(AV17324) Limited Government and the Constitution
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(AV17324) Limited Government and the Constitution

a campus coordinator and so we’re
extremely excited to have Ron Paul coming here tonight before we start it
takes a lot of effort to put something like this on we’ve had a lot of
volunteers have done a lot of work to get this going I’d like to recognize
them so for those students who helped out when I call your name once you stand
up and wait for the folks over Vetta can get credit for all the work you did so
Jordan Cooper or sign guy here is Jordan James risk yes is you here yeah James
Adams okay Clint Picard hey Nick well tha’s Brian
Anderson Leanne Stefan and Jacob buffer ting and Kenzie Brady so thanks to all
of you for all the all the work you put in well my job now is to introduce the
state chair of the Iowa Ron Paul campaign and here’s the nice thing he is
an Iowa State alumnus graduating in plant breeding in 1974 and this is dr.
drew Ivers alright hey this this is a lot of fun to
be back at Iowa State so welcome all of you to this this event with Ron Paul we
got a fantastic candidate and I realize I’m speaking to the preaching to the
choir as they say and he truly is once-in-a-lifetime candidate I’ve been
working this political process trying to have an impact for 30 years and this is
I think well I don’t think I know this is the greatest opportunity in my
lifetime to elect a leader who will actually really truly to goodness
change things and we need change not I’ve I’ve watched 40 years of this 40
years of this this this this this and unfortunately I’ve been a lifelong
Republican but unfortunately I have to have two hands up here it’s both both
parties have been talk talk talk talk talk and no real significant change just
a little snippet here a little snippet there a little make this this
socialistic system a little more efficient and we argue about who can do
a better job but no one is really doing what needs to be done this country is in
desperate shape desperate shape for strong leadership folks our financial
house is it’s shot it’s shot and and there’s the our Congress is in a state
of denial regulatory agencies are out of control
the government is out of control the economy is the the monetary policies are
out of control and no one wants to admit it except this man right here he’s the
only one I’ve heard that will actually stand up and say tell the truth and it’s
a great breath of fresh air okay I’m I’m just about to be warmed up
but I’m gonna stop because if I do then you don’t want to hear the rest of it
because it’s just too long however let me do a little couple of housekeeping Lu
you want to be a part of this all right let me let me do a little housekeeping
and then I’m going to introduce our national campaign manager Lu more but
before I introduce him some housekeeping some important things first of all did
everybody get this little 3 by 5 card that says name and number we want it and
we’ve got some guys with some with some chicken buckets Kentucky Fried chicken’s
donate in to our event this day just a little joke there initially and we want
you to drop these cards in there we want to be able to contact you plug you into
the system why do we want you in the system because we want you to caucus on
that caucus night January the 3rd ok this is really important if you don’t do
anything else give us your name and number so we can contact you see what
you think about the candidate and get you plugged in it’s really important
there’s another little piece just look at this when you get home this piece
right here on the supporting the troops it’s a dynamite piece absolute dynamite
piece of information where the supporting the troops everybody wants to
support the troops and you know who of the troops are supporting two to one
from the previous candidates ron paul they’re supporting ron plan and and blast a piece of housekeeping
I’m going to use this as a little stage prop and that’s the photo registration
cards all of you to participate we’re involved in a caucus a caucus is a party
event where Ron dr. Ron Paul is running on the Republican presidential ticket
means we have to go through the Republican process go to those
Republican caucuses to get there you have to register Republican it’s a very
very easy thing to do we’ve got cards out on the table if you haven’t gotten
one grab a registration card simple fill it out you can tear off the instructions
fold it it’s got a lips put it put a stamp on it and send it off to your
County Courthouse to your county auditor okay any questions on those little
pieces of housekeeping listen again I blew why don’t you come on up I want to
introduce Lou more and just thank you all for coming we have a fantastic
fantastic candidate remember folks we have 70 days 70 days to change history
Iowa now this is a serious point here Iowa has the capability of making major
major impacts in this nation and of course shake the world we have a huge
disproportionate allotment of power in our hands in this room the rest of the
states are just terribly envious of us don’t let that opportunity escape you if
you have any opportunity at all to delay a project to delay an issue delay
whatever for 70 days do so and put this number one priority for the rest of your
life for the next 70 days of your life okay thank you
loom or our national campaign thank you very much it’s great to be
here tonight you know there’s been for years and years and very usually very
small meetings across this country a message of Liberty that has kind of
spread slowly and throughout the land it spread a little bit more quickly with
the internet so we’ve had a message of freedom the message of freedom of peace
hope and prosperity is not a brand new message the message of the Constitution
is not a brand new message the message been here has been here for a long time
we’ve had a messenger for this message for an awful long time for the last
twenty years in the Congress and that’s dr. Ron Paul he’s been very consistent
