Bangladeshi Immigrants in India? | Citizenship Amendment Bill Explained by Dhruv Rathee
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Bangladeshi Immigrants in India? | Citizenship Amendment Bill Explained by Dhruv Rathee

Namaskar Friends, few days ago a 16 years old boy from Assam was detained by the police twice for making a video on YouTube. He was booked on the defamation sections 500 and 505. Police had detained him because he showed the courage to raise his voice against the Government. He had made the video on Citizenship Amendment Bill. He had used very local household language in the video and didn’t use any bad language. You can say most of all he had used “unparliamentary language” It was only to talk for his rights and to bring out the wrong talks of the Government infront of the people. Government threaten him for this by using their puppet police I don’t like this at all when Government tries to curb the truth. Government thinks itself as some dictator and tries to curb down the freedom of speech in the democracy. How much ever the Government will try to curb the truth, the truth will raise that much higher. They have even filed a police complaint against me and now they have threaten this boy to the extent that he deleted his YouTube channel. But we will not let his voice go down friends, I will make the video on the same issue that he has made on, Citizen Amendment Bill. ans will bring the truth to you. Friends I would like you to spread this video to the every corner of the country, so that this issue reaches every Indian. and everyone gets to know about it, let’s see. To understand this problem let’s go back to 2014, when Narendra Modi was giving a speech. Let’s hear what was he saying… After 16th May, this Bangladeshi will pack their bags and run away. Friends the issue of Illegal Immigrants who come from Bangladesh in the North Eastern part of our country especially Assam was a very sensitive issue. On the basis of this issue the Northern eastern states have voted for Narendra Modi and BJP. As you can see in this video he is saying that he will make the Bangladeshi run away or stop the illegal immigration. But nothing of this sort happened and just like the other things, our prime minister’s this promise also turned out to be just a Jumla (fake) Nothing was done to stop the illegal immigration infact the upcoming Citizen Amendment Bill is promoting it. This bill is changing the definition of the illegal immigrants or you can say that it is giving a very easy way to them to become the legal citizens and give citizenship. Till now if someone wants to get the Indian citizenship by naturalization process then they had to stay here for 11 years continuously. But after this bill gets passed this 11 years limit will reduce to just 6 years. So, one, the time to become the citizen is reduced to very less, almost half. and second the illegal immigrants will get the chance to become citizens. Till now only legal immigrants could become the citizen but this is giving chance to the illegal immigrants too. Third problem with this bill is that it is very biased in terms of the religion friends. This bill is made only for Hindus, Christains, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains and Parsis. that means here Muslims and Atheists are not mentioned. For this the Government says that Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan which are our neighbouring countries, there the minorities are facing a lot of discrimination. This is somewhat true friends because if you are going to see the Hindu population in Bangladesh then you can find that it has been reducing and they have even faced attacks There are attacks on the temples and hate crimes have increased in Bangladesh. So, Government is correct here that due to the increase in the hate crimes, this bill is made so as to provide them shelter but government is showing biasedness here because in Pakistan there is one Ahmedaiya Muslims who face a lot of discrimination and they are not included in this bill So, Government has not taken into consideration all those who are facing discrimination and those who are not. but the bigger issue than this is that Friends, people of Assam don’t want any kind of immigration to come in their state. Whether they are Hindus or Muslims. They don’t want any kind of illegal immigrants. because since 1948, as the state of Assam is with the border of Bangladesh, many immigrants, refugees have come from there in case of any problem. so due to the immigration of people, Assam’s resources get badly affected and Assam has had enough of this and they don’t want it anymore. Whether you are against or for making refugees stay in our country, giving away the citizenship so easily is not right. because, imagine if your neighbour’s house caught fire, you will make him stay in your house for few days, but not permanently. after his house is again made, he will again shift back to his house. and you can help them to make their house, or help them to buy a new one but you be asking them to stay in your house permanently for the lifetime. so, this situation somewhere can be compared with the refugees as well. because the Hindu population is Bangladesh is 1.7 crores, imagine all of them coming altogether to stay in our country. how will our country face this burden? If all these people come in our country then where will they stay? Will the Government provide housing to them or will they stay in the slums? already so many people in our country live in slums who will look after the educational expenses of all these people? What about their health care? their employment? is government taking responsibilty of their jobs? Government is not giving guarantee of any such thing in this bill. So these people will come and even they will start living in the slums. It will increase the poverty and this is not going to be good for either our country or for them. Government has not thought about all of these things and just doing it for the sake of their vote bank They think many Hindus will come from there and they can be polarized and turned into a good vote bank. and most of the voices are raised against this bill is from Assam as since Assam is a bordering state it will have to face the most burden. In Assam more than 200 organisations, many political parties and even few BJP members are protesting against this bill. But BJP’s top people like Rajnath Singh and Ram Mahadav are in favour of this bill. and BJP is not the only party, many other parties have used illegal immigrants as the vote bank. Another name that comes to my mind id Mamta Banerjee, few years ago even she had tried to do the same, trying to give citizenship to the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. She has requested to pass a law so that people living for more than 5 years in India will get the citizenship. she has even tried to make her votebank but now BJP is in the power and even in the center, so BJP can implement this law in actual and turn this bill into the law in the entire country. People of Assam are raising their voice but this law is going to get passed for the entire country. and we all will get affected by this. and this is not the first time that a protest of this kind has taken place in Assam, between 1979-1985 a very big protest had taken place. against the illegal immigration coming from Bangladesh. Assam Accord was signed in 1985 after the protest of this 6 years. A cut off date was fixed in this Assam Accord that is 25th March 1971 So, when this Assam Accord was signed in 1985, it was decided that all the immigrants who have come before this cut off date should be granted citizenship. but those who have come after this cut off date should be deported and citizenship should not be given to them. So if we see then this new Amendment bill which is going to come goes completely against this Assam Accord and contradicts it in all the way. At last I would like to say Friends that on the other hand we should understand the situation of those people who are actually discriminated and face threats to their lives in those countries But with the amount of number these illegal immigrants are coming in our country, such affected people are not so much and they are not in such great number. I feel if the Government really wants to help them then they can do a lot of things but their intentions are not so. they just want to stay on their vote bank politics otherwise there are many ways to help them. They can pressurize Bangladesh’s PM to act on this and there are many ways to do it but they don’t want to do it. So share this video Friends, spread the truth among the people and if you like my work then you can support me by donating on so that I can continue making such videos. So let’s meet in the next video. Thank you.


