Black Student Hangs Confederate Flag in Dorm
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Black Student Hangs Confederate Flag in Dorm

nineteen-year-old parents homicide at
the university of south carolina at beaufort sc has sparked a debate among
his colleagues classmates because of the fact that he
wants to hang the confederate flag on his dorm room window so here is really
how hung the flag and he received a lot of criticism for it because he did so at
a time when parents were tearing the schools are deciding whether or not they
want to send their kids that and he was asked to take it down so he didn’t take
it down however he has decided he wants to put the flag
up and he explains why this next video so let’s watch american listener men they didn’t have much driving around the room point be around and control goes their classes races or memories grandmother cochran oracle and the american citizen in you’re gonna see it remember now the roseanne sell for byron dot flag is a symbol of
southern fried there and he believes that people have
hijacked the meaning of the confederate flag sealed making if like racism for me in
racism yet you you know who hijacked it uh… the confederates when they said we
are going to fight incredibly bloody war to make sure we use the slavery with saloon keep alive people is slated
all they were just fighting for economic freedom uh… was there a tax cut that that’s
what right and i’m sure everyone who apply that same economic freedom to with their black slaves right or they didn’t make it a miss liz that’s
weird yet no look it’s i get a sense that video that he
feels bad that in fact gap and he’s a southern kidney don’t want to
back down and you know and he wants to keep the flag of uses totally
misdirected here’s what i think the first of all he said that he decided he
wanted to hang that flag after he took history class of copper trading mike dot
siddiqui to the class topless right wing that yes and the right wing guy like
convincing that the confederate flag is great any in cinci justin was born in
georgia absences for in georgia he should be proud of the confederate flag
because it’s symbolizes southern fried and that’s why you should put it up and
it’s official alike uh… to student playing up that
nazi flag in going no find i think people have confuse this
flag has the and he said that a when in fact file i didn’t germans me in
the nazis maybe a trains run on time says likely not because i am i think
trays money on time is so great finesse the media have put into this flight that’s not what you would get out of it
and activate your own little office say the least but and family women this city here
within the studio because he knows what to represent that
the asians in favor of the confederate flag yes plans dorothy has not reporting from virginia
allowances when might my family first with the
virginia from korea so i went to school in virginia and i kid you not when i was in virginia myself in all my friends were mostly
white uh… and few blacks are no other
reasons we’re all in favor of the confederacy because the way was talk was that hey
better still is all about preserving their way of life and these uh… mean or there is word shoving their
heidi was down our throats and are with not only about slavery is
all about borrowing one of us and we were there brain rebels fighting as the evil empire
method exact health care so that while you actually see reason about national
forest areas acts of the longest time ice the root for the confederates from the fighting
against the union soldiers brown itineraries and stuff like that
and then i and i grew up in reliance on nonsense victor united states would be very glad
uh… no i’m not outside sorry um…


  • Haid McClure

    That guy needs to shut the fuck up the flag is of southern pride and some people are to arrogant and think it's a symbol of hate, a fact black people also owned slaves before the white man, besides that the nazi symbol was a good sign before hitler used it so that bitch and that guy should shut up, and i do respect that black student for saying what he did and this cocksuckers make it sound like some one made him put it up lmao wake up people!

  • SouthBoston88

    LOL, "he took a class taught by some right-wing guy".  That alone had me ROFLMFAO!!!  What college has ever hired a "right wing" history teacher?  They are all Left wing fanatics (like these boneheads at the TYT)

  • SouthBoston88

    A Jew and a Muslim bashing a black guy for supporting a white Southern flag.  Lol, you can't make this stuff up.  
    TYT are a bunch of anti-white Marxists who try to present themselves as "moderate".  

  • SouthBoston88

    One last thing to the TYT, Communism/Marxism/Leftism have mass murdered millions more than the Nazis or Confederates.  Just thought you should know.  Oh yea, and wasn't the Turkish Ottoman Empire responsible for mass murder and slavery as well that spanned for HUNDREDS of years longer than white on black "slavery" in the America's?  

