Being a European Federalist in 2011

Fundamentalist values are first of all that value of a human being. I think the European federalists are people who have a clear feeling what is needed for the future. It’s about being different, but trying to work together. One of the richest in the UEF Congresses is that you have a sort of an intergenerational debate. You got people, who have
been around for, I don’t know, fifty years, and then you got people, who just started. I live Europe and I find that so fantastic that I wish that many more people were able to
cross borders study abroad work and live in another European country. I think there has been a revival of interest
in federalism That’s not all because of us, of course, but it is an illustration that the solutions, which have been reached by the Council and by the Commission which is very, very opportunistic at the moment with an absence of strategy, perspective, that federal thought is badly needed. The federalist movement is an avant-garde
movement and an avant-garde never has a majority of people
behind it. It’s not easy to be a young federalist, because many young people don’t get the idea of what is the federal Europe standing for. The European Council is very weak, without real means in order to
achieve the goals that should be achieved. On airports, in trading, in selling, cross-border
enforcement – that’s so many issues that you can not say that we are even close to what we want, like the real european people proving a European government. We already see emerging of nationalism everywhere in Europe and it is a challenge to resist that and to
convince our fellow citizens that we can only win together or
lose together. We will have to fight against nationalism and populism and to defend more positive and open approach of Europe. If we hadn’t the federalists we would forget about this ultimate goal that we have to follow. We need to go outside, go on the streets in order to transport out ideas and thoughts. We are an organisation of militants. Altiero Spinelli, one of our founding
fathers, who was also part of the European Parliament, writing the constitution, a manifesto also. He is so one of those who said: “If you want to changed the system we cannot negotiate with them who are in the system and profiting of it.
They only will do this and step forward in that direction if the
pressure comes from the people”. You can see that the people are enjoying themselves and are being truly companionable in the federalist club.

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