion of this game okay it’s in chiapas food chopper can’t
handle them easily I hope that the chopper can handle these these enemy’s
troops I hope hope for the best oh one another
chopper is patrolling the route I they keep patrolling you must keep patrolling
oh my god there is another troops are attacking
from another side oh shit oh my god there is attacking my bases
they’re attacking me that’s a factory oh shit
come on choppers you can do this oh come on dawn oh they have anti-aircraft gun
enemies have an anti-aircraft gun Oh die stay eating my choppers okay I am
moving backwards come on you can do this I am moving my clothes back because they
are going to clean Hey I’m polish my all buildings and I am going to lose okay my
enemy my troops are coming don’t worry oh man they’re coming it’s okay can’t
move oh my and other troops are coming shit man go special squad also more swiftly
please please I should warn come on please please special squad go faster
I’m going to die please do this for me okay oh yeah my my squad has been
arrived good keep it okay now I might be fun okay I’m winning
now yeah your man yes come on okay I’m going to win now cause if I
lose if I don’t eliminate these troops that doesn’t matter because my skirt is
special score I have defended my special squad
so that was an amazing so I have completed that so I am going to win this
that was awesome there miss that battle was really awesome I was about to lose I
was about to lose this okay mission has been complete escort least of the score
and I have escorted I got to score I got two stars and in this mission but I fail
to find some troops from the bushes at the end I fight I need four groups but
the time was little at that time so that is why I didn’t get fine and seven
bushes column arrives before the column arrived so I at last I find four groups
of enemy troops f4 ambushes but it’s okay I got two stars and I got a victory
so and I also lose a lot of building but that doesn’t matters
thank you for watching keep subscribing

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