  • Dhruv Rathee

    While we oppose the citizenship bill, please do not engage in hatred against Bangladeshis or refugees in general. Most of them are also normal people like us. It is important to empathize with their problems and things they go through.

  • Prof. S.M. Amit Chowdhuary

    Brother Dhruv Rathee, at present day Bangladesh is not a poor country. There are many Indians stay here at Gulshan, Mohakhali, Uttara, Tongi, Moghbazar etc in Dhaka city by illegal process.(e.i. 1500000). You told about minority problem in Bangladesh. You may not know that minor population in Bangladesh is most powerful than us. We respect all. We love all of them. Our Govt. hardly try to handle it.

  • Tanzir Rahman

    We can take your muslim citizens. Send all of Bengoli muslim brothers and sisters in Bangladesh. And give us just 2 or 3 districts of Assam to keep them. Only then peace will come in Assam.

  • Shackey Kino

    Druv sir….. Plzzz I request you to make video on chakma hojang controversy in Arunachal Pradesh ……. Plzzzz I request you… Plzzzz…🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Arzooo bindazzz

    Already we are sufferring vth a huge population around 1.25 crore , v must boycott d illegal immigrant coming from d neighbours, whether its hindu, or muslim, neighbours are neighbours not family members…

  • Arzooo bindazzz

    Already we are sufferring vth a huge population around 1.25 crore , v must boycott d illegal immigrant coming from d neighbours, whether its hindu, or muslim, neighbours are neighbours not family members…

  • bd tiger munna

    Their are no illegal bangladeshi in asam even in india cause bangladesh economy is now batter than india begger

  • Sil Fun

    So you are telling me liberal support gay marriage and muslim immigration.

