Baikonur Cosmodrome
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Baikonur Cosmodrome

May 15, 1987 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome
super heavy kicked off for the first time energy booster launch has become
sensation for world astronautics the appearance of a carrier of this class
opened before our country exciting perspectives in front of you
entry to the universal complex stand stand for energy booster in
the creation of which took participation of 160 enterprises
research institutes and design bureaus site 250a
facilities number 60 located here training management center
refueling and launching a carrier rocket energy construction was commissioned in
operation in 1982 used as a command post at
preparation and launch energy with the spacecraft boris 15
May 1987, all premises are made of concrete armored doors weighing 1200 kilograms protect against shock wave in case of
rocket explosion at the start of construction three-story on the ground floor there is a system power supply and communications on the second
floor rack control system and power supply parish on the third floor next to the premises and was the state commission
let energy set by which depicts the signs of the zodiac by
made by muffins masters whom art school in this room
there is a remote control system with which was managed refueling technology systems carrier rockets energy all equipment
is in working condition on the walls of the control room are placed on
family list of combat crew numbering more than two thousand people this is the first refueling management system
and second stage energy booster oxidizer liquid oxygen mass 887
there the temperature of liquid oxygen at fueling minus one hundred eighty six degrees celsius next system 17 2 56
with a second fueling control system steps flammable liquid and gaseous
hydrogen weighing about 105 tons a reusable layout is installed in the center
space system energy-storm inside of which is a time capsule
with a message to a future generation tester hiding capsule
scheduled for 2048 60th anniversary programs energy-storm to the left of the layout is path 1758 with control system
gas supply and systems and booster aggregates by budgets gases compressor station issues 400
atmosphere of compressed air which pipelines transferred to cryogenic center this system is operated in
round-the-clock duty today in center installed remote manager
work with which centralized preparation of everything
launch complex this system connected all systems into a single network
at the controls were operators who controlled the work at the start of more
that could intervene remotely work of any system the system includes two light displays
left information right time count all complex work on a gram cycle
synchronized on other remotes regarding time
which were indicated on the scoreboard for subsequent processing of information in real time the next room are located on this
fire extinguishing systems remote control operator watching from him
could switch cameras located on start and conduct external monitoring
premises and devices and tray cooling system with of this water control panel you
gave signals to turn on the pumps total capacity 12 tons second 1986 year propulsion system of the central
unit passed tests on it at the stand for four hundred seconds during
tests burned hydrogen and oxygen to not passed we stand rafts flooded
to the right of the remote control are two monitors on which the water supply system was displayed on
start during energy rocket launch full mention should be made
prelaunch automation equipment and control of all airborne
systems at launch and in flight it became possible thanks to the equipment
starting position powerful computing complex that takes over
multi-unit management and mechanisms
high degree of start automation complex allowed to take into account the possibility
more than 500 contingencies and reliable way out of them today the premises and
some command post equipment were specially restored later
years after launches for open visiting the universal stand complex
launch for energy booster located on two sites common
area 468 hector with technical launch vehicle complex start start
connected ground racks of all systems communication for remote control
overpass length 2920 meters on site 250 are the main
facilities technical systems and technological equipment
launch facility with launcher this unique building is not a device
having analogues in the previously created domestic and foreign
experimental and bench base for Rocket Test Center
starting position is complex structures seven floors down
from the zero mark goes buried reinforced concrete structure on each floor
dozens of rooms they have a system ventilation and temperature control compressors superchargers and test equipment at 0, the raised floors move apart in
missile launcher center there is reinforced concrete gas flame
reflective tray plan and gases bursting out of 20 100
working rocket engines stan start has one flue deepened
relative to the surface at 47 meters and is one of the largest and
calls in the world stan start was intended not only for
energy rocket for promising areas heavy missiles weighing up to 5 thousand tons
launch decision 1 carrier rocket energy required
turning the stand starting complex it was necessary to equip
systems and units for providing undocking and retraction from the rocket
ground communications sites provide both accommodation and food
test equipment ground communications will strengthen the bench
launcher and modify systems cooling tray
yes this equipment was implemented in just three months rocket and ship maintenance at launch
carried out with a hundred meter mobile the tower ministries she rode on launch vehicle
from its sites access was opened to almost any evil rocket and
ship before starting refueling the tower taken to a safe distance except the service tower at the start
the site is a gas system environmental control with automatic
alarm director and lightning rods tall 6 masts lighting refueling drain mast 74 meters high
equipped with movable platform in front launching mast mast
one by one and the last and laid magistrate or by pressing hydrogen
departs after starting the engines and rocket start
this is done in order to warn threatening fire and even explosion
mixing rocket hydrogen with atmospheric air above this one 20
this site is released to all a few seconds should be noted
to start control test operation of all rocket and ship systems
always conducted not selective to globally using speed automation
verification question of some sections comes to 128 operations per second with
at such an interval controls everything a little if not 20,000 parameters rocket ships
during the implementation of the program energy-storm construction participated
35 thousand military builders and officer 100 parts were involved and
units of which 45 are taken from military districts
all personnel were stationed at 15 military camps
four hundred then that odor booster energy could take to space
spacecraft of various appointments and reusable orbital
ship for resource realization engines designed for 10 flights provided a return system and
reusable unit in first stage complex creation
energy-buran was a huge step forward in the development of space rocket and
aviation technology after flight tests of this complex are ours
astronautics had its arsenal transport systems as a one-time reusable allowing not only to put into orbits
payloads of small and large masses well and bring them back to earth

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