Brock Lesnar LOST Universal Title To Seth Rollins (WWE SummerSlam 2019 Review)
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Brock Lesnar LOST Universal Title To Seth Rollins (WWE SummerSlam 2019 Review)

Last night, the WWE took over the
Scotiabank Arena in Toronto,
Ontario, Canada, for their biggest
Brock Lesnar FORCED By Paul Heyman To LOSE Universal Title To Rollins?
(WWE SummerSlam 2019 Review) party of the summer: Summerslam. The 32nd annual show under the
name, the company certainly had
a lot to prove after months of falling attendances, but it seems
the fans in the sold out arena got
sent home happy thanks to an exciting, dramatic main event. The
rest of the show was hit and miss,
depending on your preference. One issue with the show, was that
it played things too safe, a real
issue for what is supposed to be the second biggest Pay Per View
of the year. Out of the total seven
title matches across the 12 bouts, only one title changed hands,
and that came in the main event of
the show. But without further delay, here is our review
of WWE Summerslam 2019. On the kick off show, Cruiserweight
Champion Drew Gulak hoped to
keep hold of the title he won at Extreme Rules, and did just that
with a decisive victory over
Oney Lorcan. Lorcan, who became number one
contender on the most recent
edition of 205 Live, didn’t get much time to get any of his offence in,
as Gulak used a distracted referee
to his advantage, punching Lorcan in the throat when the
official’s back was turned. With Lorcan dazed by the attack,
the 205 Live star was easy pick
ings for Gulak, who retained the gold with his Cyclone Crash
finisher for the 1, 2, 3. Next up on the kick off show, fans
saw Buddy Murphy take on Apollo
Crews, though the match was more about storytelling than
in-ring action. That’s not to say these two Super
stars can’t wrestle, far from it in
fact, but the match came to an abrupt end by the appearance of
Erick Rowan, who caused the
Australian star to get the win via disqualification. This attack stems from the most
recent edition of SmackDown
Live, when Murphy told an irate Roman Reigns that it was Rowan
responsible for the attack on the
Big Dog the week prior with a lighting rig, as well as recently
on RAW in a car accident. Exhausted from his match with
Crews, the former Cruiserweight
Champion was easy pickings for Rowan, who demolished the
Australian with a power bomb
into the ring post, telling the self- proclaimed best kept secret “keep
my name out of your mouth.” All of this was looked over by Daniel
Bryan, who watched the attack from
backstage, as it seems the quest to find out who really
attacked the Big Dog is far
from over. In the main event of the kick off
show, new WWE Women’s Tag
Team Champions Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss defended their gold
against former champions
The IIconics. A match added to the card just
hours before the kick off show
began, this rushed booking was echoed in the match, as the four
didn’t provide anything close to a
big match feel, thanks in part to some in ring sloppiness. Bliss, a known cosplay enthusiast,
wore an attire based on Toy Story
character Buzz Lightyear, but didn’t seem to have the same
intensity as the Star command
leader, picking up the win with a right hand and a Twisted
Bliss on Peyton Royce, whilst
Cross kept Billie Kay at at bay at ringside. The title change that occurred on
this week’s RAW was reportedly
meant to be at Summerslam, though given the reaction by the
fans in the Scotiabank Arena, it
seems the red brand’s Executive Director Paul Heyman made the
right call in moving the match. With the kick off show out of the
way, it was time for WWE Summer
slam to properly begin, and the company certainly gave fans a
huge opener with RAW Women’s
Champion Becky Lynch and Natalya. Meeting in a Submissions Match,
the two succeeded in getting the
crowd invested emotionally, a tough feat given the match that
had come before. Naturally, the Toronto crowd were
very pro-Natalya at the start,
though The Man was able to win them over during the contest. Applying Natalya’s own Sharpshooter,
Lynch definitely got a big reaction by
the crowd, which was turned up a notch when the Canadian
was able to lock in the champ’s own
Dis Arm Her to try and win the title. Able to lock in her own Sharp
shooter mere moments later,
Natalya nearly had the match Becky proved why she is the Man,
locking her opponent into the Dis
Arm Her for a tap out victory that certainly popped the crowd. In a surprising move by WWE, the
next match was one of their biggest
on the card, as WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg returned to