he’s been a great carrier of this message but there’s one difference that
we have now we have you and we are going to do it this time across this country
there are it’s amazing I’m at the University of Michigan a couple of weeks
ago we had 2500 students at the quadrangle at the University of Michigan
we’re getting huge crowds all over the country and they’re getting larger every
time we come back through an area and that’s because timing is everything in
politics and there is a we’re coming into a time of crisis in this country
where people realize our foreign policy is not working they realize that the
dollar is losing its value our economic policies are not working and now most
importantly for all of us we realize that every day we are losing our
personal liberties so this is the time this is the time to to put off some
things as drew said and take advantage of the fact that you are in an extremely
high impact state in this process but it has been very gratifying for us in the
campaign to see this building building building of folks I mean we’ve now got
over a hundred thousand volunteers across this country this is not a second
tier third tier campaign anymore we got seven million dollars in the bank
volunteers the message of liberty the candidate of consistency and courage and
we’re going to do it we’re going to take our country back but it’s going to take a lot of effort
and I know some of you maybe were just come in here to see what this message is
like tonight many of you are very committed but we’ve really got a for
those of us that are already committed I think we’ve really got to reach down and
reach for the highest that is in us because indeed we have a corporate
structure in this country right now we have a bureaucratic structure in this
country right now that does not want to see the kind of real change that we know
needs to happen it’s it’s there’s nobody else to do it it is up to us you know we
didn’t start with several million dollars we didn’t start with the big
media the big money behind us we started with a man who has a lot of integrity
and person by person we built this and I hope we can continue to build it and I
really believe that we can do something that will change the world On January
3rd here in Iowa so thank you again for coming out
tonight I hope you appreciate the opportunity that you’re gonna have
because I’m a Druze been in politics for many years I’ve been in politics for
thirty years and let’s face it most of these folks don’t tell the truth very
often I mean they really don’t you know they stick their finger up in the air
they got pollsters they got focused groups they got makeup consultants they
got people that give them very expensive haircuts and they say just exactly what
you want to hear they think in any given moment and it may not be what they
thought that you want to hear six months ago but this is a consistent message
it’s a principled message it’s based on the founders of this country it makes
perfect sense and we got to have it instituted right now to save this
country all right so we’re gonna have a video
for a few minutes as show you some of the things that are happening around the
country and dr. Paul will be out in a few minutes thank you very much okay
bill you ready to run this rep you ready to bail okay this is about 11 minutes
long our candidates on his way I think Ron’s great he’s going to save
the country we’re giving us hope we are really
witnessing the through beginning of the Ron Paul revolution here in New
Hampshire if he wins president I’m gonna get a
portrait of his face tattooed on my back revolution let’s do it I’d liked 8 – in one short sentence
about 5 seconds or so to introduce themselves to the voters of New
Hampshire I’m Ron Paul I’m a congressman from Texas serving in my tenth term I am
the champion of the Constitution presidential candidate Ron Paul was not
invited to the presidential candidates forum sponsored by the Iowans for tax
relief in the Iowa Christian Alliance many Iowans wanted to hear dr. Doyle say
the vodka campaign halted its all events a celebration of life and liberty the energy started going early in a day
when an impromptu rally in the parking lot attracted the attention of a news
helicopter explain toward the beginning that they
set a number of criteria one being at least substantial campaign organization
yeah on the ground in Iowa they felt that Ron Paul didn’t Paula five we discovered Ron Paul probably six
months ago by an email these are some real frustrated with politics in general
and we heard the message of Ron Paul constitutionalist
it’s for freedom and for liberty like what he stands for his voting record
everything that he’s done speaks for itself just heard that he was excluded
from the forums and that was a little bit frustrating and course for Tian
Michelson on the radio and Edie Feiler basically saying there were no Iowans in
supported and that’s simply not true there’s a number of Iowans of support we
wanted to come out here and show at least our family
our support we’re trying to support our freedom you
don’t see people walking down the street shouting Hillary who would be the
greatest prison situation in Jefferson Madison
work hard we need to do to win is to see a thank
you we were at the airport to greet Ron Paul
yesterday and one of the gentlemen that I was introduced to said that the reason
he came is because he saw a Ron Paul banner being hung from one of the
freeway overpasses so I think that the word is starting to get out about who
Ron Paul is people are starting to go online to research and watch videos and
so we’re gonna just continue to do a kind of guerilla marketing and attract
more people to our meetup group the people involved in a grassroots campaign
it’s going very well you know we started out with 15 people about 30 days ago and
now we’re up to 150 so that’s quite an impressive speed so party and that’s really why I think
people’s that are from the far left and the far right and the dead center you
