Bill of Rights: The Right to Personal Property (with audio description)

Hello and WELCOME! This video is brought to you by the
Minnesota Department of Health. In this video, we are going to show viewers,
like you, about the RIGHTS people have when living at group homes or residences
that are supervised. This video shows how people have the RIGHT
to keep and use their personal property. You will see a couple different examples of
owning personal property, and what you can do if you are refused the right to keep your
personal property at the group home. People living at group homes have the RIGHT
to keep their own clothing at the residence. And, they have the right to keep their
valuables in a locked space. People living at the residence may also have
the right to additional personal items if there is enough space. Here is an example of owning personal property,
and what you can do if you are refused the right to keep your personal property
at the group home! Hi Jean. How is it going? Good. How are you doing John? Good. Is that my camera? No, John, This is not your camera. This is my camera.I’ve had it for quite some time. I specifically remember buying that
camera two months ago. Please give me the camera. Yes, that looks a lot like your camera. Can I have my camera, please? Fine. Thank you, Jean. People have a right to personal belongings. You have a right to have your own things such
as food, computers, cameras, pictures or photos, cell phones, and clothes. And, you have the right to have your
valuables kept in locked storage. If a staff member tells you, you are not allowed
to have your own personal belongings, or if you suspect your personal belongings
are missing, file a complaint. Here is another example of your
rights to personal property. Residents at group homes are allowed to keep
and use their personal property while living at the group home. The group home must also have a central locked
storage area or provide residents individual locked storage space so that residents can
store their valuables for safekeeping. Hi Reid. Hi Pedro. What are you doing? Typing up a grocery list for later. Going grocery shopping, and if I don’t
type one up, I’ll forget what to buy. Yeah, I’m the same way. I’ll go to the store, forget what I’m going for. And I come back home, and have to
turn right back around again. It’s always better to have
a list the first time. I agree. Are you done with your iPad? Yes. I can lock it up for you, if you want. That would be very much appreciated. Thank you very much for doing that. Sure thing. What you just saw is another example of the
RIGHT to personal property. As shown in this video, residents have the
right to personal belongings such as, computers, cell phones, and tablets. Residents also have the right to
locked space for their valuables. If you are not given permission to have personal
belongings or if you are not given permission to lock up your valuables, file a complaint! Know your rights! For Minnesota residents, contact the Office
of Ombudsman for Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities. OMHDD. You can also go to the Minnesota Department
of Health website for a full list of the Bill of Rights for Supervised Living
Facilities and other videos.

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