• Adnarim00

    I have a prediction. If the flag comes down, several things will immediately happen within Mississippi's black community: 1 Out of wedlock births will reduce to a mere 2%; 2 ACT scores for high schoolers will average over 30; 3 The murder rate in Jackson will become lower than the whitest city in Idaho; and 4 MLK and Nathan Bedford Forrest will both rise from the grave and fall deeply in love.

  • Roderick Clerk

    It is already clear that that white students in Mississippi score in the middle percentile of (26th place or just average) of all other students in the US. That means that white students in Mississippi are NOT behind anybody. Now black students, as in the thousands in JPS schools, score extremely low. Mississippi has a black education problem not a overall education problem. Is it all the white man's faulth. I don't think so. There are many factors, but those are the facts, and changing a flag is not going to do anything. And I'm a black guy so, don't start with the "you are a racist BS". It is sad I even have to put in that disclaimer when discussing facts and evidence.

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