the ring to take on Dolph Ziggler. Arguably the most predictable
match on the show, the contest had
very little story going in, as the actual match was only made official
on this week’s RAW, despite the
company teasing a match between Ziggler and the Miz. Of course, the bigger story behind
this match is what happened at
Super Show Down, as Goldberg couldn’t help but show his age in
Jeddah, and was looking to wipe
the match with The Undertaker from the minds of the WWE
Universe. Before he was able to do so though,
Ziggler cut an obnoxious promo,
calling himself the best damn thing to happen to pro wrestling,
and was able to catch Goldberg
off guard with an early superkick that produced a two count. From there though, everything went
Goldberg’s way, as the former
Universal Champion squashed Ziggler with a stiff looking spear
and a jackhammer to get the win. Post match, things got even stranger,
as Ziggler would insult the man who
had just beaten him, disparaging the Hall of Famer’s
return to the company, but paid
for his insults with not one but two further beatdowns. If the WWE was hoping to erase
the memory of the match at Super
Show Down, then this is certainly the way to do it, it’s just a shame
that Ziggler’s character needed to
be demolished so badly for them Next on the show we saw United
States Championship action, as AJ
Styles defended the gold against the same man he beat for it at
Extreme Rules, Ricochet. Entering with the OC, Gallows and
Anderson by his side, Styles was
oozing confidence heading into his fourth Summerslam, though this
match did seem too similar to the
last time the pair met on Pay per view At Extreme Rules, Styles won the
gold thanks to the interference of
Gallows and Anderson, and despite this, Ricochet did nothing
to counter the two tag team stars
at ringside. To be fair, the match was definitely
one of the better contests of the
evening, as the Phenomenal One and Ricochet once again
deliver crisp, entertaining spots,
including the former NXT star using the OC to perform a hurricanrana. After a hot open though, the match
did cool down significantly, as it
seems fans in the arena got disinterested with what was
happening in the ring. Perhaps this is due to the amount
of times the pair have faced before,
as though the duo always fun, interesting matches, there’s only
so much the WWE Universe can take
before they get bored. What also hurt the match was that
it never felt like Ricochet had a
chance of winning, as he was essentially fighting three people
at once, all the while selling an
injured leg. Never taking command for an
extended period of time, no-one
believed the young Superstar was going to win the gold, and though
these two have delivered repeatedly
in the ring together, we think it’s time for Styles and Ricochet to
move on to other opponents. Up next we had the SmackDown
Women’s Championship on the
line as Champion Bayley was able to retain her title against
Ember Moon. Though it was good to see Moon
finally get a shot at gold on the
main roster, the match was sadly nothing special, as it felt like
another run of the mill match that
could’ve taken place during an episode of SmackDown instead
of the biggest party of the Summer. One main issue with this feud is
that Ember has never looked credible
in the run up to this match, as a fluke roll up win over Charlotte Flair
was what won her the number one
contendership, and that came only after Bayley had
distracted the Queen. The following week, Ember lost
clean to Alexa Bliss in tag team
action, and finished her journey to Summerslam by being locked
in the Sharpshooter by Natalya, and was only saved by her
opponent Bayley. With all of this negativity, it’s no
wonder why fans didn’t buy for
a second that Ember was going to win, and the match was
as regular as you can get, a real
shame given the talent of the two women involved. Speaking of matches fans
predicted well in advance, up
next we had Kevin Owens taking on Shane McMahon,
in the culmination of an epic
feud. After months of attacking Shane
O’Mac, Owens promised to quit
WWE if he lost the match, so the Best in the World stacked
the deck in his favour. With Elias serving as ringside
enforcer, things were clearly in
Shane’s favour, and what followed was some
rather predictable booking
practices that have been used throughout
the years. During the match, Owens fought
off constant interference from the
outside, and was nearly counted out on multiple occasions. When Owens ducked a McMahon
fist that instead hit Elias, it seemed
the former Universal Champion had things won, hitting
a frog splash on the Boss, that
