Bill of Rights: Privacy Rights (with audio descriptions)
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Bill of Rights: Privacy Rights (with audio descriptions)

Hello and welcome! This video is brought to you by the Minnesota
Department of Health. We are going to show viewers, like you, about
the rights people have when living at group homes and residences that are supervised. You have the right to privacy while in your
group home. You have the right to personal privacy, and
staff must respect your personal privacy. You have the right to privacy during your
personal care. You also have the right to say who can see
information about your care. You have a right to personal privacy. This means that staff, other residents, and
visitors will respect your privacy, your culture, your religion, the friends you choose, and
your mental well-being. You should never be treated poorly because
of your personal, social or religious beliefs or just for being you. You also have the right to privacy in your
room. Staff should never walk into your room without
knocking. Staff must ask your permission to come in,
unless it is an emergency. You have the right to privacy about the care
you receive. Staff and others must be respectful of you
and your privacy when they are discussing your care. When you are being examined, or when you are
being treated, staff and others must respect your privacy. They must keep all your information confidential. This means that they should not discuss your
care when or where other people are listening. You have the right to privacy when you are
in the bathroom or on the toilet. Staff must keep the bathroom door closed so
others cannot watch you. If you need a staff member to assist you or
make sure you are safe when you are working on your personal care, they must respect your
privacy. Your personal and medical records are private. People from outside of your group home are
not allowed to look at these records without your permission. You have the right to approve or refuse to
have these records shared with anyone outside of your group home. Your group home staff must tell you when someone
from outside your group home asks to see your records. The staff must ask your permission before
anyone else can see your personal and medical records. You have the right to choose someone to go
with you when your personal records are being viewed. Copies of your records will be made available
to you and someone you choose to help you.

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