  • tythorn13

    If the Confederacy was fighting for more freedoms, and less taxation, and they lost… do you honestly think the U.S. government controlled schools are going to teach that? Did the North Korean government tell its people that the U.S. invaded and saved South Korea, because South Koreans didn't want to live under the north's rule?

  • WickedLovely666

    I am from Georgia and while yes there are those in the south that use the confederate flag to promote hate. Just like people who take the bible to promote hate against gays. Not everyone does that. There are people who see it as southern pride. You have to understand at that time the north was industrialized while the south was mainly agriculture. People tend to forget that the civil war didn't start out involving slavery, It wasn't until Lincoln made it about slavery. People also like to forget that the north had slaves too. Also not everyone in the south had slaves, many didn't.

  • Rundstedt1

    Of course the Confederate flag in any of its forms represents racism, that's what the CSA itself admitted at the time.
    "The great truth, I repeat, upon which our system rests, is the inferiority of the African. The enemies of our institutions ignore this truth." – Alexander H. Stephens to the Virginia Secession Convention, April 23, 1861

    "Confederates during the Civil War had no problem whatsoever in associating their cause with the protection of slavery and a system of white supremacy which they thought was inherent in the Confederate world order. The Confederates of 1861-65 were much more honest about the importance of slavery than are the neo-Confederates of today."  – Professor Brooks D. Simpson, leading historian of the Civil War and Reconstruction era.

  • Generallee6994 Gen

    And FYI the Nazis use the swastika flag when they were killing Jews the South always flew the Confederate battle flag when they're going into battle dip shit so you need your shit straight instead of saying that the swastika flag and the Confederate battle flag is the same because they are not one means you're going into battle and the other Means you are going to kill Jews and also the only reason we didn't want to give slaves up is because we knew we would lose money if we did not have people who worked for free

  • Jeff Christmas


  • Bob Smith

    Liberals are the enemys of America. To many conservatives think we need to comprise with these idiots. The flag is a religious symbol st Andrews cross . You argue that because hate groups use the flag it is racist. Well guess what they use the American flag too. So is that racist? also Lincoln was racist also he believed in segregation. He also killed thousands of Indians in Minnesota and forced them to move west I dare you idiots to THE YOUNG TURKS to start an argument about My comments.

  • Jose Carranza

    I want to know if this black guy knows that the flag stood for the confederacy constitution saying its okay to enslave black people.

  • MEHboi616

    This is why I stopped watching The Young Turks. They clearly have no respect for me or my southern blood, and have absolutely no understanding of the Civil War

  • sniperhaynes

    I find it funny yall call the Confederate flag racist sorry go a learn what its about its about state rights and independence from intrusive gov …. the american flag has more racist than this and it took how long under this flag to treat blacks right and brw before the war ended the Confederate government was in the motion to free slaves

  • GrantJBratcher

    Dude have you not heard of indentured servitude!!! My and esters were slaves and white!!! If the same industry in the north was around in the south slavery would die down

  • Toastergod44

    The Young Turks: Where a bunch of white people gang up on the opinion of a black man and claim he's too stupid to think for himself.

  • EvolvedInto Obliteration

    Fuck The Young Turks and their hatred of the south. Thats not even the actual Confederate flag thats the battle flag of the armies of Virginia, Tennessee and their naval jack. Lincoln was racist too and openly hated the Cherokee (we had twice as many native tribes on our side than the union because the south opposed federalism and industrialization).

  • Icy Rhodes

    God that dude is so stupid.(The young turd) Sure it had slavery to do with. But it had other beliefs that i too personally believed.  "Ohh it was his professor!"  The dude isnt in preschool he is obviously has a brain if he is in college.  But on behalf of the college telling him to take it down it was probably a private college so you get the jist 

  • Slowpoke Rodriguez

    Yeah and Abe Lincoln said “if i could free the union without freeing the slaves i would" so if i see someone with a Abe Lincoln poster im gonna call them racist

  • MasterWooten

    Nazism and the Confederacy are not equal nor the same and the Third Reich and WWII are not the same as the South and the Civil War.

