Bill De Blasio Says Biden Better Than Trump But Lacks Vision For Change | Morning Joe | MSNBC
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Bill De Blasio Says Biden Better Than Trump But Lacks Vision For Change | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  • Hal Hosmer

    Sure, no problem, in 4 years Bernie
    developed trust with Latinos so give him 4 more years to do the same with tha African American community. Let's see in 2024 Bernie will be how old? He's run out of time. If blacks aren't with him yet that's good enough for me.
    I'm defiantly not listening to that guy. Go Joe. Jim Clyburn is no dummie and Bernie has a weakness.

  • rolback

    Joe I’m running for senate. You should vote for Trump.Biden. Joes only chance is if those 170 million Americans that got killed by guns since 2007 magically rise from the dead and vote for old senile Joe Biden.

  • Divanice Nascar

    Biden is a other apocalypse, with him it other liar.
    Doesn't change anything from Biden, for the people.
    We go be sorry, will be very sad.
    Another bad example for Humanity liar.
    Very sad what people are doing, wake up my people now out of the Biden and Trump.
    We will do harm to us themselves and everyone in general , coming in going into the apocalypse eruption.
    Do not sell your soul to companies millionaires.
    We must be human in being with all brother and sister please, now before be late.
    The government is never about to invest in the people.

    When someone tries to do the right thing they interrupt.

    The honest and love the human people etc, it's now or never my people wake up now.

    This is an opportunity to change the benefits for everyone in general.
    God is showing that one can change the world, the nation for the good of all.

    Showing that if we can try health for all school etc.
    It is not expensive, this is the correct humanity etc right now.

  • Ken Brook

    Jim Clyburn said that he couldn't be courted. Jim is a conservative total opposite to Bernie's views. Obama told Jim to endorse Joe Biden. I'm black and every black person I know supports Bernie.

  • Kryptonarie

    Biden is time tested yes, but his HEALTH IS DECLINING right before our eyes!!!
    Dr. David Scheiner spoke out regarding the former vice president’s health to the Washington Examiner following the release of Biden’s health records Dec. 15. Scheiner served as Obama’s personal physician for 22 years before Obama became president of the U.S.
    Biden is not a healthy guy. He’s not in bad shape for his age a 77 year old, but I wouldn’t say he’s in any kind if outstanding health either. Could I guarantee he won’t have issues for the next four years? He has a lot of issues now.
    Biden’s health records show that he has an irregular heartbeat, high cholesterol, acid reflux and seasonal allergies, but the 2020 Biden also has a history of aneurysms and takes blood thinners, the Examiner reported.
    Scheiner said he would like to see results from an MRI or CT scan as well as a sleep study test, since Biden used to suffer from sleep apnea, and sleep apnea is known to cause cognitive and cardiac decline.
    Biden’s medical records also showed he had several surgeries not previously disclosed to the public, including surgery performed on his prostate. The letter does not address either Biden’s vision, which previously came under question when Biden blamed his contacts for his eye filling with blood the Examiner reported.

  • John

    Is Trump Machiavellian light? The Democratic America knows
    Trump is sneaky, cunning, and lacking a moral code. Hiding his taxes to avoid
    legal issues or out right fraud is an example of Machiavelli, who wrote the
    political treatise The Prince in the 1500s, that encourages “the end justifies
    the means” behavior, especially among politicians. That was an age of tyranny,
    far removed from what we have today. Yet the argument that holds, its not just
    the President it is with combination with congress. If the House and the Senate,
    and the President line up in a Democratic way change is inevitable.  
    Especially if a president is open to the engineering and scientific community
    for advancements in the standard of life for all Americans  in an adult fashion
    not as a continual pestering twitter insult. That alone being enough to remove
    Trump from office. The money people know change is coming. The stock market
    people are already preparing.The billionaire [pedigree] like Trump are sending the
    message. It must be fake news because those in soup of corruption don’t want to
    get caught.

  • Uli Neunektar


  • Lloyd Parks

    As an African American 60+ years old, Mayor Bill De Blasio is correct about Joe Biden. White people always do not get it. I prefer Bernie Sanders any day over Joe Biden. Period!

  • Jeff Gibson

    I was 65 before I had time to read "The Wealth of Nations" by Adam Smith. Now I've read three different editions. One of the most brilliant books I've ever read. In every chapter you will go back in time ten generations to learn how your own ancestors worked and saved and prospered.

