Best Fisheye Lens for Smartphone – Apexel Universal HD 8mm Fisheye Lens
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Best Fisheye Lens for Smartphone – Apexel Universal HD 8mm Fisheye Lens

Hey guys, it’s Himanshu Dama and welcome
to the review of Apexel 8mm fisheye lens for smartphones. For an avid smartphone photographer
looking to push beyond the limits of the fixed focal length on their smartphone’s camera,
Apexel fish eye lense is the way to go. This lens will give you a much wider angle to your
shots similar to panoramic shots with a visual distortion. However unlike other fisheye lenses
in the market with this lens you will not be left with a hemispherical image around
its border. Apexel Fish eye lens will give you a clear 238 degree view without black
circular border around the image. This is an 8mm fisheye lens and it comes in
this little container to keep the lens from getting damaged.There is also a string for
you too hold lens and wear it around your neck. That way you always have your lens with
you. It comes with this clip which the lens needs to be screwed on and then pinches on
a smartphone right on top of the camera. You can do this for either the front or even a
rear facing camera. It doesn’t really matters. I find that lens worked really well with video
recording, especially being able to finally fit more stuff in one shot. You can now have
your smartphone that close and still take the video of the wider environment. So check
this out guys this is what it looks like without the lens and this is what it looks like with
the lens on. Definitely a huge difference.Here are a few more examples for both video and
pictures. Now I did notice a small difference in quality when putting a lens on but honestly
it’s not a deal breaker and is barely noticeable. The fisheye lens is compact , light and portable
and works just like designed for DSLR. I highly recommend this product for any smartphone
photographer and you can pick one up at amazon. Plesae be sure to like comment and subscribe
and i’ll see you in the video.


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