  • Ian McCormick

    the confederate flag represents heritage not hatred i know this because i see black and white people wearing the confederate flag all the time and by making it illegal to wear the confederate flag your only taking away our freedom of speech

  • Ronnie Hopper

    I'm going to tell you something that most southerners don't even know receipt constitutionally banned slavery. another fact all Union black soldiers were not allowed to reach no rank they were all segregated but all of the Confederate blacks with the vast majority were volunteers we're allowed to reach rank a few black soldiers reach the rank of colonel not all of the Union blacks soldiers we're volunteers and the matter most of them were drafted haven't you ever heard Johnny comes marching home they called for five hundred thousand Moore

  • Robert Ferguson

    Sure, don't mention the 12,000 (more of less) Native American Confederates–the Red Men of North America who bravely fought against an encroaching United States.

  • Richard Williams

    Postmaster general Reagan of The Confederacy did push for opium growing all over the south…fachist progressives only want more drug prisons more white male arrests and more black drug dealers and ahol attorneys

  • coporal4

    I see all the way out in space remarks below and it's really funny to justify the Rebel Flag.. Lets see 11 States seceded from the Union and two other states were Southern Sympathizer states Kentucky and Missouri. The reason for they seceded was , because they wanted to maintain state sovereignty, which meant having the freedom to maintain a particular lifestyle, which included SLAVERY.. OOPS!!! this meant fighting for the freedom of states rights, while denying a whole race of people their right to education, voting, working for wages and maintaining a family structure.. Oops!!! Southern Heritage.. Denying others the Rights that YOU HAVE. The North had organized black units like the 54th Mass, U.S.C.T. and other units that engaged Southern Armies the South had man servants who may have picked up a weapon to fire against the North, but not as organized Units. It was said a Texas Calvary Unit that was all black fought in the War Nope.. Even Lincoln didn't believe that blacks were equal to whites his job was to maintain the integrity of the Union. As a leader of the free world the institution of slavery had to be banished at all cost. So fly your rebel flag young man, but remember there were thousands of your country men that were put in bondage and murdered under this flag.. Some try to justify saying blacks owned slaves, Indians owned slaves, those were indentured servants in the 18th century that shit was halted when the 19th century hit  

  • huffandpoot

    so the red white and blue flag has always stood for freedom? I wonder how the Native Americans feel about that… I wonder how Cuba feels about that?  I wonder how Vietnam feels about that?  I wonder how Mexico feels about that?

  • baseem saad

    Nazi concepts and beliefs we're GENOCIDE!!! how the hell do you feel like its OK to compare the two. A am from Oregon, an extremely left wing place in the U.S.A and I think the school was wrong for making him take the flag down. The Rebel flag is IN NO WAY comparable to the Nazi agenda

  • TexanPatriot Strategy

    Two Liberals were just talking.
    It stood for anti-government.
    So the government built a hate group under it, so some black people said hey there right it is "Racist".
    That Flag is more pure Then the U.S flag. U.S Flag flew over slavery for shit.
    70 Years before the Confederacy existed.
    There you go.

  • JOHN58476

    and not one slave ship ever sailed under the confederate flag and at the so many ships under the  us flag have taken slaves to the  new world

  • tommy8715

    These people are crazy it is fact that the CSA was tired of paying large taxes to fund the northern states and it was the tyrant Abe Lincoln that started the war killing 650,000 people so that he could collect those taxes and tariffs. And don't forget that Lincoln said many times after starting the great war that he would keep slavery if it would put an end to the war!!! And in what world do you compare the CSA to Nazi's? The CSA treated slaves with respect when compared to how Hitler slaughtered  Six million Jews, not to mention that free blacks held the right to own slaves and did so!!!

  • Phil Smoley

    you guys r fuckin u realize the confederate flag was juts the flag for the confederate nation…one side of people who just wanted to be free from the north..the north was just as racist especially the idoit lincon

  • The Future

    A black American standing up for the confederate flag that represents a cause that would have himself, his whole family and their descendants as slaves until the end of time or a civil war is this for real?