know look at his values and say oh wow he’s the kind of guy that wouldn’t get
us into Wars you shouldn’t here or he’s the kind of guy that will let me you
know be free to run my business like I want to in my small town so I think
everybody can find something that really matters to them it is core to his
philosophy which you can’t really do with the majority of the other kid job
especially his these views on foreign policy and
things like the Patriots really keen to see someone who’s been consistently
the beginning I’ve been racking my brain you know working at Google I’m always
thinking about kind of new products that Google could create or that other people
could create I’m trying to come up with a product that’ll help effectively you
know there’s a wildfire catching on there’s Ron Paul across the United
States I want to come up with some sort of fuel to add to that fire some sort of
fan to blow that fire through every one day so that everyone can at least hear
this message outside of Google is all sorts of things like people are putting
up huge banners on it’s freeway overpasses and it’s
happening all over the country it’s really exciting to be part of that over
the past couple months I’ve shown my son I’ve said you know what this means this
is this is for a guy named Ron Paul and and I’ve showed him pictures on the web
I said this is Ron Paul so yesterday I said Gavin tomorrow you’re gonna meet a
good man and he said to Ron Paul I became a Ronson Ron Paul supporter in
June actually and I started a meet-up and we’ve just been sending out emails
to our friends and telling them about the meet I’ve been telling them how this
man brings together people of all races all socioeconomic backgrounds all
political affiliation because freedom is truth and truth is power and we can live
and be free in this country if we believe we can we are Americans divided that by race
gender education occupation geography religion or national origin a united by
the knowledge that freedom improves the well-being of every person
never had the hopes so many Americans separated by vast social cultural and
political differences rested on the shoulders of one man with one message as a break man we can count on the
status bar above the ground leading the cause freedom we have someone on our
side now we didn’t already without max up against the wall let’s get the lights up Jeff can you
Jeff Jarrett can you get the lights up that’s it thank you for bringing the
lights up ladies and gentlemen I want to introduce the president of the ISU
campus team Ron Paul Jacob bufferton who’s going to introduce
a candidate Jacob come on up thank you dr. Ivers Ron Paul is a tenth
term Republican congressman and physician from Lake Jackson Texas after
graduating from the Duke University School of Medicine in 1961 Paul was
drafted into the United States Air Force and remained on active duty as a flight
surgeon during the Vietnam War afterward he specialized as an OG byn
where he delivered over 4,000 babies some while still as a congressman in
fact many of his constituents are known to say they have trouble voting against
him because he brought them into the world
Paul and his wife Carol have been married for over 50 years
and they have five children 18 grandchildren and one great great
grandchild in Congress Paul is known as dr. know for voting against legislation
not authorized by the Constitution in his continued pursuit of limited
government and a foreign policy of non-intervention as he once said when
one gets in bed with the government one must expect the diseases it spreads Ron
Paul is a star of the Internet this campaign with 4.4 million views on
YouTube and over 60,000 grassroots supporters on meetup.com no alerta
candidate comes close in either category and the support has led to many poll
victories and straw polls and fundraising that’s increasing
exponentially ladies and gentlemen it is now my distinct honor to introduce to
you the champion of the Constitution and next president of the United
it’s dr. Ron Paul thank you thank you very much thank you thank you thank you very much thank you they say
there’s a revolution going on and it looks like it’s run by the young people I’m not much for writing legislation but
I’m going to suggest one piece of new legislation let’s have the election next
year on the Internet but there is something rather amazing about the the
Internet I’ve been used to delivering a message which is very similar to what
I’m delivering tonight for many many years and not getting a whole lot of
responses and all of a sudden there’s a whole generation of people now that are
very excited about hearing about the message of freedom and I makes me very
pleased that’s the most common question I get asked by the media is it’s asked
me two or three times today already and they do recognize that the Internet is
very important that we have a lot of supporters there’s a lot of meetup
groups and we’ve raised a lot of money on the Internet
and I’ll say well what is it why do young why are young people interested
and I said well every time I meet one that comes to my office and they say
yeah I’ve just recently joined a campaign I asked that question and
generally it’s a little bit different each time but for the most part to me
it’s a wonderful answer they say I like your position on the constitution and
that makes me feel very good they say and we also like your emphasis on saying
that the government ought to leave us alone it’s our life and it’s ours to
lead of course you know that is exactly what
we we talked about you know a free society and what made America great and
individual rights and yet I emphasize very strongly that if we have a return
of that wonderful society that we once had it means that the responsibility
then is placed on us as individuals if we don’t want the government running our
lives and we get to run our lives we have to assume total responsibility for
what we do with our life whether it’s what we do with our bodies what we do
with our economic activities and if that is the case then we have to suffer the
