• AZsportshut

    There is no problem here…. I actually respect a judge who is for the constitution. Someone should tell these democrats its the constitutional way or the highway. Lol

  • S.W.W.

    Corrupt Clown and his useless constitution booklet!! I bet he has a new one in his office and home but this is the one he wants you to see him use as Its all ripped off as a sign of lots of use. Typical Republicunt stunt!

  • Liesbeth de Vries

    He is constantly organizing the desk. A must do to fight the anxiety? He may use the Constitution, but he is there for the wrong reasons. An absolute no go!

  • Alex Hamilton

    When you face a circus with democrat clowns trying to make political points for 2020 I'm sure those at the Washington Post would probably hold something else in their hand. At least this one seems to have been used a lot compared to the brand new one handed to Mr Khizr Khan at the Democrat Convention for show.

  • Fox-2.718

    First of all: The WaPo simply pointed out the amount of time he spent waving around the Constitution, without any bias in this reporting. Why dislike the video?
    Secondly: The fact that he has a Constitution on hand is not bad, it's that he's constantly waving it around as if to say "I have a Constitution and I've read it!!!" This should raise questions, because you'd think it would be a given that he had and he didn't need to be insecure about it, waving the Constituion around a lot. It shows an insecurity and raises suspicion; if he is qualified for the job, why wave something around in our faces to show it? There's no need to. It's like the kid on the school playground who always walks around with a book to brag about how smart they are, even if they don't even read the book. It's unnecessary, and that's why it's questionable.

  • Mark Mitch

    EXACTLY ! Kavanaugh can't stop referring to his copy of the constitution and Liberals cant stand it. For America hating National Socialist Democrat's that would scrap the constitution in a second they don't understand why someone would follow a document like the constitution., The only thing a mentally ill Liberal si concerned with is furthering the Progressive Marxist ideology no matter how they need to do it and using radical activist judges to do so is just fine. I live in Seattle and what they are doing to this once great city is disgusting and also illegal but they don't care and they even tell you to your face right after the burn a few flags that they don't care
    Liberalism is a mental disorder and we must find a cure

  • Blargenfladibblenohip !

    Of course the FAKE NEWS Washington Post would be mad at a Supreme Court pick holding the Constitution dear and always physically near.

  • Éamonn Síoċáin

    Kavanaugh doesn't understand Divided Powers. He supports an Imperial Presidency to whom Congress and the Judiciary should be subservient.

  • Art

    Where in that constitution does it say to discriminate and control the health of a gender based on personal religious ideals.
    As we all [should] know as well is that the constitution specifically lays out the law for Church and State.

  • MustBtrouble

    Say " hell nah" to kavannaugh! Some Dems still don't get it. they'll vote to confirm bc they abide by a partisan ethic that doesn't exist any longer. Minority has stolen this government & they mean to invite the theives back for dinner. Remember who those complicit are ,and don't vote them back.

  • Antonio Pall

    I wish that a republican will pull out the Bible instead of the Constitution. But those days are gone. We can't talk about that anymore. Or we would be labeled biggots.

  • Codamonday

    It Really Pisses me Off To hear these G.D. MORONS , ASKING This man who is Compared to Them A PROFESSOR EMERITUS, Speaking to These Primitive
    And STUPID Children, Asking him about girlish PUNK BULLSHIT , LIKE [ what is ] HATE SPEECH !!!!
    G. Damn'it Even What these Treacherous INSURRECTIONISTS Whine about IS CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED, As in earlier Supreme Court Decisions !!!
    GROW UP ALREADY AND QUIT INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE, Not To Mention His [ The Honorable ] Judge Brett Kavanaugh !

  • Codamonday

    If these Examiners Fail to Confirm this Supreme Court Candidate Based on Their Disapproval of the U.S. Constitution . Then they Have VIOLATED THEIR
    " OATH " TO The " United States Constitution " , AND AS SUCH ARE GUILTY OF TREASON !!!
    Legally & Constitutionally .
    NOT LATER / BUT NOW !!!!

