Assemblymember Wicks Brings Stronger State Privacy Legislation to Table
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Assemblymember Wicks Brings Stronger State Privacy Legislation to Table

Last year the legislature passed the California
consumer privacy act which is set to provide important privacy protections to our states
consumers by 2020 this act includes a consumer’s right to know what information a company has
about them the right to delete information and the right to stop the sale of their information
to third parties my bill the privacy for all bill will build on this ground breaking work
1 will require companies to get permission to use or access to consumers personal data
to will require a company to tell consumer what information has been collected and with
whom specifically it has been shared and third we will prohibit companies from punishing
someone with higher prices or worse service for exercising their right to protect their
personal information privacy for all is simple it’s about making sure we can control our
own lives by having the power to really control the information they can identify us and our
families mark Zuckerberg is fond of saying that these but does not sell data and in 1
specific sense that is true what Facebook actually does a share and you can allow third
parties to use the personal information they collect this really important step in California
has really taken the lead and ensuring that only of the rights are that is within the
constitution is protected but also that we really insure that California is a place where
we all feel welcome and that all our rights are protected and not just on in words but
in action the privacy for all bill is a necessary step to build on the protections offered by
the California consumer protection act and to ensure that Californians constitutional
right to privacy is realized in statute.

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