Bill of Rights
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Bill of Rights

We’ll take that Constitution and tear it
to shreds! It doesn’t protect our rights as free men. Well okay, we hear you, we don’t want a
fight… So we present to you the Bill of Rights! The First Amendment grants us freedom of speech, petition and religion, press and
assembly. The second gives us rights to arms, so guns are in reach. Keeping us all safe
from tyranny! The third amendment prevents the lodgment of active soldiers
in our abodes. The fourth amendment can stop the government if they search our
stuff without legal codes. You can plead the fifth if you get double jeopardy
provides due process and fair pleas. And luckily it helps you with yourself
incriminate! Tt helps our courts run great! The sixth amendment makes sure
your trial’s fast, with an impartial jury and a lawyer for the task. Seven governs
federal courts, gives juries for civil claims. Trial by judge vs. jury is not the
same! The Eighth Amendment limits bail to reasonable fees, which protects
you from excessive fines and penalties. It says that punishments can never be
cruel; nor can they be unusual! The 9th amendment lets you know always be aware
of your rights and freedoms even those not listed there. Just ’cause they’re not
written doesn’t mean they’re not true — they’re always there to protect you! the
tenth amendment, it was intended, to leave unwritten powers to the
States. If it’s not written in the Constitution,
that power’s for the people of the USA! The Bill of Rights helped us in so many ways.
It guards our basic freedoms in life. We exercise our rights each and every day! That’s the Bill of Rights! That’s the Bill of Rights! That’s the
Bill of Rights, yeah!

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