Brazil Wins Confederations Cup Vs Spain
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Brazil Wins Confederations Cup Vs Spain

too i just was locked out here in the
oval study culver city california or some of you don’t eat much yet as i’m a
little later this patty however my best to target invoice not a
kind of study on at least at home in about two seventy thousand plus people
earning friended you guys so many people and well based on their home country a
brazil absolutely kicked this ship out a steinway three nothing they went ahead tuna a one nothing now be basel they would not definitely basel there
one of one of the after fred’s for the second minute and they swore right for
half-time name are short on night powerful left footed shot actually
fuckin roof did pastime you couldn’t see s and then fred scored again in the second half now there were their
word to use plays that really shifted this game at least took two goals away from st the first one is the flavor ices
tracking in the most da camera qua uh… david louise made one of the most
fantastic goal saves the whole aligned clearances there it is other your have received so that was absolute robbery aziz
lehtinen avoid assay vehicle does sakin sergio rommel steaks a penalty after
uh… nine pedro was taken down in a box sydney his statement bucks and well uh… surgery on the steps of six
penalty but it really quickly and i know that
this is uh… maybe not the best comment for certiorari if you are the managers bang do you really put sergio travels up
there to take the penalty and maybe just the c_s_ before it use
rumbles uh… they put upsurge in a row most uh… misses the target completely going
way uh… why it left of the post so uh… with that being said uh… brazil beats being three nothing abuse that’s
very has firstly other has been never been a country who has won the confederation scout and gone on to win the world cup next
year just sayin for all the brazilian fans don’t be too op under the guise
autologous brazil’s politically you work in that area since cup you haven’t won the world cup the most
important one and no team has ever done that after we need to get better reasons
cup do you think resulted when it leave it on the comments i say they are in the last two world cups they have been eliminated in the court
finals and spain has now lost a game for about
two years uh… unbeaten in twenty six games i
believe is the number twenty nine games at three year win streak pretty incredible stuff for fred is fickle and five matches for name are
the player the term it is fourth goal of journey for brad zeal this is the third straight
confederation scott zero losses in fifty seven consecutive
home matches and the world ranking was at least
twenty-two going into the federation’s cup now i assume it will be much better
somalia so you guys it running on twitter helium edge a main street ever
surrounded in spain in played a level that they’re used to on all of this adds
more drama for the world cup aspect missing all right let’s find jerry meyer to
divers from spain played poorly again and cost on the title razia played
amazing va paula deserved the win alright well but jelly the intern whichever summit really again by the
brazilian the seller ever back brad has stated that with the brace five goals and robbed of a golden boot deal with million underscores preservers from go ahead and ignore all
that crap i said about name are bela rate in coming up small verbs l
apparently i don’t know ship you know the funny thing is anne the we did it pyaw lool kevin told reid ever found
spain’s engines are dying of course people will pull the home till the
matter’s car but i think there’s a large egg in their place low but that necessarily and all the people including the u_n_
and i’m not virginian i i’m not trying to terry uh… new one understand to say that spain are falling off the
wagon and uh… oh my gosh so overrated how can we possibly save it’s me it’s one loss prior to dispatch they had lost in and
what seems like eighteen years come down with the holes of spain this
shit now they’re not deduct the fucking final are
we continue uh… diagnosed read everson looks like
the brazil although a lot of good performance by the host and daily football about says people
were saying it would be a different story uh… played outside of rizzo the
reality is the world cup well the album is ill as a good point uh… ted’s allah says i don’t know why
people are starting to think this makes the than the best team in the world is
always a pleasure me personally favor david a roscoe george evers from brazil
wins twenty fourteen world cup i was i got ahead of ourselves really quickly
here david i love you appreciate the support let’s not get ahead of ourselves on
saying that this is a chronic brazil uh… d_-twenty fourteen world cup
champions and saying that’s being patient i want to have a volume we’ve got to come in such a globe given
the thumbs up debbie awesome shiva depends most importantly do me a favor
to as a favor help us grow it’s a strategy


  • DavidMrKidcolombia

    There is still a year left and many teams can improve for today to a year we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves and crown anyone champions

  • Carlos Aldana

    I personally thought this game felt kinda rigged…but still Brazil did play better so deserved it more…so many fouls not called though lol

  • MAPBill

    Fred goaling while facing the grass was priceless!

    Felipão is DEFINITELY doing a great job on making the Seleção Canarinho stellar again!


    Spain has been exposed by Brazil and Italy on how to beat tika taka. I see Spain declining after this point.

    Argentina vs Italy in World Cup final

  • imaratspal

    Spain missing Xabi Alonso had a big effect on them. They missed that expansive passing and the more defensive midfield play. If they have Xabi Alonso it's a very different looking team I believe so don't anyone count Spain out. Also they have to do something about Arbeloa he played really bad.

    I think Brazil showed us in this tournament that they're going to be one of the favs to win it but don't jump the gun to pronounce them champs yet. Still one year left and a lot can change.

  • dannycapone24

    no need to laugh my brotha. mexico even though hasn't played very good lately. has a very good chance. very similar how Canelo alvarez will defeat the champ mayweather.

  • H8B7L

    4 years ago Spain lost against the USA in the Confed Cup and people were saying they are done.
    They didnt play well in the 2010 World Cup or the 2012 European Cup, but they still won.
    But they really need to change some things, mostly finding a replacement for Arbeloa.

  • Zamarioable

    Surprised César Azpilicueta is not ahead of Arbeloa, then again the right back birth has been Spain's weak link since Puyol departure of the national team and Sergio Ramos moved to centre back from right back.