  • Amanda Gardner

    ah his good old US Constitution as told by the GOP booklet, that explains a lot, or is it the Southern Baptists version of the US.Constitution?
    He must be the only judge whose memory is so bad he has to carry a pocket guide to the constitution in his pocket? WTF people.

  • Greg O'Grady

    Yeah, I can see why he drives liberals up the wall. Really inconvenient for them to have someone on the supreme court who likes to have the constitution on hand.

  • Greg K

    The constitution isn't written in stone. It can be amended, and the supreme court has reinterpreted its meaning. Like when it said corporations are people with a right to free speech. Or that there's no relation between a well organized militia and the right to bear arms.

  • A D

    Check out the Trump Train Twitter handle. Is it John Barron or David Dennison? If it is? That would be hilarious. Someone should check if the IP is from Trump's phone or White House.

  • Francisco Vizuete

    It is not a secret that Journalism used to be a honorable and very distinguished profession. Now days, it is owned by a herd of idiots who use their marionettes to mimic with junk "news?" a reality that doesn't belong to them…. anymore.

  • Ring Dave

    Catholic Child Sex Abuse in the USA, clearly demonstrates that Catholics do not follow US Law. Catholics consistently undermine the US Constitution.
    They protect the Criminal and Deny Justice to the Victim. Institutionalized, Organized, Repeated assault on the USA.
    Kavanaugh as a Catholic has a perverted sense of what Law is Supreme. He has Loyalty to the Constitution BUT he puts the Catholic Law first.
    As a Catholic he Attends Mass; thus supporting the Vatican, and paying pedophiles to Rape Children. He is part of the problem.
    Times have changed. Freedom of Religion does not Include unrelenting Rape of Children. 1940 yes; but previous victims are dead.
    Reality has been exposed, the Catholics have proven themselves to put the Church ahead of the Laws of the USA.
    Kavanaugh is not fit to be a judge, Catholics can not be trusted to follow US law.

  • KyzarKon

    Anyone that needs a reminder in their pocket about basic human rights and decency are the same type that need a ring to remind themselves that they're married. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Nils Telle

    His actions speak of hidden directions having to act by searching into his book interacts with poor knowledge of the American law,and when under pressure he reaches for water to hide his facial expressions,

  • Murad Pervez

    Income tax is u constitutional,(Can't be taxed on your labor) what are his thoughts on that? I'm actually starting to like this guy.

  • PN Houle

    The reason why Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh is because the Judge always has some tic tacs before he grabs America the pocket Constitution.

  • newton63100

    Well he has not shown that he cares about the Constitution at all. Only how he wants the words to mean to him. Forget about all the other rulings that have come down to a vote and established just what the words mean.

  • Michael Andersen

    He is holding on to the book of the Constitution just like a pedo priest is holding on to the bible. He couldn't care less about either book.