consequences but the great thing about it this philosophy is that if you
believe in life and if you believe in liberty and you believe in the right to
pursue your happiness and you also then can believe that you get to keep all of
the fruits of your labor and the consequence of that would be a
minor change in our tax code everybody said but you know we know you want to
get rid of the income tax and repeal the sixteenth Amendment and we’re very
pleased with that that position but what are you going to replace it with you
know what we want to replace it with a lot of people say well what are the
young people think about and what do they talk about when you talk about
Social Security because theoretically you know there’s not a provision in the
Constitution that thou shalt set up a Social Security retirement program for
the elderly I mean it just isn’t there even though that is not the reason I run
for office I didn’t run for Congress on the position that what the first thing
on our agenda is to get rid of Social Security that would be foolish and it
wouldn’t work and all this but when you ask young people you know and they
wonder why young people are getting interested in this subject you have
young people well what do you think you’re gonna get on Social Security if
you pay nothing right and then when we come along and we have a plan and an
offer and say look we can actually save enough money where we don’t have to put
anybody out in the streets if we have taught and conditioned generation after
generations of people to defend dependent on the government for well for
Social Security benefits and also medical benefits if we can come up with
a program where we don’t have to put anybody on the streets at the same cut
cut spending actually decrease the deficit enough so that we can just let
young people and whoever wants to take care of themselves get out of the system but everybody say that no that’s
necessary the younger generation we need you we
need you to work for a lot of years and I know your numbers are smaller than
those whom the retirement what we read about two weeks ago the first baby
boomer retired and I mean thousands per day now they’re retiring boy you’re
gonna have to work awfully hard you know to keep up but we don’t need to do that
we have to find a place that we can get a agreement on where to cut spending and
I have found it and it is it’s an easy place we have found it because it’s part
of the Constitution it makes good sense it will give us a stronger national
offense it’s going to make a safer and freer if we do one thing change our
foreign policy that’s what we need it is estimated now that our foreign
policy and our foreign adventurism and our presence around the world our Empire
is costing us nearly a trillion dollars every year so you can save hundreds of
billions of dollars by changing our attitude about our responsibilities
first thing we could do very simply just bring all the troops home it’s it’s let’s give up on nation
building and policing the world let’s give up on those ideas unfortunately in
the time that I’ve been in Congress and involved in politics there’s only been
two ways that we have dealt with foreign powers we have two offers and that means
the American people is ultimately responsible for this it’s either you do
it our way or we’ll bomb you or if you do it our way we’ll subsidize you we’ll
give you a foreign aid the third way is just be friends with everybody just talk
to people just negotiate just have trade with people let people travel instead of
40 years of sanctions on Cuba which has done nothing to get rid of Castro what
about allowing our people to trade with Cuba and travel to Cuba we’re not even a
lot of travel to Cuba maybe they would change their ways there’s a lot of talk about free trade
in Washington of course many who believe or talk about free trade in Washington
talk about managed trade they talk about international government the WTO and the
IMF and the World Bank and NAFTA and CAFTA so all organizations to manage
trade for a special special interests and if and these same people who talk
about free trade they’re also the very first ones to put on sanctions sanctions
are actually an act of war in just yesterday new sanctions put on the next
country that we’re getting ready to attack we have to put on sanctions even
when we talk of them with our allies I don’t do it don’t do it talk to you and
don’t do it don’t do it but here we are putting sanctions on Iran we are doing
the same thing to Iran right now that led up to our invasion of Iraq we need a
policy that would be implemented immediately quickly right away so we
don’t go to bombing and invading Iran we don’t need that if if two countries get into conflict
and a war is declared what is the first thing they do they blockade they try to
keep natural resources out as a punishment because this is part of the
war so sanctions really are an act of war
then we wonder why they get annoyed with us I mean we had been bombing Iraq for
over ten years at the same time there were tremendous sanctions on there even
when Madeleine Albright was asked well you know this policy has led to the
death of 500,000 children in Iraq oh yeah well that’s the price you have to
pay was her answer you know this this is you know good explanation on why people
around the world are annoyed with us that is logical what would it be like if
another country did to us what we have done to others you know do unto others
what about that admonition what if the Chinese you know they look different
they have a different religion they have a different political system what if
they wanted the oil in the Gulf of Mexico and had troops on our land do you
think we’d be unified against the Chinese obviously would in and yet most
of us are unable to comprehend that our presence in the Middle East the
occupation and the puppet governments we have over there both on the side of the
Arab nations as well on the side of the Israel we are they’re all puppet
governments we subsidize them and tell them what to do and just get in in in