  • NDRonin1401

    If you're looking for an outsider to win the WC, look at the Belgium team.
    We are set to at least repeat the result of Mexico 86, don't sleep on this little country, our players are stars in all major European competitions and our GK Courtois (Atletico) just happens to be the best in the world.

  • Zamarioable

    I thought the Spaniards looked knackered aka tired. They had 120 mins plus pens against the Italians and 2 days later they play Brazil.

  • AlpacaNYC

    Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup Final will be Argentina vs Brazil. Who do you go for? My vote's for Argentina, but either way, the Cup stays in America!

  • SirLinx

    Brazil is under new management Rick, this team that won the Confederations Cup were playing together for about a month, how long has Spain's team been playing together? Of course we can't just start saying we'll be world champions again, but we're certainly on our way and with a coach that knows his shit, our past two coaches for the world cup were terrible.

  • SirLinx

    that's on them, they should have taken care of Italy like Brazil did, they wouldn't have had to play an extra 30 minutes. And to be honest I didn't see any changes in their game, Brazil just shut them down from the start and not allowing them to play like they're used to.

  • Victor Siqueira

    how and what and Germany will win the World Cup. my brother you do not know Brazil and even here parents of football in Europe then you need 5-7 years to build a team, and you think you are good to play, by chance you do not remember Cup 2002 you lost in the final with that dwarf the goalkeeper oliver khan right. prepares.

  • Pär Sekut

    Favourites to win the WC: Spain, Germany, Belgium

    The three countries that garnered the most points for FIFA rankings in 2013.

    Brazil isn't going to do anything. I'm calling it now, they'll be out after round 2. It would be poetic justice if Belgium won the WC in Brazil, considering how Brazil stole their previous WC (2002) with the help of a conveniently retarded referee.


    i guess we are going to win the WC too.. everything is possible when brazil is playing at home. Even though knowning that we are not favourites..

  • Suiram82

    I don't think Spain wanted this nearly as much as Brazil did, for obvious reasons. The World Cup will be completely different.


    brazil won the confederations cup because there are many players in the brazilian championship looking for a place in our team.. half of the brazilians desagree about the players in the team;; there are best players and etc;; just saying

  • Lionel Messi

    david silva(a left footed iniesta) is not fit this year..xabi alonso is missing which has a great tandem with busquets which resulted clean sheets for almost every match of spain plus watch out for growing isco and alcantara…
    WATCH OUT people spain's gonna repeat WC

  • Oberyn Martell

    The reason Spain has been so successful is that most teams give them to much respect and space to play their tiki taka style. Teams need to unsettle them by being more aggressive and hit them real fast on the counter. Nigeria tried it but were too inexperienced to finish the job. Bayern did the same to Barca, team that plays like Spain.

  • reneperezz

    Germany is the best now! Germany will beat Brasil in the final next year! Mesut Ozil will be the man of the match!

  • aptand

    Brazil did to Spain exactly what Bayern did to Barca in the CL. They didn't let them have the ball, they just ran them over. Now the world knows how to stop the tiki taka football. I don't think Spain will win another title if they don't change the way they play. Same with Barcelona in the CL.

  • TheYeller

    I was giving Germany the World Cup but after seeing the way Brazil played at home I'm not so sure now. Spain will get eliminated in the semi finals just saying.

  • Lucas Brands

    i dont think so. first way, without xabi alonso, spain lost much power in the middle. (have no spare)
    second: xavi and iniesta fell very production, age i suppose. marking pressure basically nullifies your technique. everyone know this now.
    so I bet in italy, germany and Brazil. classic teams and winners.

  • Paul

    I think that teams are starting to figure out how to beat tiki taka with high pressure. Bayern did it against barca and brazil did it against Spain

  • Carlos Garcia

    brazil the best forever, just see the game, Span dosen't have experience to win of Brazil, Germany, and Italy(some times). Everybody saying, Brazil finished, but it'll renew yours good players, so Spain never will to first place any more

  • salum75

    this one has potential to be better !,dont forgett that they are really young players still getting to know each other.
    wait for lucas rising up

  • John Maddin

    Spain didn't turn up, people are reading too much into this, they were also missing Alonso and frankly looked knackered but that's hardly surprising considering the season has just ended and this tournament is really a glorified set of friendlies !

  • Lionel Messi

    that's what i've said xabi alonso is missing.. yeah and i agree with you age factor for xavi..but just think of this, how good thiago and isco will be next year..

  • Jan Falzon

    Didn't Brazil also win the Confed. Cup in 2009? Some good it did them a year later in the 2010 World Cup…

  • Ewerton Luna

    "A 3 year win streak" and Brazil just broke that up.
    "and no team has ever done that after winning the confederations cup''.

    You see where Im going with this…

  • Frederico7 Music

    Brasil has not lost a game at home in over 50 years. we are hungry, we will play agressively on every cm of the pitch. Well, what am I doing here anyways… what can american sports commentators know about futebol? Remember: ***** (5 stars=respect).
    But in sports, there are no absolutes. One thing is right though: whoever beats Brasil will win the cup.

  • MarcioNSantos

    Brazil NEVER lost a competitive match for ANY European country in Brazilian land. Of course that it can change, anything can happen. But those guys will do everything to win. Nobody can beat that motivation… even if the players are not the best.
    The favorites to win the World Cup will be the same as always. Everybody can win… but a World Cup in South American  is going to be more difficult for European countries.

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