Banks Warn That Trump’s Tweets Are DESTROYING Your Retirement Funds
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Banks Warn That Trump’s Tweets Are DESTROYING Your Retirement Funds

Donald Trump is quite literally tweeting us
into a recession. Now we have said that before. Other people have said that before. I think there’s been articles titled that
in major publications. But yes, the truth is that Donald Trump is
tweeting us into a recession. And guess what folks, it’s not just his random
tweets occasionally that will send the market spiraling downward for that one day. No, according to a major Wall Street bank,
Bank of America Merrill Lynch, they actually did the research. They looked at the, you know, long term effects
of Donald Trump’s Twitter habits. And what they found is that on days when Trump
tweets more, the stock market in general loses money. It doesn’t have to be a complete tanking. You know, we’re not talking four, five, 600
points in a single day following a tweet. But they did identify a trend. Here’s what it is. Um, there is a nine basis point drag on days
where Trump is pounding out tweets fast and furious versus a five basis point tailwind
on days where he basically stays off Twitter. And the days when he tweets a lot. That’s days they counted as 35 tweets or more
per day. And the days where he doesn’t tweet very much
at all or days when he tweets five or fewer. So if Donald Trump is ever out there and you
see he’s on like his 33rd or 34th tweet, you better go ahead and sell off the stocks that
you own in your 401k according to Bank of America. And that’s actually why they put out this
report because they want people in this country to understand that your 401k, your retirement
fund is taking a massive hit because the moron in chief can’t stay off of Twitter saying
stupid things. That’s what this boils down to folks. And Yeah, I know Bank of America actually
did it to warn their wealthy investors that hey, when he’s on tweet number 34 selloff,
get out, get out. But they’re disguising it as, oh you, you
poor poor people out here working, but you’ve got a 401k. Maybe you have a retirement yet you’re losing
everything because the president won’t put his phone down for five minutes. I mean, that’s literally what they’re telling
us. We are losing our retirement funds because
Donald Trump is tweeting us into a recession and he’s tweeting the market into a black
hole. That’s how toxic this man is. The man who always tells us how great the
economy is doing, how great the stock market’s doing, when he, according to the research,
is the one who is single handedly making it tank, and by extension, forcing all of us
with a 401k to lose all our money so that we can never have any hope whatsoever of retiring,
just basically working until we dropped dead at our desk. That is the Republican way for Americans.


  • Papershire

    Remember when Fox News said the fact that people can't retire anymore is a sign that US citizens are eyeball deep in freedom? Hmmm, I'm not sure what freedoms I'm not enjoying here in the UK that you guys do… but let me know.

  • Bill Heuber

    Here's the thing Farron, this president and his gop are the most devastating and destructive people to exist! They should be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves!! The gop and our so-called president have done nothing but destroy our country!! Every republican voter on the planet should be embarrassed to be a republican!!

    🖕 to all of you!!

  • K S

    So when he does 5 tweets , that is only 5 lies and 35 we are all screwed and 35 lies or more is our other option lmao glad I live in Canada.

  • NESW

    I see it now, Trump is a genius. He wanted to be remembered forever. He is going down as the WORST US President in history. And he is not stopping there, he wants to make sure no other US President in history will top him in this category. He is setting the bar pretty high folks, and he did it all in one term. Absolutely amazing… 👏👏👏👏

  • Hannes Visagie

    That doesn't matter
    something something abortion
    something something guns
    something something open borders
    something something socialism

  • Lex K

    The people got the POTUS they voted in. No wonder he calls himself the chosen one. Now if he wants to screw them, either they accept it or impeach him. That's democracy.

  • Howard Kerr

    What REALLY bothers me about Chump's Tweets is that my "impression" is that running a COMPANY is pretty involved, but running a COUNTRY is overwhelming. It's so overwhelming that it prematurely ages many occupants of The Oval Office. Yet…somehow…Chump has all this free time to Tweet while the U.S.A. (tries to?) glide along on cruise control.
    For such an important job, Chump has set new records for leisure time that many RETIRED company executives can only dream about.

    Truly, Chump TWEETS, while the country burns, to borrow a phrase from literature.

  • Sikorik 99

    I'm as straight as a opossums pecker, but as of late I've been taking in the ass with my retirement accounts. Thanks, Donnie.

  • Autumn Anderson

    Tramp won’t be happy until all Americans are broke and in the shitter like him. Plz someone 👋 the shit out of Tramp. This is about the time all the ppl start thinking about wtf we are going to do to get rid of this man because you all didn’t care that he is Chester the molester with 23 woman with sexual counts against him, you didn’t care that he act like a fool in public and says stuff like shit hole country, you all don’t care that he has taken kids away from the parents and locked them all up in cages just for coming to American, you all don’t care that he has pissed on anything that good Obama did for the ppl, you all didn’t care that we have had 289 mass shooting and this loser hasn’t even care about the family, have you all forgotten about Puerto Rico 🇵🇷, you all don’t care that this bunch are proven to be racist bigots. Well plz think about it now he is going after your wallets all your 💵💵💸💰. Aren’t you all done with the con job you are getting from him. This loser prez changes his mind from minute to minute. He has to go and now. ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻

  • Udo Blo

    I have said this long ago – good to hear i'm not the only one that has taken note of this – Trump manipulating the stock markets with his tweets.