  • Tokingme Games

    God this is some bullshit ignorance the slaves were free years before the war… The Confederates didn't fight for the slaves… And actually the black soldiers in the Confederate army were treated a hell of a lot better than the union black soldiers… In the confederacy they ate the same food as the white, they also sat and ate and had conversation with the whites… In the North there were troops that didn't even want to fight beside the black troops…

  • Meowchi D

    Please stop pointing fingers at American History. ALL Nation's history is bloody and gruesome and has darkness to it. If you don't like America leave it find a better place for yourself outside American soil. If you care so much about slavery then help stop babies and children from being abducted and sold into the Sex Trade Industry all over the world. There is slavery nowadays and more than half of them are children. To black and white families alike in the South that flag represents their homeland, so what other people's opinions are none of your business. Kindly speaking can you two please get your heads out of your rear ends.

  • Schyzofrenic87

    So putin finally let these guys out of their propeganda office? so now they can polute other media's with their clearly hamemr and sickled bull….

  • Stephanie McCloud

    First of all the Battle Flag was not adopted as the OFFICIAL flag of the South it was adopted as the BATTLE flag and NEVER flew over slave ship or was a symbol of slavery. And the the same thing actually happened with the swastica. It was a symbol of an old Religion NEVER was it meant to be perverted by idiots. Yes it is now a symbol of Hate just as they are trying to make the Battle Flag BUT it was NEVER meant as such. AND FURTHERMORE the SOUTH released slaves the NORTH continued to keep them, there were evern FREE BLACKS that had SLAVES!!! One of them with the largest plantation in the country had over 200 slaves! HOW can this flag represent Slaves when the NORTH are the ones that started it in the first place? Even Washington DC was built by SLAVES!!! Come on now!!! I mean REALLY!!!!

  • LOE J

    You are extremely ignorant people and should actually do some research on what you are saying.  What your problem is that YOU are the hate mongers, and your personal opinions have blinded you into making truth what YOU want it to be.  The real facts tell the truth, but you do not.  If anyone bothers to read this, look up the facts yourself.  You will see what I mean.   These two are stirring up hate and trouble with their ignorant rantings.  Well, they are the media, that's their job!

  • LOE J

    Did you notice their smug expressions?  They are obviously smarter than us.   Did you notice how she rolled her eyes when she said the civil war was about economics?    I do not allow my children to roll their eyes when they disagree because it is a very rude gesture,  I guess her parents did no care enough to teach her basic manners.

  • LOE J

    And their statement, "he probably studied under a right wing professor".    Another presupposition.  By the way, where you going to find a right wing professor?   They have been extinct for about 30 years.

  • LOE J

    Comparing the Confederate flag to a Nazi flag?   Are you trying to piss off the entire South?   Or have you not graduated past name calling?

  • LOE J

    I grew up in the North, and we were fed bullsh*t too.   We were taught how the South was evil, and I used to root for the Union, just as my Korean friend here rooted for the South.   I guess we both switch sides.  Oh, by the way, I am a black man.  An educated black man.  A critical thinker.  I try my very best to not allow my perceived prejudices cloud my vision of truth.

  • LOE J

    All I can say is, Wow.   And by the way, just because some bad apples decided to use the Confederate flag as their own personal symbol of hate still does not change the facts about it's history.   Me, as a Baptist, should I discard the cross as a Christian symbol?  After all, it was carried during the crusades by psychos that called themselves Christ's soldiers.  And the cross was originally a symbol of torture.  No, I will still cling to the cross, and fly both my American flags proudly thank you.

  • Miguel Álvarez

    Most southerners didn't have slaves. Anyone with a brain in there head would know the Confederates did not start the war. We had a right to succeed.

