Austin, Texas Tourism : Texas State Cemetery in Austin: Confederate Section
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Austin, Texas Tourism : Texas State Cemetery in Austin: Confederate Section

One section of the Texas State Cemetery in
East Austin is dedicated to the men and women who gave their lives in the Civil War. After
the Civil War the Confederates men’s and women’s home was established in Austin to care for
disabled and indigent veterans. When the state took over direction of the home in nineteen
ninety-one they began burying the residents here as they passed away. It was deemed the
most appropriate place for these decorated soldiers. The last confederate soldier died
in nineteen fifty-four at the age of one hundred and eight. There are now more than eighteen
hundred soldiers and three hundred and forty-nine of their spouses buried in this part of the
cemetery. The most recognized and highest ranked Civil War officer from Texas was Albert
Sidney Johnston buried her beneath this amazing and detailed canopy. The elaborate death mask
was carved by local Austin sculptor, Elizabeth Ney, and is by far the most impressive grave
site in the cemetery.

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  • NC Confederate

    The Southern states took care of the veterans while they were alive. Now that they are long dead, so many state officials denigrate our ancestors' memory for their own political gain.The cowards had to wait a long time before they could attack our heroic dead. We must defend those who cannot defend their own honor.

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