  • Greg G

    Sanders and DeBlasio – God help us. They both are very well with spending ( someone else) money but are big problem with attracting revenue. Mr.Mayor, congratulation on great success with NYCHA , you really helped people with modest means.

  • Dale Rogers

    Hey Joe, wow, you are upset that "your guy" looks bleak, but saying everyone ran out to vote on a one mans word, Mr. Clyburn, a little influence, sure. Not all black people will agree with you. Joe might become one of the best ever. I will feel more secure at night.

  • wolfgangk1

    Folks encouraging "change" are Russian plants or young and STUPID or just downright, STUPID. Real America fears a liberal crazy coming in throwing the baby out with the bathwater, undoing many things that needed to be done for DECADES but we were too busy being "diplomatic. Under Obama, respect for the US had sunk so low that banana republic despots were emboldened to insult Obama with cap in hand–because they knew that his estrogen laden advisors were going to push to appease. Anybody with half a brain knows that battle is for the middle, independence who aren't looking for "change" as defined by liberals. especially as defined by liberals.

  • Andrea

    Warren VP. Then lock down the Senate. Her current seat is a minor temp risk. Could help turn the MA next Governor race Blue over time.

  • Jim Battersbee

    "Normal". you mean lets get back to the very reasons Trump was elected in the first place, Another corporate Democrat administration. The developed worlds worst inequality, worst gun violence, worst healthcare system. Continue with watching your children being mown down in mass shootings. On with the endless losing wars. A federally mandated minimum wage of $7.20 an hour.
    Yeah, "normal", that's what you crave. Meanwhile, the rest of the world moves on.

  • mishratheforsaken

    Does anyone actually believe that Jim would have backed Bernie? I could see him not backing anyone, but I don’t believe for a second that he would have backed Bernie over his long time friend Joe.

  • SpaceMan T-56

    Jim Clyburn said on MSNBC (believe it or not) that he knew WHO he wanted to endorse all along, but could not do it until after the debate due to promises he made to his community so people could make up their own minds and not just follow his endorsement….. Joe why are you lieing?????? Such blatant lies.

  • Jim Battersbee

    Scarborough is a shill for corporate America. Go back to where you were prior to 2016 and all this chaos will have been for nothing and the next Trump will gut you and hang you out to dry.

  • Deborah Sawyer


  • Janie Buck

    I want someone who's decent, not a change agent. It's only four years out of a lifetime. We need to restore order.

  • Tracy Rowe

    Sanders is not who we need right now. Trump has messed things up so badly that things need to be REPAIRED, not changed. We can't attempt to change a system already in chaos. Sanders is basically the left wing Trump. That's not a compliment.

  • Pam Tebelman

    When the house is on fire, you need to put it out first, and buy new furniture later. America is not ready for a socialist as president and if Bernie becomes the nominee, Trump has a better chance of winning, and this we cannot afford.

  • L D

    tRump is not the only republican running for president:Republican


    Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente Guerra*

    Zoltan G. Istvan

    Matthew John Matern

    Bob Ely

    Donald J. Trump Incumbent

    Joe Walsh

    Bill Weld
    Why don't you mention these other people??

  • cornpipe

    Joe Biden likes touching little girls a bit too much, he is creepy. There is a compilation of him being creepy with little girls and it's a real eye-opener. I only saw it yesterday and it completely turned me off of Biden for good.

  • 4Knewt

    Hello… Middle age black woman here who is voting for bernie. The answer to his question is the lack of research by the older generations. My parents said they voted for Biden in the primary for change. But my mom didn't even have healthcare. There is a dialogue that's not being heard in the black community among generation gap.

  • Nabari z

    I think people. Specifically rich white people, are seriously underestimating how much black people like Obama and as a result give Biden a pass.

    Yeah I know there are some black people that criticize Obama. And there are valid criticisms to make. But I think it's fair of me to say that 85% of black people would rather have Obama.

  • Doris Latimore Johnson

    Do not assume all people as if we all vote the same. Before Obama, the primaries always gave us white candidates. That is still true. But a socialist cannot win at the federal level, even against an incognito racist.

    People more so demand respect, not victimhood. I just hope and pray that we vote recognizing our rights to citizenship and voting are craftily being earmarked out of the amendments. In 2016, somebody tried to warn me, but I was of the unaffiliated sheep.