  • TheyWantUsDivided

    WOW! Been watching some videos from Black Americans for the Rebel flag, who had ancestor who fought, & how history is being rewritten. Young Turks is Communist, and pushing- just as we are seeing by nearly all main stream & even hijackers of alternative media/ truth movement, like Alex Jones, (yes, the right has it to), who also pushes for revolution, civil unrest- for division, unrest, to cause civil war if not all out revolution.

    Anyone that pushes violence (directly, or indirectly) type language, attacks a specific (entire) group, uses emotion stirring language, quotes 2nd hand articles rather than direct quoting IN CONTEXT (always verify- the Pope is a great one, which comes to mind quickly, who is constantly misquoted; & the Vatican targeted as the enemy behind the NWO- thing is, the Vatican (size of barely 1/3rd of NY Central Park, and has NO military) has absolutely NO Voting power at the UN! They have no Veto, no nothing at the UN. Bill Gates has more power w/ the UN! It is redirection. If you stop, & think, see what the UN is pushing (evident by the identical agendas being seen through out the world)- pro-abortion, pro-LGBT, anti-family, anti-parental authority (even to homeschool), Pro-Contraception, Pro-Divorce, etc, etc.. Now, look at the Vatican, & the actual core teachings regarding these topics (easy to do, as it is available at the Vatican website. Catechism is a great source)- Anti-abortion, Pro-Family, Pro-Parental rights seen as not just a right but an obligation/ responsibility, do not recognize divorce, only 2 genders determined by science not subjective thought, anti-eugenics, etc, etc.. And, let's not forget, (they haven't), it was Pope JPII that was the driving cause for the Iron curtain of the USSR to fall, and w/o a single shot fired..

    We all know emotions are easily manipulated and can blind us from truth, anger is very easily manipulated and blinding… We have logic and reason… We NEED to use it!

  • First last

    Do these dumbasses know that lincoln started the war? oh wait they're liberals and don't use facts, fuck i forgot about that

  • Michael D

    I hope everyone would crack open a book at a library of your choice and truly search out the truth. Do not look to your school history books they do not begin to tell the story of that war. To say these men on either side fought for or against slavery is plain lack of knowledge of the RACISM that was in north, south, east , and west. Heres a little food for thought  right before the beginning of the war there were 185.000 free black men and women who were not allowed to cross into the north. Now get this they had all the documents that showed the were free men. yet time after time were not allowed to passage to the North or West. This is was what the North called N.M.B.Y. which was short for Not In My Back . I will always take the time to educate myself over the propaganda that is so readily shoveled out by so called experts. Good luck

  • Eileen the Crow

    The war was not fought over slavery. Seriously why can't people research history. The narrative has gradually been changed over the decades to make the north look like heroes that wanted to give equal rights to all. But that's bs.

    Less than 4% of southerners owned slaves. The North continued to own slaves after the war and had them before too.

    In fact no southern ships ever brought slaves to America. Fact. The northern ships bearing the US flag bought the slaves from other Africans and brought them to be distributed and auctioned all over the country.

    The South tried to peacefully withdraw from the union, for economic reasons. The southern states were bankrolling the federal government yet getting little representation. By Lincoln's own admission, the war had to occur because they needed the tax revenue.

    Many southerners land was invaded by the North as they attacked towns and destroyed property of free black and white men. They rebelled to defend their homeland in many cases, leading many people to call it the "War of Northern Aggression".

    Far more free black men fought and died for the South than have been killed by idiots like Dylan roof or kkk members (who btw quite often flew the US flag, not the battle flag).

  • The C Factor

    Its bullshit with the comparison to  confederate flag to the Nazi flag is bullshit. The America flag, south African apartheid flag, KKK flag islmamic flag. Have all done more harm to the black men and women then segregation and jim crown and the failed confederate

  • tyler davis

    How can any one be this ignorant the civil war wasn't fought over slavery. It was fought over civil rights and it show respect to the fallen soldiers.

