Barr Admits Stone Case Intervention, Complains About Trump’s Tweets | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
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Barr Admits Stone Case Intervention, Complains About Trump’s Tweets | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  • Arthur Moore

    Hello people hello world this is Mississippi Boy what they need to do is take Donald Trump out of office immediately this is a emergency and William Garr they both need to go to prison not only them his holy ministration they are corrupted these people are going to destroy us in 2020 if Donald J Trump stays in there to the next election he will steal it to long as he have who on his team and we all know that he has on his team as of right now and I think we're going to have to have a bulldozer this is bring Donald Trump up out of there and these Republicans about the office cuz these people is not going to resign and there are not going to leave quietly before they leave out of office specially Donald J Trump he will declare a race war in this country and its own arising trust me DKK members these Nazis these white supremacist already all I've been seeing since the last couple of years did these white supremacist here in Mississippi buying up some artillery SKS cases of Elmo's they are stacking up if the FBI William Barr want to watch something they need to come to Mississippi down south and watch these white supremacists from all around this country coming to the South and buying up ammunition

  • J. Muller

    Andrew McCabe was fired because he lied under oath to the the FBI he walks free. Michael Flynn lied to the FBI he's going to jail. Something is very wrong in this country folks.

  • Jessie Diane Ryan

    Barr is just DT’s boy. He is totally biased and under DTs thumb. It’s disgraceful. DT will be the undoing of your democracy.
    Barr is already bullied and influenced by DT.

  • Nora G

    Barr is just doing a CYA , he is Trumps puppet- there will no longer be accountability? Trust Trump? I’m really speechless about This!

  • Brian Caleb

    in other words Trump only wants people that will never disagree with him and let him do what ever he wants….When it comes to running the country seems like other opinions in a administration would be welcomed.

  • Edwin Rodriguez

    Cant believe how bad things are in this country. A president that can do anything he wants. Wouldn’t be shock if he goes after Hillary and Obama. So many people lives have been destroy by this president


    The problem here is Barr can't corruptly do Trump's bidding without Trump talking about it. When you're committing crimes for a criminal, you should be mindful that that criminal has some decorum, unlike Trump does.

  • Dave Garton

    I switched to sli g so I could enjoy an hour of news. I would have bought you tubs paid service but didn't want any of you getting a dime of my money fir ruining the news on a daily bases.

  • Julie Aylward

    I just cannot wait for John Goodman’s portrayal of this hound. Bow-wow, Barr, you fleabag. Does it itch yet, mighty jowls?

  • Linnaeus

    What's the cure? VOTE TRUMP OUT IN A LANDSLIDE IN NOVEMBER!!!! Even election interference from Russia, the GOP and others can't withstand a landslide. Vote blue no matter who in 2020!

  • Richard Johnson

    We can't afford to wait for an election. People should stop this new Hitler. The son of a german draft dodger, the son of a german man disgraced and exiled from his country. The son of a man that profited from prostituting women in the United States. The son of a man arrested for participating in a KKK riot. We are all [email protected]

  • Wo0dy Woodstock

    Integrity, thy name is not Barr!!!
    The Founding Fathers agree:
    "The Day Democracy Died" Sung by The Founding Fathers

  • debbie savage

    Time to impeach Barr. Time to impeach and lock up trump! Time to let the air out of these two gas bags and fix this mess they’ve created! Barr’s already been influenced. Not one person believes a word coming from either of them! TraitorS!!!

  • Glynis Joseph

    It looks like Barr is on his way out! I bet u one of the guys that's returning will become AG! 😀😆🤣🖕What a POS ADM!

  • William Helfrich

    Shameless, Godless Barr, GOP apostate Evangelical mockers of God's righteousness and justice satanic alliance, Gospel of despotism tyranny treachery lies corruption obstruction and betrayal

  • Carlo Jones

    Why this case. Did it anyway.
    Next case political attacks anyway.
    Are the former administration officials and other government agencies not gonna stand up.
    Shows how fractured these three letter fbi cia nsa and …are.

  • Akra Seil

    Even though Barr's criticism was a BS distraction, the democrat representatives should make a resolution praising Barr for criticizing the Dotard. The Dotard will have no choice other than to toss out Barr to save face (his orange face, that is).

  • Bud Barron

    Your backbone must be made up of the same fat jelly as your face barr. You've got no balls to do your job and stand up to tRump the impeached. You'll be written down in history as a failure, a criminal who sucked up to a fake president tRump. You'll be known as tRumps left nut.

  • Darlene Monen

    Lol! Barr better watch out. If he says too much trumps gonna make him the next target and fire him. You got yourself into this mess. So you have to step up to the plate and fight back. Or are you scared of trump to?

  • Darlene Monen

    Trumps using anything to go after anyone doesn't surprise those who want him removed. That's why they wanted him removed from the start. They knew it would come to this. For those that didn't know it, you'll see him for who and what he really is. And believe me, hes not what you think. By cutting out others listening in on his calls when hes already a high risk would be the worst thing anyone can do when our security is at risk from people like Putin. Dont let him do this. Hes a nutjob! Get him out now! Unfit for office. Mentally unstable! Immediately! Hes rogue and needs to be controlled now. Not after he shows the damage he can do to the country. Now!