    But after becoming muslim majority country ,muslim will kills gays.


  • Tarh Agin

    This political are making us worse 😠😠😠😠go to hell..government …why u are don't try to understand us I am from arunachal Pradesh here's same situation happened but thanks to God we won from government…

  • kuldeep nath

    Not only in Assam, all Northeastern peoples faces the same thing…I think we all northeastern peoples will stand against this kind of issues..

  • Mainul Islam

    Sir , ap khaha se hoo? 😒😒😒

    Ap kha video asha hee …
    But , ap kiya bola Bangladeshi hindo kho orthachal korraha ?? 🙄🙄🙄

    Ap please 🙏🙏 sob jhankhe. Bhat koro okay 😈😈😈

  • Rupjyoti Das

    This is the problem, many hindu people are suffering in the neighbouring states and that is why they are returning to assam, also many people left their own house, accessories etc and came to assam, so for them it was a problem to establish soon and get their name enrolled in assam

  • mahamudul hasan

    Bangladesh don't use religion for politics, yes there's some unacceptable incident but in general we don't discriminate between hindu-muslim-budhha,

    in recent year bangladesh gov changed the starting of our constitution, it was in Arabic, now it's in bangla,just to support that " yes bangladesh is a secular county."

    and most of hindu brother have relatives in both bangladesh and india,
    even Indias late president has relatives in bangladesh, so it's norm for bangladeshi hindu brothers to visit their relatives in india.
    and in general no Bangladeshi has any interest to stay in india, except some criminal who cross border to evade law,like Indian criminal hide in bangladesh to evade law.
    there should be some clarification, in past people can stay and migrate anywhere in Indian sub continent,people who migrate before 1947 how can you say they are illegal?????

  • Mamta Bisht

    To Tu kya chata ha hindu ko marne de Bangladesh me hadd ha tu khud hindu hoka aise bol rha ha Pakistan me hindu populations decrease and banlgesh me bhi but india me muslim populations increase

  • mohsin hussain

    who gave u those information dude?? In Bangladesh we Muslim are become minority for our government oppression…

    All top officers in army, government employees, or in education ministry r hindus appointed. over 89% muslim and less than 10% hindu but they are in over25% in government job. still oppressed!! r u kidding???????
    WHole country are suffering misgoverning by this dictator government, forcfully ruling over 10 yrs in our country. And of course by the help of inidan government(Especially RAW). What if I tell u in the capital of our country more than thousands unarmed protester killed in 2013 may 5th. They powered off the whole area, and simply genocide them. most of them madrasa student. Yeah it happened in my capital dhaka, bangladesh on that day. how many hindus get killed after 1971 there?? Only in border your Bsf killed thousands innocents in our border. almost all of them either farmer or fishermen. look at your country, past few days what is going on??? you Modi mob killing innocents for not chanting jai shree ram… what u do to minority in your country not even 1% happen in bangladesh. but yeah overall whole population are suffering. not as hindu but as citizen of bangladesh. Please be respectful to other's nation.. if u give respect you'll get respect. And remember if u have some big power, it comes with big responsibility. don't be dominating. help each other. and go forward as friend…

  • Technical world

    Sir please make the video on citizenship amendment bill what is the advantages & disadvantages of that bill

  • Slot king losser B M G

    @dhrup Brother, while the people of Bengal are busy rescuing Indian fishermen from the sea,In the same time Indian BSF is killing the people of Bengal in Bodar please can u look up this matter.