  • Cella Gee

    Jesus this is sooo hard to watch! All across liberal media we are being force fed stagnant ideas with Biden, when clearly the populist is screaming for forward thinking. I hope this will not be another 2016 all oven again because if it's one thing we excell at, is not learning.
    Bernie 2020!!!!!!

  • Preston Tran

    Used to like this show. Now it's just extremely biased. Black voters voted for Biden doesn't mean they don't trust Bernie. Black voters like Biden better because he's Obama's VP. How's it so hard for you to guess Joe? And not all black voters think the same. Stop talking about them like 1 individual.

  • Relax Good

    Ya like the current vision of a big stinky dumpster is so appealing. Give me a break, out of touch Clown politician.

  • Ty Max

    Joe: "From everybody I talked to…" That's exactly it! You talk to people ONLY within your establishment bubble! You're out of touch, Joe. And the people within your bubble are happy just to lick your boots.

  • Xavier Orosco

    They don’t even mention his name and yet they still hard as heck trying to freaking Dodge the question to him


    "why don't black voters trust him". That is terrible framing of a question. Trust has nothing to do with it. Older black voters are more familiar with Biden, and they tend to be more moderate. A better critique of Bernie is the inability of his campaign to translate those huge youth rallies he has into actual votes. Youth of all colors are with Bernie. We just aren't voting at the levels that we should be.

  • Scott Hullinger

    I'd love to hear Biden explain how any guy who's "better" than Trump could possibly be better if he has no vision, meaning of course Joe Biden. Can't have one with having the other. They go hand in hand.
    Just common sense.

  • Bigbradwolf

    Oh please. Biden cant remember who is wife is let alone the nuclear codes. Dems for Trump. I no longer trust the Democratic Party or these paid elite creeps in the media.

  • Xyz Same

    Biden stands for "normalcy ?" So "normal" that the country voted for the orange moron after they had voted for Mr. Hope and Change (who disappointed them). In a race with the "most qualified, inevitable candidate" (sure Trump pulled off a narrow win, but NOW he is the incumbent, has money and a well organised campaign, not like 2015 / 2016)

  • Xyz Same

    part 1 Biden is in cognitive decline and it comes out frequently — and certainly the moment he has a little stress. Watch him debate Paul Ryan in 2012, then he performed well, he was another beast. – He could not remember Obama's name in 2019 (there is a clip, he made a pause and then said "my president").

    In the last days he had to replace the word "god" with "the thing you know". Mixed up wife and sister (that may be a lapse – but they add up).

    He said "Chuck" to Chris Wallace (FOX) at the end of the interview. He wasn't rushed – but he did not notice his mistake, Wallace politely corrected him. You can bet the other large networks would have edited that part out. Not FOX.

    And that is only in the last days when he had a little more stress after he won in S.C. and did well in the Super Tuesday states It is one thing to forget a name or a specific term – but if a normal word like "god" is a challenge – then the person is in trouble.

    In a long ! intense ! campaign a few brainfog incidents are permissible (the classic is to get it wrong in which town or state the candidate is, has happened before). If – IF – the candidate has an intense schedule. Well, Biden covered that brain fog event as well, at least once.

  • Xyz Same

    1:09 Sanders was never an "agressive defender" of the NRA – and he always had BAD ratings by the NRA. FACTS Joe Scarborough, FACTS

  • lifeisawar zone

    it matters not be it sanders be it trump or be it biden yes one lucky/unlucky winner will receive the key to the white house and the shiny title of president to go with it that's true, however, the catch is that whom ever that is that person will only ever have one oar in the water and no more, mic has the other oar and the new duly elected president will never ever be able to direct the course of the country on anything, a one oard boater will only travel in circles, with out the permission of the military industrial complex the president is completly hams trung, yes he can be a trump always blowing up like a blow fish making a lot of fuss about this or that or he can play behind the curtain never really coming out to make a stand on anything a biden, a status quo president, and the are other options, sanders same game different name, the co pilot has thats true, what ever the case and however the hand is played, the president will never have control over the rudder, we know what happens to presidents that get out of line, kennedies, they are replaced with presidents that will toe the party line that being mics party, the president is really only a place holder some one too keep the bench warm for the next president who will do the same thing, without the other oar a president is nothing more than a ceremonial gesture, soneone that travels to natural disasters perhaps sheds a tear pethaps not, tells us its time to rebuild, promises support in these terrible times and so forth, no matter how amoral our new president may be what he will be is our moral conscience for 4 more years, he will duely espouse God and the christians and mostly do what he is told to do while simultaneously leading us to beleive he is all powerful omnipotent, china dont get out of line or else and if all should fail a powerful bomb hides the facts really well, and of course america will march on, with its sanctimonoius banner waving wildly in the air for all to see, and so it goes while we as americans tolerate yet another election sponsored by our ever so corrupt politicians after all this is the american way is it not a vote for mic will insure you win or at least get it right

