Author of Sexism in America discusses the Stupak Amendment.
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Author of Sexism in America discusses the Stupak Amendment.

uh… now we’ve got that greg s three as
barbara burke aki we’ve had arrived at the show before she’s the offer of
sexism in america alive well unloading our future and she’s written about the stupak
amount and that’s what brings are here today barbour one by the young turks
thanks piggyback we appreciate your time so him this tibet mennonite i’m gathering that
you’re not a big fan of it let me start with uh… somewhat
standard question if id is in the final version of
healthcare which you vote against of health care if it has to
pay blank presented very very tough question
actually won that i’ve been giving a great deal of so i can rather than admit that way i’m going to
pay that i hope and believe very strongly that if
he’s not going to be in the final version of the health care reform bill that we are getting numerous people in
this senator barbara boxer height diane to get uh… who are absolutely certain that
that he’s not going to laughed in the day that i think that we have to
understand damaging this amendment va people really
poet abortion which i think we all have to be
reminded and probably not our listeners tonight but the press led to the united states as well as the
rest of the country and the the then who are in charge of trying to
limit abortion that abortion into legal in this country and it’s going to prevent women from
receding i can accept cities from using their own money to purchase
private insurance that covers abortion on sounds a little bit though the
republicans are the pro-lifers because this rippled than democrats here of their join forces are saying it will look if i give u_s_
subsidy and then you take your own money and buy private insurance
that provides abortion right why i mean you’re really team for one parkland
putting into another pocket and that’s why it’s really uh… av federal money that’s going towards
providing that abortion coverage is not a fair point i don’t see it that
way i acted out i think of it for their own money perry came to hack subsidies i_q_ particulates remember this is a
private insurance plan if they’ve been using their own money to do that but jim prevent provide abortion data and
you know we have the hyde amendment on the book football thirty years no man wants to tamper with
that everyone seem to think it was a real admitted
until to deccan commitment came in that the new plan
with going to be abortion neutral meaning not advance people one detroit and not setback but
this is certainly certainly settling in back barbara i guess length of my bigger
concern is even if you’re not getting a federal
subsidy if you’re going to exchange and i get
the subsidy although you go over the exchange to get that private insurance that
you’re not going to be able to get abortion coverage in that because all
the policies that go into that exchange of practice say they don’t provide abortion coverage
otherwise know the people who do get subsidies can
sign on the lab so that does that through that process does it affect everybody who would be getting coverage solution do you expect that
whatever covering a battered it that we’re not going to be able to have private insurance companies that will be offering abortion coverage
at all and the notion that women can purchase seperately a rider absolutely doesn’t make sense because worldwide inc well now implemented right
in life will be sexually active assuming that you’re going to have an abortion or
planning for abortion you know i think that it’s important to know so many women have abortion because the pregnant
giving trouble because the baby had died in utero because farrington leaving the guy with a guy is going to
people if they have planned more toder he’s gonna leave them and you know i think it’ll be important
to note that sixty one percent of american women pertaining and abortion have at least pointing out already and
i’m sure that for these women aka heartbreaking decision have this abortion but they’re doing it
because you know if i probably can’t to go ahead with it with another child
so i think the notion of putting abortion behind beyond the reach of most women in this country i think and thinking that they’re going to think that they’re going to purchase a
eight supplemental policy efficient it makes no difference at all i’d like
to know what now i’m going to get a party because one day i might have
been break my leg and that i’m going to need coverage for that it’s really the
same thing know what i know of all the women i know who have had abortions plant code they will call activist
doctor the desperate it with something that they did with a great great deal of
thought and a great deal of item melb but
happiness but always ultimately relief went through the filter without a barber
berg’s is author of sex in america live well and we are future she’s also written about the state that
the amendment that we’re talking about here in our blog the rag blog dot blog
spot dot com so barber at let me go to the next issue
which is well we don’t have the numbers na pro-choice apparently most cars that are pro-life what we do about that i mean if the
majority’s gonna win in this case is you know i submit her to the americas us
however the majority house they went i’m in the bill we have to
accept through elections are not through vasily this bill what luck i thinking it might recall
that i read indicated eighty percent of american think abortion should be legal intern
and circumstances thirty one percent think it’d away to be legal ten percent
think he could never be legal i think what we’re seeing here it’s
really in this is what almost frightens me about a frightening more than the possibility of four world without
abortion because looked it like you to be very begins with eight doctors memories of what it
looks like in the bad old days that you know when abortion what’s not legal and
leave patient said he’d talk who had
retaliated in a desperate measure to abort themself in who died in the
process young young girls that i can barely breathe at all i think that that
becoming eerie and about that but what carefully almost as much of
that prospect of the fact that we have the land the related right in this country once
again to really call the shots and i think that many of us will rejoiced in
went in bush in company let educator that we would t_v_ and or at least to
limit to the amount of control and influence the religious right hand and
and the u_s_ conference the conference of u_s_ they ship really huge handedness and ice democratic party really catch allen and
it it’s very very troubling but you know what part of the problem is warmer was
democratic party or burress about this order uh… part a reason that actually
support for uh… choice is slipping in the polls nobody ever fights for choice the i mean the pro-life guys have been
fighting in fighting in making a case of pleading their case in pressure in the congressman and thinking
they’re that you know fight to the american people as well and i’ll sell a pro-choice side nary a peep well i think you know i think so many people who were pro-choice week long with arbiter of worry that the
democratic party which it always being very very committed to joyce distancing step itself from georgia on
the two thousand four elections there with the notion that we
could ghetto my giardia maverick seem to be all that anybody cared about with to get a
majority in congress and many of these democrats who were elected then where
actually anti-gay rights and the party’s instantly tell pro-abortion rights
movements another wasted taking to calling democrats who oppose a boom in
trying to choose not airtight alibi and i think uh…
well i think this is worded well i would like to know if i know i don’t like it
doesn’t matter what i need them to actually flight intellect and his relatives who
knows all these votes in the house because their parents are simply more
pro-life as a pro-choice guy so i don’t like that you’ve got to go and make sure
they get but they get defeated well you know i can’t aaye agree with
u_n_ al you know i tried to be can you give me now about my book at about the feces all right think that women have to end my
practicum women it’s medical progress of men who are pro-choice we have to rally in make herself to her
and we can’t and film that both who are elected are
going to take care of on this issue but i have to really fight
for their because like at utep what are you likely to colleges baton denied
given that up for a while to work on the park i have to tell my classes you know we are in danger of losing two i think
they would look at me like up my god where where the president and chief out
of touch with reality and yet i think the de facto result of
the impact it’s amendment may be that for the majority of women in the country joy if you’re going to be hard look we
have barbara i’d say this in a reading your blog about oly you know that this old stories of how you see when
abortion was illegal and woman we’re getting it anyway right which it of
course hap sprayed welfare women work at it anyway right it was arson is so scary
i think we’ve totally forgotten what illegal abortions or i shall i pick you mentioned that
because you know when you know every jot writing something you can write a blog anyway you want to
do in terms of what you emphasize and i thought no he’ll i need to break and
graphic and something real so that people will remember what it’s like for for these women and
of course if you know people will get a portion of the people
also try to two point themselves i mean it was illegal if the dangerous and if it will
continue europe something like in the nineteen sixties and begin women are
estimated to have had a legal abortions and i want to have seven battered women died from botched
abortions in nineteen sixty six compared with three thousand american
deaths that year and vietnam at off a lot of people dying might at it and that women right you know and the numbers people argue about but do
you know it doesn’t matter how many people did i mean although stories or
her affect him and people are obviously and i have
abortion that it would have us all throughout the world and if you don’t provide a safe way of
doing it it’s a disastrous route but if you wanna play you know we don’t want
that avenue unified otherwise early these guys you know when the blog is
called the rag blog dot blog spot dot com of the focus xom in america barber
berg thank you so much for joining us for the bank you can accumulate
brokeback importantly about alright