the middle of those affairs and if we could just take this position of
allowing people to manage their own affairs just think how long we’ve been
involved over there the first time that we really significantly got involved was
in 1953 when we overthrew a government helped overthrow the government of
Mossadegh in Iran of course do you think the Iranians might have a justified
complaint when we went in and became an allies with Saddam Hussein you know that
good friend of ours in the 1980s he was our ally of course in the 1980s Osama
bin Laden was our ally I mean he goes on and on
and all the debate is in Washington is picking size who’s our enemy today and
who’s our friend tomorrow and on and on why can’t we offer friendship to
everybody and bring our troops home and not tell other people how to live we
don’t want other people to tell us how to live because we know that it will
unify us against those individuals so after 9/11 which is poorly understood
it’s actually why it happened what did we do we invaded two Muslim countries
and now we’re occupying two more Muslim countries and then we wonder why they’re
more al-qaida in the region and around the world and why we are probably less
safe than we were before I mean it’s so logical I can’t figure
out why people can’t and can’t accept this accept you know what maybe they are
maybe they are catching on sometimes I get this perception that maybe the
people don’t care and don’t understand this when I’m on a certain stage
involved in some debates but at the same time when I talk to people like you and
the people run the country and find out that 70 percent of the American people
were sick and tired of it it would like a change in foreign policy then I’m
reassured you know I mentioned I mentioned the
subject of the income tax to me the the principal the income tax is the is makes
the assumption to government owns us they own all our income and allow us to
keep a certain percentage of it and and that it’s a bad principle even if the
income tax is low the principle is bad but there’s another another principle I
think is a tremendous violation of the concept of individual rights and what it
what it is we’d like to live in a true free society and that is the principle
of the draft I don’t believe we should ever need a draft a select selective service is still
around and the sentiment is we need it around we need to have all of you
registered because things may get out of hand you know we might bomb Iran but we
don’t want any consequences no no unintended consequences but just in case
they have plans behind the scenes in this next time it won’t be just the
young men there will be young women we know about equal rights the whole works
I believe in the equal rights but equal rights to your life then you can decide
what you want to do with your life that’s what equal rights are all about but we do have some difficult problems
to deal with we have a a medical problem to deal with and people say well it’s
not working so therefore the market hasn’t worked what we need is the
government to take care of us so what do we do we go ahead and we hire those
people who took care of the problems in New Orleans a couple years ago and
they’re supposed to deliver us our medical care and the truth is is our
complications in in medicine today has come from government because we’ve had
advantaged care now for 35 years and they have mismanaged our care and we
have corporations that run medical care most of the profits are left in in in on
Wall Street because the big corporations the drug companies the HMO insurance
company they get to run things the patients are unhappy they get
shortchanged the doctors are unhappy hospitals are unhappy and it’s a
miserable mess I sort of think that you know today today the argument is is how
what kind of a program are we gonna have the deliver medical care from the
federal government to each and every one can you imagine what it would’ve been
like a few years ago when they invented the cell phone said how are you going to
get the hands of a cell phone into every single kid in this country you know
would the government be able to do that I mean that would’ve been a good way to
make sure kids never had a cell phone and then had never been on that
and then then they would have regulated the internet and where would our
campaign be if we’d have had the government about Paul that stopped but
the problem of medical care is Tom Turner’s head we have the managed care
so now everybody thinks that solution is more government and less corporation if
we need net less corporations but we need to understand that all goods and
services are best delivered in the marketplace and that you don’t have to
have a government and government management of that matter bank the
government gets in our way a whole lot government has interfered in medicine in
many ways by canceling our choices in medicine once they get control of the
funds then they tell you whether or not you can use alternate held her to
alternative care and what if you do want alternative what if you want to spend
your money on nutrition and vitamins oh no they put Henry’s on there they
outlaw that and now they want all this to be controlled not only by our FDA and
our federal government they want the WTO to start controlling our health care and
alternative health care available to us so the government gets involved very
often in medicine when they should there’s a program on right now that I
fought and lost the fight on they’ve instituted a new program that is
mandatory health testing every single kid in public school and the purpose is
is you know maybe some of them need some help and we don’t want anybody to be
missed but it turns out one of these test programs that 10 to 15 percent of
them are put on psychotropic drugs you know and we know that there’s a lot of
question there’s probably a few who benefit but there’s a lot of unintended
consequences if I’m that but the drug companies like it and the government the
