BEST Las Vegas Buffet in L.A.! Unlimited LOBSTER at Universal Hilton
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BEST Las Vegas Buffet in L.A.! Unlimited LOBSTER at Universal Hilton

it’s all you can vegas hey everybody it’s
derek and I’m here at the universal hilton in universal city california at
cafe sierra for the all-you-can-eat buffet cafe sierra’s all-you-can-eat
buffet is $69 every Friday Saturday and Sunday night so let’s go see what there is
to eat well the first thing I see is a poke
bar and that is some fresh looking fish and here is the lobster it’s lobster
claws and big shrimp and raw oysters and one of my favorite parts of a buffet
which is the asian food this is yang chow fried rice roasted duck and roasted
chicken and mandarin barbecue pork and walnut prawns walnut prawns walnut
shrimp this is one of my favorite chinese foods scallops with black
mushrooms tofu and eggplant steamed fish and singapore chili lobster claws and this looks like some kind of
made-to-order station oh it’s a fish shrimp beef chicken taco station
guess they’re getting ready to put that into action and this is the steamed lobster those are beautiful lobsters
wow two pounds fresh split lobster that lobster meat is beautiful thank you crab legs quite a few salads here this is green
bean and carrot salad and there’s pizza I think everybody knows that I love
pizza on a buffet or anywhere and this pizza looks pretty good for a buffet oh
this maybe this is like the kids section because it’s chicken tenders
tater tots and mac and cheese of course this all looks really good to
me oh wow there’s actually even more I kind of thought we were almost at the
end and there’s more vegetables here roasted brussels sprouts roasted
cauliflower and mashed potatoes there’s oh it’s a lobster and shrimp pasta
sweet chili salmon and this is chilean sea bass with lobster sauce oh there’s a
carving station right here that looks like a big piece of meat oh
it’s prime rib and oh roasted pig you know how you know
it’s a roasted pig because there’s a pig face oh look at this it’s like a made-to-order sushi station
hand rolls and there is more sushi right here sushi
rolls these are very colorful but there is already so much seafood on this
buffet I just don’t know where to begin maybe I should begin at the desserts
there’s a chocolate fountain and a doughnut bar I gotta say this cake I can just smell
the cake it smells so delicious like cocoa-y and here’s more fruit and tarts
wow I mean this buffet it may be pricey
but there is a lot to eat look at this korean ribs hi yes all you can vegas
that’s right well nice to meet you too and enjoy the buffet well there you
go this is a popular buffet for people even when you’re not in las vegas if
you’re in LA you can have that las vegas experience right here
alright let’s eat alright I got my first plate and I’ve got a whole lobster I’ve
also got roast duck roast chicken and roast pork and I got some yang chow
fried rice because I love that and crispy shrimp and walnuts
because I love that too alright I’m not entirely sure what
to do with this lobster but I think I take the tail part off wow look at that meat lobster meat and
it’s all-you-can-eat and I have my butter to dip it in I really want to get into this
duck meat and the chicken and pork mmm that duck is so juicy and
like the skin has all this intense flavor I’m gonna try the chicken because
that has that skin too some pork nice and sweet and I still have more lobster here
I guess it depends on how much lobster you eat if you get your money’s worth let’s try more lobster everybody is like covered in lobster so buttery okay next plate I’ve got
roasted pig prime rib and pepperoni pizza I got the pizza cuz I basically
have like a triangle shape space right here on my plate I mean it just fit this prime rib feels so tender like it’s like a butter knife and it’s going right
through it I got a little creamy horseradish
to go with it that is so good it’s gonna make you cry see alright now before anything else I think
I gotta try this pizza well this was on the kids table
I think the best part of this buffet is that it’s there it’s nowhere near as
crowded as a las vegas buffet I mean all this lobster could be mine cafe sierra at the
universal hilton the all-you-can-eat lobster buffet
it’s in los angeles and it’s probably as close as you’re gonna come in southern
california to a las vegas buffet hey thanks for watching everybody please
give this video a thumbs up if you liked it leave a comment let me know what you think about cafe sierra and be sure to subscribe
for more because there’s always more to eat when it’s all you can vegas


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