  • Luis Lomeli

    Abortion! Alert! Roe v. Wade in jeopardy! Patricia was an honor student who was involved in the arts and looked forward to a life she never had. She had told her boyfriend Jeff that she did not want a serious relationship because she wanted to focus on a career. He was 17-years-old; she was 16. One night during a date in a drive-in movie theater Jeff raped her; she became pregnant. It was difficult to contain her angst and despair. She desperately wanted to end her pregnancy. It was in 1970, two years before Roe v. Wade. She hated Jeff so much for what he had done to her that she never spoke to him again. In Lawndale where she lived and in back the back alleys of Compton, she desperately sought an illegal abortion. She tried to commit suicide by cutting her wrists; she almost required a blood transfusion. She thought of stabbing herself in the stomach or using a cloth hanger to get “that thing out of me.” When her pregnancy began to show, she had to tell her father and her not too friendly stepmother who was having an affair with their pastor. She was taken out of school and was sent to live with an aunt in Santa Barbara until she gave birth. She never returned to school. She began to work at a young age as a single mother. She had become a very close friend of mine. One night while lying in bed she began to cry uncontrollably because she remembered that when she was 5-years-old, she had been sexually molested by her father. When her father was in the Korean War, he was called home to take of her and her brother because their mother had abandoned them in a bar. One cold winter as a child, she lay in the snow where she hoped to fall asleep and die. Though she did a good job caring for her child, she never felt close to him; she almost always appeared distant to him and she managed him like an absent-minded robot. When her son was two-years-old, she gave him up for adoption to a doctor couple in Santa Barbara who readily took him because he was a handsome and smart white boy. The decision to give up her son impacted her severely and she never recovered from it. Thereafter, she had many relationships and eventually had one more child who I met as an adult; he is a great human being. After that, she became a drug addict, and like a raisin under the sun, she began to dry up and died. Had Roe V. Wade been the law of the land, Patricia would still be with us today sharing with us all of her talents and love she never had. (It is distressing to see that if Mr. Brett Kavanaugh, a known liar, might be selected for the Supreme Court; if so, it will be a great loss to a woman’s reproductive rights. He has been chosen to the supreme court by a man who thinks like a 6th grader and has never respected women but he knows that Kavanaugh might keep him out of jail or away from a subpoena or impeachment. Morally, it would be a criminal act for senators to vote for Kavanaugh and not women’s rights. For the uneducated, it should be known that God is the biggest abortionist there is through miscarriages when there are fetal defects. Why aren’t those that seek to deprive women of a natural right to choose attack the real God known to me? For, He (or She) is the biggest abortionist! And for those that consider themselves “pro-life,” do they have remorse for the million Muslims that were killed through “All Jesus” George W. Bush and his Christians in Iraq? Bush created ISIS with more massive killings of human life. How about the genocide that “Christianity” committed against the first Americans? It makes me think that some of these “pro-lifers” and Homophobics are dumber than dumber when I see that they actually believe in the fictional stories of Adam and Eve and the story of Noah’s Ark. A truly sacred book would not contain fiction or Lot’s story where his daughters got him drunk to rape him and become “pregnant by father.” A true God governs us but He (or She) is not in the Bible. God excludes neither creed nor those who have no creed, like many scientists and brilliant minds, like Einstein. I am one of the most educated physicians in the world in all medical fields. It is my view that President Trump is a sick man, demented, and that he should be removed from office as soon as possible before he starts the Third World War, causes an Atomic Catastrophic event or America ceases to be the world’s leader.) Alpha Omega 65 is the party of the True God that embraces the world and excludes no human because of his creed, color or culture. (If God can be a He or a She, what happens to Jesus? God is here with us. He is in control!) The time has come to do away with man-made religion that is trying to place Mr. Kavanaugh as a member of the Supreme Court to deny women their right to an abortion and to save Trump for allegedly colluding with the Russians and thus betraying our country. Is Putin in control of a branch of government? (Mahatma Gandhi: “I like your Christ but I do no like you Christians. Your Christians are so unlike Christ.”)(Never make a woman feel guilty because she once chose to have an abortion! It is her body!) May Patricia rest in peace?

  • Charles van der Hoog

    This guy Kavanaugh talks bullshit. The American Constitution is from 1776 and structured to fight the English King and guarantee all fugitives from Europe freedom so that they will fight for the newly formed state. If he would say that he would try to translate the Constitution of 1776 to the situations of 2018 onwards, he would talk more sense.

  • John Galt

    that is fantastic the He is constantly referring to the constitution. we need more justices who defend and depend on the US constitution to come to their decisions. we are after all a constitutional republic. not a democracy!

  • Miles North

    Soon "Time's Up" is going to take on an entirely different meaning. It's going to refer to not making the deadline on the last day abortions are legal.

    "Hi Jessica, I didn't make it to the abortion death clinic on time."
    "Don't beat yourself, Sally, Me Too. I overslept. "

  • taino63 taino

    This is how they do it, they tell about the constitution, they tell you i follow the constitution, i love the constitution and what they do went they got to the supreme they F<>$ everybody else with the constitution,especially this guy.

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