do-gooders like it and they want to test everybody and put put these on put these
kids on on on on these drugs but then again there’s other types of choices in
medicine now if you come along and and you have a member of the family or
somebody’s unfortunate they have cancer they have AIDS or on chemotherapy and
they’re having a difficult time and they’ve made the discovery that
marijuana is helpful to them in that state legalize it what do we do at the
federal level we’re putting people in prison who are sick and are getting
benefit and it’s back to the old idea who’s to make these choices
should it be some bureaucrat authoritarian do-gooder who wants to
legislate virtue by telling us what we can do with our own bodies in our own
medical care so I think that the principle that your it’s your choice
especially the principle that when the state is involved in regulating and
legalized is something the last thing we need is a federal government coming down
and arresting people and putting people in prison when they have never committed
a violent act because they have used drugs I think that should be changed it always bewildered me when they claim
some in Washington they claim they’re compassionate conservatives and yet
they’re the ones who would like to put individuals like that in prison our
prisons are full today and three-fourths of them are in prison over the drug
issue we don’t arrest and put alcoholics in prison if they haven’t committed a
violent act if they have they’re responsible for their act but different
for other kind of drugs you know that they are held in different and what
about the the inconsistency in the enforcement of our drug laws if you go
into the inner city we have a lot of drug anti drug laws and we have a lot of
crime and a lot of laws against guns well it’s the inner city that I think
needs to know something about the Second Amendment maybe they could defend
themselves better but also there’s something very unfair
about how minorities are treated in the inner city if they’re arrested for the
use of drugs the odds of them going to prison is overwhelmingly higher than if
you happen to live in the suburbs and not be a minority very rarely to those
individuals and go to prison matter of fact in in this country 14
percent of the people that use illegal drugs are minorities and that’s about
you know they’re the population and yet 67 percent of those in prison happen to
be minorities and most of them have not committed violent crimes so someday this
country is going to wake up some generation is going to wake up just like
a previous general generation woke up and said you know prohibition of alcohol
caused a lot more trouble than it solve and they just get up and repeal it and
changed it and someday we need to wake up to this drug problem that we’re
facing but it may require a whole generation of young people and others to
join in and bring some sense back to that issue and I believe it was in 1919 when
Prohibition was passed the interesting thing about that was there was a lot of
respect for the Constitution back then they actually thought well oh we wanted
to keep everybody from drinking beer and a few other things so we’re not allowed
to do that because the Constitution doesn’t give us the authority they had
enough respect for the Constitution that they passed a constitutional amendment
think of where we are today on what our government is doing constantly whether
it’s the courts or that you did the executive branch or the legislative
branch it’s totally ignoring the Constitution
there are no rules anymore and that’s how we got ourselves into this mess
you know when the resolution came before the International Relations Committee on
which I said dealing with giving the president the authority to go to war at
his his whim I strongly objected all along because I had seen this coming for
a long time that I said in the committee I’m an offer a substitute amendments a
declaration of war I said I’m gonna vote against this amendment because I don’t
want to go to war but if you’re going to go to war this is the way you’re
supposed to do it you’re supposed to declare the war get
everybody behind it get the people around and have a full debate and go and
win the war of course they didn’t even know who they were clearing the war
against was the whole problem and so they couldn’t they couldn’t do it but
you know what was told me and was so so disgusting the chair on the committee
said oh that part of the Constitution is anachronistic we don’t use that anymore
and then another one said Ron Paul you say he said you you bring up these
frivolous things like the Constitution you know in that that is how much
respect they have and of course the results are very obvious the government
is in everything they run our lives they run the economy and they police the
world and I go to war without declaration and nobody assumes
responsibility in the end of Congress at all I’m running for the Presidency but I
have a different type of campaign very obviously and
my key my my campaign is this I don’t want to
run your lives everybody has debt and everybody has
different values so I wouldn’t know what to do I don’t have the authority to do
it and it’s not under the Constitution I don’t have the more right so I don’t
intend to run your lives also I don’t intend to run the economy I haven’t met
anybody in Washington has the vaguest idea about how to run an economy the
people run the economy in a free society you don’t have five year planning
programs that’s called something else that we know about it never works and
collapses but Washington can’t run the economy central economic planning think
of FEMA and think of the Department of Homeland Security and think about
Katrina and that’s central economic planning think about the mess we have in
medicine all these things think of how well-educated since we had the
Department of Education central economic planning doesn’t doesn’t work so I don’t
want to run it I don’t have the authority to and I don’t and it’s it’s
just incomprehensible but then again I also I don’t want to run the world I