  • Desmond Bareziah

    Stop getting mad at joe. Deblasio is never willing to answer questions straight forward no matter what host he is with. There is a reason most who interview him get impatient.

  • Prayer to Enlighten Those Who Harm Others

    "No Hope and No Change" Joe Biden campaign motto –
    Sanders 2020

  • Steve Walker

    How are you going to have normalcy if you elect a president currently in the throes of early-stage dementia? It's amazing to see such a large swath of establishment folks ignoring Joe Biden's obvious battle with cognitive deficits much in the same way the right did with Trump in 2016. It's foolish and it's going to come back to haunt them.

  • Alise19

    Lol. Hey folks in the comment section! True fact, if Progressives stay home Trump wins. Stop acting like this is a football game. It feels like all the moderates in here keep forgetting they need progressive votes to win. Progressives compromised to help pass a REPUBLICAN health care plan that REPUBLICANS proceeded to stab us in the back over. We wanted Universal health care. If I don't hear something that is different than WOKE Republican policies I will stay home. My state has been ravaged by ho hum "at least I got mine" attitude and policies for more than a decade. We are killing ourselves and our children are dying at one of the fastest rates in the country. I will not vote for more of this.
    And Joe Scarborough, nice job ignoring Latinos, soon to be the largest minority group in the country.

  • Senzo Ncube

    WOW!!! I have just developed a completely NEW RESPECT for Mayor Bill de Blasio! Just like Dr Cornel West said last week – "Now that the Bernie Sanders campaign for human rights and social justice in America is backed up against the Wall, WE HAVE TO COME OUT SWINGING" from here onwards. "All hands on deck!" Dr West said! Mr Mayor came out swinging against the establishment supporting Neo-Liberals on MSNBC! Thanks, Bill – KEEP GOING! The truth will prevail!

  • Bryan Newton

    A week before South Carolina there were still 7 people in the race. Clyburn didn't decide because he had Buttigieg, Kloubachar, Biden, Bloomberg, Sanders, and Warren! Ugh.

  • L Brooks

    Sigh…. joe… change back to normalcy works for people who can afford to. How convenient to not have to put yourself in the mind frame of how others are doing in this economy.

  • ThatsSOJohn

    Growing up in nyc I remember the distrust that existed between the community & law enforcement; Bill has changed that & created a coalition that’s slowly, but surely changing nyc for the better. He may not be perfect, but he’s the best mayor in my lifetime so far!

  • K Stackkz

    We all know why Bernie voted for
    That crime bill including Joe S. How disingenuous of you and NO WE DONT WANT TO GO BACK TO THE OBAMA YEARS WHEN HE PROMISED HOPE AND CHANGE and gave us the status quo and by the way we all know Clyburn wouldn’t have given Bernie his endorsement with his millions of big PHARMA money in his pocket and why do you only talk about black voters during the election? Bernie has more black supporters than all of the candidates had REALLY !!!you all are just rigging it for Joe!!

  • mexcurmudgeon

    The crime bill was a poison pill designed to force progressives to vote for it because it contained the Violence Against Women Act, which provided support for shelters and other programs to protect women. Bernie has stated he regretted his having to vote for it, but it was the only way to get the VAW passed.

  • mexcurmudgeon

    The crime bill was a poison pill designed to force progressives to vote for it because it contained the Violence Against Women Act, which provided support for shelters and other programs to protect women. Bernie has stated he regretted his having to vote for it, but it was the only way to get the VAW passed.

  • Matt Man

    Joe clearly is biased he’s friends with Biden, the only reason black voters like Biden is because they liked Obama. If they voted on principals instead of likeability then we would actually be moving somewhere in this country.

  • MR IT409

    People do not want to give up the following Bernie… These are the countries best prepared for health emergencies You get what you pay for … the last 1 minute is particularly poignant

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