  • wildhias

    calling abortions mass mass murder like the conservatives do and comparing them to the holochaust is dangerous nonsense – but on the other side denying the fact that abortions per se are a bad thing and that society should with reasonable means try to minimize them should also be clear – it should never be forgotten that it is about potential life. And that a public plan should not provide fundings for chosen [but only for medically necessary abortions] makes perfect sense.

  • MitchofSmeg

    I will be honest, if its a vital thing then fair enough they should get the abortion (i know girls who had to get them cos if they didnt they would likely die).

    Though, if its not vital if its just to "get rid", well i look at it like commiting a crime tbh and just think of the old quote of "if you cant do the time dont do the crime", theres enough contraception out there, fucking use it when fucking. Seriously, you commit a crime you do jail time, you have sex without protection…. well.

  • wildhias

    Everything concerning ethics or morality is more or less subjective – that's not the point. And you needn't tell me the hypocracy of the religious conservative right – who only seem to care for the worth of people before they are born – that is all a given but this doesn't diminish the fact, that abortions are a kind of killing. Doing it carelessly doesn't seem right. Of course it is a grey area, the borders are arbitrary – because birth controll to me doesn't seem wrong – so yes its subjective.

  • Bryan Newton

    Pro-lifers are idiots. If you wish for people to not abort their babies, that's fine. I wish for an extra day for a weekend! But to make abortion illegal again is really bad for women, because if they really want to do it they'll try it anyway killing their babies and maybe themselves in the process. Tragedies. Third world countries still have these policies.

  • wessiderider187

    The thing that annoy's me about the abortion debate is repub's are all upity about being pro life, but then they want all these guns so they can kill people. They dont want government involvment in healtcare or anything for that matter. but then they want government involvment in abortion cases. they want all this pro business legislation. but when the busineses cause deaths through pollution (like cenk talked about in india the other day) that doesnt matter. its like are you pro life or not?

  • TheDuckofLaw

    I really liked Dave's argument that the next law will ban abortion seekers from using roads because federal funds go to those. I'm gonna use that.

  • Savior20061

    I'd already tried the beer thing. it was the disaster known as the Prohibition Era. All it did was give beer a black market racket, and helped crime rise.

  • Xaklyth

    Actually that's a giant fallacy perpetuated by the popular media. I don't agree with prohibition, if people are stupid enough to drink themselves to death I won't stop them. However, damned lies and statistics aside, statistics don't lie and the fact is there were less complications and deaths due to alcohol. Anytime you pass a law against something crime is going to go up. Should we make murder legal because even though its still legal people do it anyway?

  • Mopja100

    screw women ammendments. what about animal ammendments!!! think of the cute fluffy doggys getting killed for fun! think of the chiuauwa's!!!

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