Best robotic solar panel cleaning in India | by Taypro
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Best robotic solar panel cleaning in India | by Taypro

we are living in an era of renewable
energy where solar plant owners understands cleaning of solar panels as
an activity is an important aspect of the solar energy generation process so
taypro is here for you taypro 2.1, a revolutionary self powered
device which can clean solar modules daily at a predefined time automatically
without water the device cleans solar modules in the hours of darkness to
avoid shading losses in the generation hours taypro offers a suite of robust
reliable and field proven robotics solution that optimizes performance
while cutting operational costs realizing the need for water taypro
provides water-less solar panel cleaning with soft microfiber brush which can be
used at remote areas with water scarcity this solar panel cleaning solution from
taypro costs lesser amount efficient and reliable solution than traditional
cleaning methods currently available in the indian market its on-board
monocrystalline solar module charges batteries in the peak Sun hours
requiring no external power a lightweight and energy-efficient device
with scratch free technology that cleans solar modules without damaging solar
panel glass it’s specially designed wheels drives device on solar module
frame smoothly ensuring no load on solar panel glass taypro 2.1’s easy
installation does not require infrastructural modification to the
existing solar plants the taypro 2.1 system is compatible with multiple solar
arrays and it’s fast cleaning speed can clean one megawatt power plant within
three hours and help solar plants to generate more energy output
taypro 2.1 transforms solar plants to provide best performance and reduces
payback time


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