AskTSA: What To Expect When Verifying Your ID During Airport Screening
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AskTSA: What To Expect When Verifying Your ID During Airport Screening

If you’re traveling with an expired license
or misplaced your ID, or maybe you recently changed your name, here’s what you should
know before you fly. At the security checkpoint the TSA officer
will ask for your boarding pass and ID. If you’re traveling without proper ID our
officers will ask you for two forms of alternative IDs, one of which must have your name and
identifying information, such as a photo, address, phone number, social security number
and or date of birth. Some acceptable alternative IDs include student
ID, credit card, birth certificate, social security card, utility bill and or insurance
card. If you don’t have any acceptable forms of
alternative ID you will go through the ID verification process. During the identity verification process a
TSA officer may ask you to complete a form with your personal information. What’s your relationship– And will ask you
additional questions to confirm your identity.Once your identity has been confirmed you’ll be
able to proceed through security screening. You will likely undergo additional screening
which will include a pat down. For your comfort and discretion know that
during the screening process you may request to speak with a supervisor or request private
screening. Have additional questions about screening
policies, procedures and what to expect at a checkpoint contact the TSA contact center
before your next flight or send a tweet or a direct message on Facebook to ask TSA. For more information on travel visit

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