• Erich Hasenstab

    Watching this video because I just picked one up at a clearance store for 5 bucks. Definitely going in my backpack!

  • Andreas Smedjebacka

    When researching adapters I found that this adapter is withdrawn from the Swedish market due to safety regulations. (https://www.elsakerhetsverket.se/privatpersoner/Forsaljningsforbud/rese_adapter_10101/ ) I'd personally say: If you don't know what your're doing, don't use it. (Don't have a this-seems-to-work mindset when it comes to things that can start electrical fires. The smoke from a burning/melting adapter is very bad to inhale. For the same reason, I would be wary of using a plug that's has that leverage-problem mentioned in the video.)

  • Heather Pape

    I am glad I watched this. I just got back from Australia, and I was so frustrated with the other port being blocked, that I was planning to cut off the side yellow pieces, but now I know I will need them for a configuration in the future.

    We have 2 for 2 people, and at times that was not enough, so I think I will be ordering 2 more soon.

  • Go Nick

    the best world travel adapter is this https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XN6D2PG 😉 I haven't seen something similar to that on the market

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