don’t want to police the world when I have confidence in full
confidence in is that freedom really works and that’s what we need we need
more freedom of the individuals to make these these decisions and if we want
prosperity and if we want people to do good things let them decide on their own
to do this and we don’t need to be imposing ourselves around the world
because this is what the country was all about this was the greatness of America
and the greatness of our Constitution it was designed to protect Liberty if you
look carefully and read carefully the Constitution it’s a lot of vash al knots
you know that shalt not do this and this and it was designed to restrict the
government not to restrict the people and this is what we need but we we’ve turned that principle on
his head today especially with his administration
and all the administration’s for a long time they protect your privacy
no they protect the secrecy of government we’re supposed to be up there
protecting your privacy that should be our job you know the the wonderful thing about
freedom and this whole message is how it brings people together I am just
astonished about how this happens and it’s non-confrontational we don’t were
not judgmental we can be judgmental about ourselves and judgmental about our
kids and what we have responsibility for but if one person wants to use their
life in one way and somebody else in another way freedom means that we don’t
deal with that that’s not our problem we can do our best to educate and
influence and teach as a physician I certainly can do a lot and as a parent
and as a grandparent but when it comes to government doing that telling people
how to live they have to only do that at the at the expense of Liberty and today
though of course we’ve accepted this notion that the federal government is
going to take care of us continuously but in the economic sphere I mean this
whole idea that you can work hard you have incentives and you can keep the
fruits of your labor you say yes but there’s going to be poor people there
will be poor people and there will be people that will need help but there
will be a lot fewer people that will need help there will be a lot more
wealth in the country and we we still are a very generous nation and I do not
believe that the people would be out in the streets without medical care because
I practice medicine under those conditions there was a time when I
worked for $3 an hour having been out of medical school for
two years and I worked in a church hospital stayed up all night and nobody
was turned away nobody was asked their income there is a lot of generosity
there will be more billionaires there’s no doubt but there will be a bigger
middle class today the middle class is being destroyed in undermine so the
opportunities would be there we have a hospital in Galveston Texas which is
called a Shriners Hospital it’s a burn hospital people go there even if they
don’t have money we’d have more and more that the great hospitals were built by
the churches the great universities were built by the churches but today
everything is in Washington but it’s coming to an end so even those who now of course the applause is that we
are going to bring it to an end gracefully and smoothly and there will
be no problems and hopefully that is the case and that’s what I work for but it
will come to an end if we don’t change and move into this more graceful
deliberate manner of stop the spending over here and helping people out and
release in this creative energy that we that we need and want what will happen
is we are going to destroy our money and that is what we’re in the process of
doing this is the first campaign presidential campaign where this has
become a very important issue it has been in the past it was important at the
time of our Constitutional Convention after the runaway inflation of the
Continental dollar Jefferson and Jackson talked about the central banking got rid
of them now if there’s a sneaking desire on my part if I were to become the
president it would be sort of neat to be a Jefferson or Jackson and get rid of
the Federal Reserve System the Federal Reserve System and this
monetary system we have serves the interests of special interests he serves
the interests who want to build weapons endlessly have perpetual war because
they get the money first when it has value it circulates and we get the high
bills and a high cost of living even the poor who pay no income tax pays the
inflation tax because their inflation rate may well be 15% of their paying
medical costs and energy costs and food costs their cost of living goes up much
faster than those who get the money and get to spend it on Wall Street the
politicians who spend it politically speaking if you’re in the banking
business you can participate in fractional reserve banking and they have
all these advantages a lot of powerful special interests that do not want to
have the monetary system tinkered with but if you look throughout all of
history and if you look at all the wars and the empires that have come and gone
they usually in uhm inevitably by the destruction of the money because they
always inflated they inflated in the old days by diluting the metal or clipping
the coins today it’s much more rampant it’s more sophisticated they only have
to use a computer they can can write just like when the housing bubble
collapsed they created like a hundred billion dollars in one week you know and
that obviously how much common sense does it take to figure out if you can
create money out of thin air constantly when that logically lower the value of
the money now we’ve gotten away with this for a long time because we had the
the dollar was as good as gold it was backed by gold up until to a degree
until 1971 in these last 35 37 years 36 years the dollar has sort of maintained
a mystique the foreigners say well they’re a powerful military force a
powerful economic force will take their dollars even though we were
counterfeiting the dollars and they have this help to create this imbalance in
