Attorney General Request Legislation – Student Loan Bill of Rights
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Attorney General Request Legislation – Student Loan Bill of Rights

We understand as well as the students of
Washington state that paying for college is a commitment. Personally I work two
jobs on top of a full-time workload to be able to afford tuition and other
expenses however I understand at some point I will have to take out a student
loan because I cannot physically work enough to adequately pay for tuition
expenses. Washingtonians who are working hard to pay off their student loans deserve to be treated fairly by student loan
servicers who are handling their debt and right now that doesn’t always happen.
So think of it this way, Washington state regulates debt collectors but we don’t
currently regulate student loan servicers even though they collect billions of
dollars from Washingtonians related to their student debt. They get our money
and are not being honest and we are being honest and paying our bills and
that’s what I think most students are doing This is a kind of issue that runs
generations deep it was the AARP priority because now we have the
next generation of folks that are really impacted by poor loan servicing
practices. At the end of the day it’s about middle-class families
that don’t have money to hire an attorney when they’re being treated
poorly by a big huge company. I think we need to make sure that every day people
have someone on their side and this is another way to make sure that regular
folks that are doing their job paying off their student loans that they’re
treated fairly by the companies that that are owning their debt.

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