  • Dan Strausbaugh

    Holy shit are you a MORON… he’s tweeting us into a recession… who specifically ??? Name names you only always project…

  • teogo

    And how many of the people who own said retirement funds voted for Chump and are now reaping what they sowed? (And unfortunately, are taken everyone else down the crapper with them.)

  • Jasper Jack

    There are among you many thousand secret Trump voters. It's ok for you to hate him in front of your friends but it's the way you vote in private that counts. I understand.

  • Yvonne Myers

    I've been screaming this from the rooftops since he took office! I would be very curious to see exactly HOW MUCH money djt, his fam, and his cohorts have gained on stock market investments in the past two years because of his seemingly whacky stock market manipulations!😒

  • alix682

    I day trade occasionally, and check the stock market several times a day. It’s not tanking, the market has always been volatile. If it goes down you give it time, it always recovers. The only entity that can influence the stock market are the people who owns it. And Trump does not own the stock market.

  • tom patterson

    Stop Donald Trump and the Republicans from robbing our military . Republican senators are letting Donald Trump Rob the money from the military bases in their states by the Millions attorney generals in all those states do something to stop Donald Trump from taking the money out of your state say the Republicans do not care about our military just ask Moscow Mitch McConnell and Leningrad Lindsey Graham. Traitors to America

  • Arden McConnell

    History has proven nine out of 10 Republican Administrations have driven the Country into Depressions/Recessions. Fact check it. History aslo proved the Country does much better under Democratic Administrations. Fact check this too.

  • Doves4 Christ

    Thanks for the great and informative videos. You are much appreciated. November 2020 can’t get here fast enough for me. As I try and patiently wait I will continually and daily pray that “Let his days be few; and let another take his office.” Psalm 109:8 😇

  • Billy Crutchfield

    Trump is the worst thing that has ever happened to this country or for that matter the rest of the world I hope people have learned their lesson about electing crooked businessman to office

  • Jack Hackman

    If you are a currency trader Trump is a sure bet  Buy any pair with the dollar predicted to go down and it's like money in the bank.

  • John Smith

    "These media sources are moderately to strongly BIASED toward liberal causes through story selection and/or political affiliation. They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes), publish MISLEADING reports and omit reporting of information that may damage liberal causes. Some sources in this category may be UNTRUSTWORTHY."

  • Alexander Burawa

    Everyone has it wrong. Financial genius that he is, trump is going to keep the markets soaring and the economy spiraling to new record heights. Yes, the very, very smart stable genius is the economic savior who will bring his business expertise to the fore and launch our country–and the world–to the stellar successes he achieved with his gambling casinos, trump airlines, trump university, and various and sundry other enterprises. WE'RE ALL DOOMED!!!

  • Teemu Heinola

    Why your banks are so fucking weak?! One tweet will destroy banks! What a useless banking system! WHY? Damn your country is useless to anybody than small hats! Just sad!

  • TheTomBevis

    I had already planned on dropping dead before I could retire, long before Trump. At least now I can look at alternatives besides Republican and Republican Lite.

  • Kenny Esthay

    Haha! I love how people think that tweets change a Stock market! Please explain the logic behind that! Markets run off investors not someone's tweet.

  • ray reedy

    Screw the banks not one of them care for citzens. They screwed citizens more then enough. The morons who turn these fake institutes need gitmoed and executed

  • Daniel Holmes

    Well that Son of a Bitch ! Fucking bastered, please excuse my cursing folks but now I'm really pisses off , our retirement money being fucked with , by this idiot, Jesus Christ how much more are we all as Americans going to take , I'm just stating the facts folks but most if not all Republicans voted for him now as far as myself you all just better prey his f$%&#%$ ass is out of our house , The White House that is .Big Mistake for you guys who voted for that no good S.O. B

  • Integrity Honor

    I think we all knew we were going to go under when he was falsely elected, meaning the vanishing middle class and the poor. The wealthy have an unfair advantage, money to fall back on, stocks, bonds, properties, 100 cars and a catalac to boot – they don't care. And like you said, they warn each other. Nothing last forever, they can't escape the rath of God. I am just glad we have the media to keep the corruption front and center. They can't escape illness, natural disasters and all the insurance policies in the world – will do them no good, when Jesus comes back. That is when they will get their just due.
    At the same time, I do realize there are good people, with money, who honestly worked hard for.

  • Jo Ll

    Donald Trump doesn't know what he's doing. He doesn't know how to make money. Everything that D Trump swindles off the american people has to be returned when he leaves the White House. That includes all graft, any and all embellishments paid to Trump belongs to the American People. Now that's really funny.

  • timothy chung

    Donald is doing that on purpose and the banks are in cahoots with him to clean your pension out. That is an excuse that your pension is lost.

  • Deja Voodoo

    Also, the Republicans tout how good de-regulations are, but don’t mention how it costs jobs because there is less maintenance involved.

  • Hefeydd _

    You know what it’s amazing isn’t it how rich people backed Trump in 2016 and now they are realising. You know what with the way Trump is destroying the markets it’s going to have an adverse effect on our retirement savings.

    My answer to that is simply tough shit. You should have thought about this before electing a failed businessman into office.

  • HoneySiegalSurvivor

    Much worse than described on this video. I am the 1 individual who can lawfully make a difference with your help. Trump venturer is acting in bad faith is an understatement. Insurance fraud galore linked to 911 and my fabricated death. Truth stranger than fiction. Come on press. Power in numbers. HRS

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