Australian Guide to Legal Citation: Legislation — Acts
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Australian Guide to Legal Citation: Legislation — Acts

Hello and welcome to UTS Library’s
tutorial on referencing legislation in AGLC style. In this video we’ll show you
how to put together a complete reference for an Act. There are four elements in a
reference to an Act: the title, year, jurisdiction, and finally, but only if
needed, the pinpoint. The first element is the title of the Act, which is written
in italics. You can write the short title if there is one but if not the long
title can be used. The next element is the year the Act was passed, which is
also written in italics. After that, write the jurisdiction of the Act, written in
abbreviated form within round brackets. Finally, if you’re referring to a
specific part of the legislation, include a pinpoint reference. If a pinpoint
isn’t needed you can leave it out. Refer to a section of an Act using “s”, sections
using “ss”, then leave a space and then write the number of the section. So the
complete reference to an Act would be: title in italics, year in italics,
jurisdiction within brackets, and pinpoint. Remember that references in
footnotes always end in a full stop, while references in your bibliography
never do. In this video we covered how to
reference an Act in AGLC style. This video is part of a series of videos
covering referencing in AGLC. If you need further help you can visit our
referencing pages or contact us using the Ask a Librarian link on the library
home page.

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