• S. Gillespie

    Having erected federal statues that commemorated those who lost the Civil War would have been the same if Germany had erected statues to Hitler representing slain Germans during WWII. As "confederates" (alt right) are always quick to say, "If you don't like America – LEAVE!" You don't get to erect statues to the losing army that fought for slavery! FYI: The confederate army lost.

  • Tony Wright

    That’s right I do agree that the statues should stay despite the fact that a great majority of them were put up as symbols of oppression to black rights during Jim Crow in the segregation era a lot of these people who want them up going to honor their ancestors not because of slavery racism and hate in everything but because they fought against what they saw us Tyranny of the Federal Government. More authority and sovereignty given to the federal government meant tyranny Meant A possible violation against the BILL OF RIGHTS, which was given (or suggested) by Massachusetts to protect against federal tyranny. Nevertheless a lot of Southerners were afraid of a stronger sovereignty of the Federal Government that’s also why they were fighting For the Confederacy, despite the fact the leaders of the South over slavery, after they seceded to protect slavery when they no longer thought it would be safe under the US Constitution do to Abraham Lincoln‘s election of whom they saw as an abolitionist. Still a lot of said the nurse for further states rights to own slaves that’s why they were fighting to keep their independence and to fight to keep the right to secede while a lot of OTHER southerners Who DIDN’T for slavery just for their states rights (The doctrine of states rights is the states authority over the federal government with, at same time, very little interference Federal Government ) Plus these people believed in state sovereignty the states ran the nation they were primarily the ones Who ran the United States. This is also why they fought to keep their independence and to protect home and family from the northern invader: For slavery, White supremacy and federal tyranny. Despite the fact a lot of southerners didn’t agree with secession they were also fighting to keep the right to secede. The north especially the Republicans were fighting to makes secession, and unconstitutional because secession was not anywhere mentioned in the US Constitution until the advent of the 14th amendment in 1868 three years after the Civil War. Lincoln was only saying that it was illegal and unconstitutional because he was speaking from a moral standpoint because there was great possibility that if any state could secede in all states could secede in this she would not have the united states in the United States would not be the world’s last great hope. Still the states had the legality to secede but at the same time it was a moral because still that was the great possibility that other states could secede and this destroy the United States. Nevertheless I think we should look past the monument nonsense we should look past the confederate flag nonsense because not everyone that live during the time of Jim Crowe and segregation is against these monuments they could either care less or they in fact support them because we need to learn history whether good or bad right or wrong fair or unfair and even whether it’s for honor or dishonor and finally even if it’s for racism bigotry treason….whatever;. Lincoln pardoned the south the only people who received a punishment which was late by the way were the high ranking generals and the former leaders they were stripped of their titles and could no longer hold office, Other than that just like anyone else they could get on with their lives. Lincoln was wise to do what he did it because if he did otherwise and he punish the south we would still be divided as a nation as of people. I’m going to say this year I hear this is debatable if it weren’t for what the south dead we would be divided as a people on whether or not to have slavery and where they’re not held the nation was going to be run and what kind of nation it would be, whether it would be a federal sovereign nation or a state sovereign nation or an indivisible nation or a divisible nation meaning that the possibility of secession could be legal or illegal. I will say that the north may have won the Civil War but the south won the second Civil War known as the reconstruction era. They were trying to self reconstruct them selves as Lincoln wanted them to do so. Now Lincoln knew that the south was going to segregate and limit the rights of black people. Because look at it this way during the industrial revolution and during the time of the Northwest ordinance when slavery was being confined to the south by the framers and the founding fathers they were hoping that slavery would just die out. The north west to get the territory is north west of the Ohio River that was the bigger territories that way it would be preserved for free states for future generations where as the South would get the smaller section the south western section of the Ohio River. See the north did the same things the south did they were the first ones to “ unofficially, yet not legally” segregate. Overtime is the industry grew the north freed it’s slaves in fact even during the time of the antebellum. I hear that the north still had slaves release some northerners did, maybe maybe not?. See the north was judging the south over slavery because they themselves did as well. The problem is no one forced to north to give up their slaves. The south through rebellion of slaves and the abolitionists especially the big rebellion of John Brown were being forced, yeah it failed. I can understand why the north was kind of being forceful about having slavery being abolished because a lot of Europeans wouldn’t go to the south and fact I think a lot of Europeans would even go to the north because of slavery but still the North Had Way more people living there in the south did. Of course there was the anti-bellum we’re both north and south were fighting whether or not the states would be free states and slave states then finally everything lead up to the Civil War and reconstruction. See a lot of stuff was being forced on the south the north wanted to punish the south. It was hard for the south to lose their slaves because it was so ingrained into them that nobody should black people have equal rights they should be in the field picking cotton should be treated as animals. Then Thaddeus Stevens and his crew wanted to force the south to give black people equal rights as he saw it and wanted the south to be just like the north and treat black people the way they treated them, despite the fact that a lot of northerners were racist against black people (southerners were more racist) A lot of Northerners back then were hypocrites. They wanted them to hold office they wanted them to vote. I’m sure Lanca knew that to do such a thing would be foolish because the South had to start out just like the north did during the first industrial revolution because the north started out not treating black people write it took them time to treat black people the right way and to give them equal rights and even in the early and mid-20th-century the north did not treat black people right. Now I know the South was 2to 3 times as worse. Yeah still they needed To learn to change and treat black people right and I am sorry to say but if it weren’t for what Thaddeus Stevens And the radical Republicans , and instead would’ve done what Lincoln said and work with the south there possibly would not be heavy segregation laws. Anyway during the time of segregation they were Republicans that came to the south and we’re probably and a very gentle and patient with me trying to talk and reason with southerners to give black people rights gradually. And you know what’s funny now must’ve the The new earth including the rest of the United States are democrats well the south is overwhelmingly Republican. Yet there’s still people in the north and in the Midwest even extending as far west as California that vote Republican. There’s even people in the south that vote Democrat. . Therefore the South‘s values on race in such have overtime changed. They still use the flag for southern heritage and Southern pride in for rebellion against the federal government way back during the time of Jim Crowe and segregation and they still use it for the same purpose today. A lot of southerners don’t use the flag or any other Confederate symbols for racism bigotry and treason against the United States as they did during the time of Civil War and segregation, at any time today.: we need to get over these things and let’s keep our monuments let’s keep our confederate flag. And any other confederate symbols including cemeteries. Let’s not deprive people who want to publicly display these monuments that is if they at least display them on private property and it doesn’t hurt to have any type of monuments flags in public view because people could learn from them.

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