  • c2757

    Two quotes from an article in todays Guardian (UK) newspaper – First quote: "Barr has out-Nixoned Nixon’s attorney general, John Mitchell" and Second quote: "John Mitchell eventually served 19 months in prison." Once Trump is out of office I would imagine Barr is odds-on for a spell in the big house.

  • Carolyn Wilson

    WH has run amuck a swamp a sewer america we got to vote blue and get these republicans politicians swamp dwellers especially Trump out of office we are not Russia.

  • Big L Williams

    If you have a lead prosecutor why is Barr even intervening in the process! Trump is the only answer to this question. Thank God the Judge has the last word. Its jail time!!!! We all know Hope Hicks is Trumps hoe in the oval office. She really doesn't want to come back .

  • Branislav B.

    Barr: Mr Prez, in order that we work publicly together, I will accuse you that you are meddling in my job.
    Prez: Fine with me.
    Berr: But this is only for the public and Congress. Please, do not be angry.
    Prez: Just do as I tell you and there is nothing to worry.

  • Gamesmaster045

    Since when does Law Enforcement take into account the age you are when you commit the crime. Hey if you decide to break the law in a way that demands 10 years and you commit this crime when you're 80 oh well it sucks to be you. Hopefully you live past 90 but if not it's your own fault for breaking the law.

  • Dee A

    So trumptydumpty told Manatee General to pretend he's got a backbone. The DOJ is so blatantly disinterested in justice, so the OrangeTurd-in-Chief told him to act like he was standing up to #fake45. Doesn't pass the sniff test.

  • Colleen Sifferman

    Oh come on!!!! When Trump first appointed Barr, he said best man for the job, great man. And ALL HIS SUPPORTERS, said yeah good man, great man, will get the job done. Now, because Trump doesn't like a sentence for a liar, or whatever reason,Barr is not good. And ALL HIS SUPPORTERS YELL FIRE HIM, NO GOOD, GET RID OF BARR, HE'S WORKING FOR THE OTHER SIDE, ETC….
    You're all parrots, just repeating what Trump says. Don't you ever think for yourselves anymore? You've turned into a cult. Trump has become a bully, his agenda is not about America, he likes to push people around, he's a President not a dictator. Before you call me a never Trumper, I was with Trump until I saw what he was doing. I still, strongly believe, that there's quite a few Democrat's that belong in jail. Even the ones that lied to Congress, just like Stone did and Mcabe.

  • Richard Lubano

    However long and large a snake is, it had a tail and head.There is always a beginning and end.All Trump's activities and acts have there end to come.The new boss in the be WH will erase and trash Trump's dirty, racist, corrupt and hatred dominated legacy in the first 100 days.That is for sure.

  • Suzy Q

    Barr to Trump: Look, I'm happy to do your dirty work, just stop telling everybody! You're killin'me with that crap! Let's keep this on the down low. Jeez!

  • Marie Rose

    Fake news is the problem and that fake news is Fox. Until America finds a way to hold Fox accountable you will descend into further chaos. No relationship can be based on lies and succeed.

  • Terra812

    The Hypocritical tripe these people spew and their listeners believe. Christ, it's not like Barr met Stone's wife in her plane on a tarmac before submitting his request. PLEASE someone show me one of these Hypocritical tools commenting about Holder when he said he was still Obama's Wingman… anyone… anyone… hypocrites all!

  • Tex 123a

    2009 Attorney General Eric Holder, existed to protect Barack Obama and his policies. Holder’s successor took up exactly where he left off. And in July 1998 Attorney General Janet Reno not seeking an independent counsel to investigate campaign fund-raising by the Clinton Administrations. It seems like the history of the Attorney General's has always existed to protect their president. Democrats
    need to get over it and move on.

  • Carol Jacob

    Here we go another newscaster not giving you us the full Interview of Bill Barr in his full Interview he clearly states the Proscuters in Stones case had already ran their original Sentencing Recommendations by Bill Barr and Bill Barr was fine with their recommendations but, then the Proscuters turned around and Recommend a different sentencing Recommendation. All together.. So why didn't they go back to Bill Barr and quitely Recommended a higher sentencing Recommendation. This was done politically because Trump was upset about a 9 yr sentence. So it makes Bill Barr look bad. Instead MSM wants to use a portion of the interview that pushes their Biases and Anti Trump agenda.. People need to watch the full interview for themselves and listen to what Bill Barr actually said.. if you don't then your basing your opinions on Sound Bytes and opinion's based on the lefts agenda. 😕👍

  • A Warrior of Christ

    Hence, every candidate who runs for the office of the President should be subjected to a battery of psychological exams, polygraphs, and written exams just like any other public service job – especially related to law enforcement and military command!

  • Fred M

    50% (+/-) of Americans are just as clodpoll as the 10% Radical Iranian Muslims who gave power to Ayatollahs. (Well, CIA couldn't make it without them.)
    The difference is, 10% of Iranians turned guns on their armless nation, but it's not the case in America. America is volunteering for Dictatorship!!
    "Every Nation Deserves its Government." KM "Welcome to Shithole Countries." FM

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