trade it’s much easier to print money and then go to work and build cars so
we’ll just print money and as long as they would take the money and they have
up until now now the shift has already occurred the dollar in the
couple years has gone down 25% against the euro now what’s more astounding is
the Euro ultimately is not going to be much better off than the dollar because
it’s a fiat currency backed by nothing and they’re more socialistic than we are
so there’s it’s it’s a real mess and the dollar was down sharply today gold was
up sharply and people make fun of this they oh you know going back to the gold
standard in restraining government by preventing them prohibiting them from
printing money no it’s the only thing necessary because just think about it
the Federal Reserve and income tax came in together in 1913 and we’ve been
fighting wars and have had a rampant cycle of business cycle and depressions
in inflation and we’re still in the midst of the collapsing housing bubble
but the big one is the collapse of the dollar bubble and the dollar has broken
through some very key levels it’s because whether it’s the spending for
the welfare or spending for the warfare members of Congress aren’t responsible
they do tax and way too much they do borrow way too much but they resort to
borrowing from the Fed and the Fed creates the money that is an issue that
nobody is going to be able to avoid thinking about because when you think of
the cost of living going up and interest rates going up and the standard of
living going down which it is the standard of living for the low middle
income and middle income classes is going down the characteristic of runaway
inflation or any type of inflation is the transfer of wealth from the middle
class to the wealthy and inevitably it can lead to political chaos that’s what
we want to prevent and it’s not that difficult
common sense having a different foreign policy merely following the Constitution
if we had problem with we got these problems by not obeying the Constitution
why shouldn’t the solution be so simple as only sending individuals to
Washington whether it’s the house of the Sezen Senate or the presidency make sure
that they understand the Constitution and you believe them when they take the
oath of office they all take the oath of office but I don’t think they have the
vaguest idea what it really should mean so this is up to us it’s not up to one
individual one individual can’t do it a whole country
has to change and have to have an understanding if you’re going to change
the tax system in the monetary system the welfare system and the foreign
policy we as a people have to realize it’s in our best interest and that is
when it will happen I think it’s practically miraculous on
what has happened in last 12 months not me and not what I’ve done but it’s
miraculous to find out that there have been so many who had already been
informed and we’re just waiting for somebody to ignite these issues and
bring them about at the at the same time I have to
confess that I was pessimistic about how well it would be received by those who
had not heard the message and that’s where I am very encouraged they’re
encouraged to know that college kids will come out and and argue this case
and I understand and know it’s in their best interest not to come and say well
what are you going to give me what kind of a grant are you gonna give me why are
you going to do this they kind of say how am I going to get my freedom back
how are we going to obey this Constitution how are we going to get out
of that war in Iraq and how are we going to prevent the war in Iran I mean this
is fantastic that the young people are rallying to this and we can be very
grateful that the means of communication is now is unbelievably Swift something
that wasn’t available 20 or 30 years ago when I first went into Congress it was a
lonely lonely fight to even find a literature you had to search out certain
groups that might publish books and it was hard to find information it didn’t
come from our University today we have more and more University professors or
believing an understanding free-market economics and they are and if if it’s
not available to us through the conventional means it’s available to us
through the internet and information it can’t be stopped they can’t put these
ideas back in the bottle they have been released and they’re going to stay out
there there’s every there’s every reason to be
very hopeful although we can’t guarantee there will not be any rough rough deals
along the way but we’re much better off than any other country facing these
crises because we’ve had better traditions we’ve had the tradition of
the rule law we’ve had the tradition of private property rights we’ve had the
tradition of knowing what how important voluntary contracts are so we’ve had
traditions much better than say this Soviet system and other dictators so
restoring that it will not be as difficult but if we do have the
continuation of the depreciation of the dollar we will have an economic crisis
but if we have our freedom we do not have to worry about our prosperity we do
not have to worry about it if we continue to do this and we don’t change
our way we will have to worry about our freedoms and our prosperity but if we
have our freedoms and if the government can do the very minimal things that
keeping taxes loads and regulations laws and give us a sound currency believe me
the American people will go back to work and they will have the incentives and we
will be able to design a program of peace and prosperity that we will all be
proud of and I thank you very much we’ve got – we got a receiving line set
up here obviously we can’t get everybody through it but those who have a chance
we have a receiving line you can shake the candidates hand and don’t forget
about those registration cards you can pick them up on the way out the door and
be sure and deposit your name ID cards out the door earth earth earth

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