  • Storms and Saugeye

    To be fair.
    And keep in mind, I have zero stake in this since my family came over a long while later.
    The confederate flag was high jacked by the kkk in the late 1950's as a result of Wallace making the idiotic decision to oppose desegregation. Up until that point, after its formal end as a confederate battle flag, it represented the confederate dead and their history. You often saw the flag at memorials and in the homes of family of the confederate dead. As such, its symbolism had come to represent the culture of the south as a whole. All parts of it were represented, not just the idiotic separate but equal policies. If you asked any southerner about what that flag meant, they would have outright told you it meant home, family, and their particular culture. It is well documented that the KKK used their own flags up until the 50's and 60's. This can even be seen in archival footage of kkk rallies.
    A fair argument can in fact be made, that the confederate battle flag can be re-appropriated and given its own meaning. Since the 1960's, this certainly is the case for the current south. To the vast majority of people, the flag has been re-appropriated to mean the culture of the south as it currently stands. That is love of country, love of home, and love of neighbors.
    We talk about it as being a symbol and how that has power. But the fact is that we as a whole have the power to take a symbol and turn it into something better or worse.
    That's all I have to say. We like to simply say "Oh the flag is racist" and call it that, but the fact of the matter is that the flag is only racist if we allow it to be. The symbol of nazisim for example, is simply a buddhist symbol. It was re-appropriated by the Nazis and turned into a symbol of hatred. However, the swastika itself is still dominant in asian cultures. Are they then anti-semetic because of the use of the symbol? No. Banning something doesn't change its symbolism. But forcing a narrative, then silencing the ability of others to speak up and offer different takes is deplorable. I am reminded of V's shadow gallery from the movie V for vendetta. All of his affects are objectionable materials that were banned and phased out of existence. He did so because he felt that we should have the right to express ourselves freely.
    I stand by that belief myself. Freedom of speech and freedom of expression. I'm liberal but I agree with the young man.
    (Oh, also I'm buddhist. Just gonna head off the misconception that I have a religious stake in the matter too)

  • thetruth

    This is enemy flag why would anyone want anything to do with it its like flying the British flag or Spanish flag or French flag no revolution flag fly's any country after we defeat them. Its wrong and it symbolizes the war to keep Slavery and that makes it more wrong!!

  • Tom Lahey

    I suppose we should also "Hate" the American flag too just because some white hillbilly Klansmen used it on their bed sheets uniform. Wake up folks! Blame the people, not a symbol.


    Another bullshit propaganda video hating on the South.

    Live and let live is something these liberals should learn the meaning of.

    Or hey a lot of people feel insulted by the Pride flag (Rainbow flag) why not also remove that flag?

    And the amerindians have NOTHING but bad memories of the USA flag?

  • Luke Roman

    No matter what the cause-you still have to respect the Confederacy's taking on the Federal Government.

    I believe the United States should not be a nation as we know it today.

    I am for breaking this country up into at least 5 independent nations.

    Having one unified government for such a large territory is a horrible idea.

  • kharn the betrayer O

    The right wing was the republican party they were the ones that fought the confederacy which was democrat lol what

  • Austin Kruse

    I love the fact that I can fly my flag and piss off brainwashed liberals this way. I feel so in control! #heritagenothate All's I know is my flag ain't comin down ever😘

  • J S

    That dude does not know the true meaning of the confederate flag. Media has tainted its true meaning, and now is viewed as racist more than southern pride

  • Robert Faller

    Whats racist is saying a man can't fly his confederate flag bcause he's black. I don't care who you are or what you look like, in order for me to have anything against you, you would have to do something bad against me, my family, or my country, and that's from a union supporter who still likes and holds on to the confederate flag because it means to me standing up for your family, your home and your honor

  • Mundane TV

    WoW I unsubbed. You guys really dont know shit about the civil war if you think it was about slavery and racism. And to compare the Confederate flag to the Nazi flag just show's how much of brainless brainwashed Left-Wing Idoits you guys are!

  • Grigoris Karelis

    Frangly I have the sense that Django Unchained came to existance as a response to black confederates gone viral on social media -because of depiction of David, Di Kaprio's mistress or the fact that it was seen as somewhat normal when Django was presented as a slave trader.

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