  • FUN-HUB coM

    For your kind information kl KARGIL DIWAS tha kuch jwaano ke upar to bolte🇮🇳 unke sahadad ka koi dard nhi😱 lekin illegal mullon aur apne pet ke liye roj RANDIRONA krne aate rehte ho..
    Are bhai KUCH TO SARAM KR LO🤔

  • babu boro

    Me from assam, himanta biswa sarma ji ak bohot acha aadmi hai, wo bohot ache kam karte hai aur islye wo jis vi party pa join karte hai, wo party hi jit ta hai…uske bare ma us larke ne jo bola, wo golot hai !….
    Ha ye sahi hai ki is Bangladesh assam ma bohot problem de rha hai…
    Aur ye vi golot hai ki bangladesh se hindu yeha la kar chitizen Chip de de … Ye bilkul golot hai !
    Aur ye bangladesi population bohot barhate hai,, ak aadmi ki tin sar wifes hote hai aur 10 se jyada bache peda karke population barhate hai

  • Manjit Patowary

    This is Hurt touching speech. Why this bloody BJP(specially Himanta Bisha Sarma) is supporting this ACT???
    There is no Job in Assam and full of corruption

  • Prabha shankar

    If you have a thought about 1.7cr Hindu of. Bangladesh than pls also say something about Muslim of neighbour country who already live in northeast state illegally .

  • Ichya Adhikari

    Then in nepal lot of Biharis have taken nepali citizenships by corrupting officials . It was around more than 10000 Biharis. I am happy same thing is happening in India too. It’s time to taste your own medicine.

  • Evergreen Assamese Songs for you

    Kindly Contact with me Dhruv Rathee Ji . I want to talk with you on NRC problems and also about NRC's base Year 1971 or 1951 .

  • Abbasaheb Sawdekar

    ध्रुव भाई आपका काम लाजवाब है. अभी काम आप ऐसा करते हो कि बुरे लोगो कि वाट लग जाती है . अंधभक्त को सुधरवाना मतलभ योगी जी ने नमाज पडता इतना भयंकर है . आप काम करते रहो हम आपके साथ है …. जय हिंद
    जय महाराष्ट्र………..!!

  • M Hasan

    Dear Dhruv Rathee, I am your Bangladeshi subscriber and I totally oppose your opinion about hindu discrimination in Bangladesh. Hindu and Muslim lives side by side in our country. There is some exceptional incident and our government is very sensitive about this. You showed a statistics about hindu population. I want to say, in 1947 and 71 many Hindu people were moved into India but pls see the recent number. after 1971 overall Hindu population is growing in our country. By the grace of almighty Allah Our economic development is more equal than India and jobs are available here so why should our people will go to India??

  • Abdullah Shakeel

    Brother just for ur knowledge go and 1973 constitution of Pakistan were on 7 or 8 point it's been clearly said that ahmadhi and qadyani are declear as non-Muslims

  • farhat malik

    Pakistan me kisi bhi minirities k sath bura salook nahe kia jata, me AHMADI HON aur RABWAH (CHENAB NAGAR) me rehta hon, hame apni had me reh kar sab kuchh karne ki azadi he.

  • hindustan zindabad

    Sir agar ye bil all India me lagu kardiya jaiga to faida to kuch khas nahi hoga but is ke nigetiu ifect Kiya hoge apse Janna chahata hu🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Muhammad Ahmad

    Dear Dhruv let all the people know a about the documents required for nrc if happens in other parts of india. There is a huge confusion.

  • Feroz Miah

    India is turning into a fascist state. So sad to see it losing its way. Tourism and Investments will start falling very soon. They can't hide the hate for Minorities, they don't understand the minorities are actually the world majority.

