Bill Barr Gets Anti-Trump Leaker To Plead Guilty To Leaking Sensitive Financial Info To Hurt POTUS
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Bill Barr Gets Anti-Trump Leaker To Plead Guilty To Leaking Sensitive Financial Info To Hurt POTUS

Bill Barr is done messing around and his rapidly
rounding up all the anti-Trump leakers who tried to sabotage Trump’s first term. In this case, he got a guilty plea from the
anti-Trump leaker Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards. Edwards leaked Suspicious Activity Reports
to reporters about Paul Manafort, Maria Butina, and a Russian holding company in an effort
to damage Trump. This was all happening during the Trump Russia
hysteria which turned out to be a dud, but the damage was done and there is nothing Trump
can do about it save to win the 2020 election. Really half the country thinks Trump works
for Putin because of these BS leaks and sadly, Trump cannot do anything about that now. When he wins again maybe people will open
their eyes – these leaks caused real damage especially as many of them were not true or
taken out of context to paint a false narrative. From Bloomberg: A former U.S. Treasury Department senior adviser
admitted she illegally provided confidential suspicious transaction reports involving Paul
Manafort and others to a BuzzFeed journalist, giving President Donald Trump’s administration
a victory in its battle against leaks. Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards, 41, pleaded
guilty to leaking information about payments involving Manafort, Trump’s former campaign
manager, and his deputy, Rick Gates, for about a year before she was arrested in 2018. Prosecutors didn’t identify the journalist
to whom she gave the reports, but articles cited in court papers were from BuzzFeed. Edwards, of Quinton, Virginia, had access
to the Suspicious Activity Reports due to her position as a senior-level adviser at
the department’s Financial Crimes Information Network, or FinCEN, which probes money laundering
by studying data about financial transactions. From The Hill: The Justice Department’s prosecution of
Edwards and former IRS analyst John Fry, who pleaded guilty to leaking suspicious activity
reports pertaining to Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen, represent an escalation against
leaks to the media, according to Bloomberg. Federal prosecutors said Edwards leaked data
relating to payments connected to Manafort and the Trump campaign’s former deputy manager
Richard Gates, as well as Prevezon Holdings, a Russian company linked to money laundering
and gun-rights activist Maria Butina, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to act as an
unregistered foreign agent. The filing does not specify which reporter
or outlet Edwards allegedly leaked to, but cites materials published by BuzzFeed.

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