  • Sagar Dahal

    Bro appka video dekh ke bahut acha lagta he sach me appka video Maine ajjtak kabhi miss nahi kiya, wow aur appki voice aur jo appka body language, he wo to mujhe aur acha lagta he bro app aur bhi assam ke bare me video banaye' jaise ki Assam, ki har district. ke bare, me aur waha ki culture ke bare me…..
    Please dhurv rathe bro….🙏🙏🙏

  • Aqueel Rahman

    क्या बांग्लादेश ने विदेशियों को शरण दी है उनकी संख्या क्या है kya Bangladesh iss layak hai
    2) इस समस्या की जड़ क्या है क्या उसको सुलझाया जा सकता है

  • Rajeev Ranjan

    बांग्लादेशी मुसलमान से ज्यादा खतरनाक रोहिंग्या मुसलमान है भारत में 50000000 बांग्लादेशी मुसलमान है और लगभग 500000 रोहिंग्या मुसलमान है बांग्लादेशी से भी बड़ा खतरा रोहिंग्या मुसलमान है।

  • REAZ Ahmed

    Bangladesh is paradise for Hindi religion. 30% of government employments are hindu. If you a hindu you can say anything against muslims. It is not false what I say, It's reality.
    Riaz from Dhaka, Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  • Ghalib Anwar

    You are good person …. Am from Pakistan . but you are the first indian i like the most … At least you do not tells lie or put masala news just for taking attention as your country doing….
    Stay blessed
    Stand with kashmir

  • Abir Ahmed

    Hindus leave Bangladesh and take refugee in India saying they are being tortured, but tbh they are not tortured, they just want to go to India and to give Indian government excuse they say Bangladeshi Muslim tortured them. They just want to take advantage

  • Kamal Hossain

    51% population of Assam were Muslims in 1905. And Dhaka was the Capital of Assam (1905 – 1916). Now only 34% population of Assam are Muslim. Misinformation are given politically fifluenced media.

  • Yash Chawade

    There are total 56 nations woh are totally muslims oriented,which could help muslim community .but where these minority people of bangladesh,pak, afg should go?which r helpless!!

  • Hum Hindustani

    Bahar se aane wale Hindu ho ya Muslims kisi ko b citizenship nhi Dena chahiye 😏 lekin BJP Hindus ko citizenship de rahi hai aur Muslims ko detection camp Mein bhej rahi hai🙄

  • just smile

    Bhai ye kya kar rahe ho 370ho gaya ravidas temple toda gaya koi video nahi bana rahe ho ,ek aap se hi ummed hai aur agar death threat aa raha hai to vo bhi btao

  • Dhanakumar Thounaojam

    CAB is a nightmare for all the Manipuris which is most likely to be imposed after the scrapping off of Article 370 from Kashmir.

  • Abhinanda Das

    I'm from Assam.. Mujhe apka ye video bht pasand he.. Apne thik kaha sarkar ne vote ke liye ye CAB dene ki try krte he..

  • Mr Sporty

    Voice of truth. Freedom of religion. Freedom of speech. If India is a democracy, they can't follow neighbor countries who are doing bad things.

  • Chiging shah

    I want our government to pass the bill regarding:-

    1. Population control act:- since India has lots of people and due to these reason many people don't get jobs. And cost of living is also increasing.

    2. Illegal immigration act:- northeast India is being populated by illegal bangladesi immigrant. And hence our ST reservation are decreasing rapidly. Bangladesi should need visa to enter here.

    3. Standard nyshi-apatani name format act:- our name format is not recognised by Indian parliament.
    Our standard name format is like:-
    First name: family name.
    Last name: our name.
    Many of outsider do often get confused with our name format. So to protect our tribal culture we need standard name format.

    I'm from arunachal pradesh

  • Shoaib Ahmed Khan

    India facts. Progress and development only for the rich

    Yet according to the International Energy Agency, nearly 240 million Indians lacked lack access to electricity in 2017

    A staggering 70% of Indians living in villages – or some 550 million people – defecate in the open. …

    As of November 2016, India is the second most unequal country in the world after Russia. The richest 1% of Indians own 58.4% of wealth. The richest 10 % of Indians own 80.7 % of the wealth.

  • Wahid Rahman

    Dost! Sach ki sath Raina, ekdin aighi tere sath poora hindustan (OLD) before 1947
    ekattha ho jaighi!
    Dil se dua kartha hoo!

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