would’ve been the end, if Elias hadn’t pulled the ref from the ring. A running senton was able to take
out a referee and Elias for good,
though when the former came to, the official saw the Canadian
with a steel chair. Taking the chair away, this didn’t
stop the Prize fighter from fighting
dirty, as kicking McMahon Low with the ref’s back turned allowed
Owens to get the Stunner for
the win. An entertaining match for sure,
but we can’t help but wonder
what’s next for Shane McMahon? Even though he lost, Shane’s
career was never on the line,
and given his last name, the son of the Chairman can go
wherever he pleases. It seems
with his win, Owens just earned the opportunity
to have to deal with Shane’s antics
a little longer. Though Kevin Owens was able to
avoid his career coming to an end,
Trish Stratus didn’t have the same outcome, as win lose or draw,
the Canadian promised to hang
up her wrestling boots for good after her match with Charlotte Flair. With this bombshell announcement,
the match had a huge emotional
story behind it, and though it was her final match ever, the 43 year
old mother of two bought her A game
to the Scotiabank Arena. Though it’s been many years since
Stratus wrestled full time in WWE,
Trish held her own against Flair, as the match became a symbolic
passing of the torch, much like the
WrestleMania 18 match between Hulk Hogan and The Rock,
that happened in the same city. A slow burner from the start, the
match gradually increased in intensity
as Trish’s fighting spirit kept the heel Charlotte in a foul mood. Applying more pressure to the Hall
of Famer, Stratus was able to
withstand an onslaught by the Queen, as the pair used counters
and counter-counters to tell an
even matchup. Eventually, it was Flair who got the
win via submission, and though
the match wasn’t perfect, with Corey Graves pointing out Stratus’s
shoulders on the mat when Trish
locked in the figure eight, these slight errors didn’t diminish the
story that was told. Arguably the match of the night,
Trish proved why she has been
considered the greatest female WWE Superstar for so long, whilst
Flair showed just why she is well
on her way to taking that accolade from the master of
Stratusfaction. After such an epic and emotional
contest, it seemed the fans needed
a cool down match and definitely got one when WWE
Champion Kofi Kingston defended
his title against Randy Orton. Though the story before the match
had been great, with many real life
issues between the two playing into the narrative, none of
that could help what was essentially
a dud of a match that ended in a double count out finish. After a lacklustre 16 minutes, the
match came to a sad end when
Orton trash talked with Kofi’s kids at ringside, causing the New Day
star to retaliate with an attack on
the outside, causing the countout draw. If this finish seems familiar, that’s
because the same tactic was used
at last year’s Summerslam between then WWE Champion AJ
Styles and Samoa Joe, and the
fans last night clearly didn’t care for the repeat. Orton’s actions against his family
caused Kofi to snap, and though
Kingston battering Orton with a Kendo Stick should have caused
some kind of reaction, it didn’t as
the fans were still bitter about the ridiculous finish to what had been
an underwhelming title match. Though that match had been a dud,
the WWE Universe in the Scotiabank
Arena certainly came alive for the next match between Bray
Wyatt and Finn Balor. From the start, the returning Wyatt
had fans hooked, with a remixed
Broken Out of Love serenading the Fiend to the ring, with the
imagery of Wyatt’s own severed
head definitely adding to the to the creep factor. Once the match started, things
got even better, as the new more
demented Wyatt dominated Balor for the majority of the contest. Though Balor got some offence in
near the end, it was clear that he
was no match for the Fiend, as WWE have pulled out an incredible
transformation for a Superstar fans
have wanted to see succeed for years. With 11 matches down, it was finally
time for the Main event of the show,
as Universal Champion Brock Lesnar put his title on the line
against the man who he took the
gold from: Seth Rollins. Despite what has been a pretty plain
build which has seen Rollins get
demolished on a weekly basis, the two put out a better match than
anyone expected, as the Architect
won the adoration of a crowd which have been lukewarm
to him in recent weeks. Nursing a rib injury early in the match,
Rollins overcome an early beating
and plethora of Suplexes to work his way back into the match
with a surprisingly motivated Beast. The spot of the match, and indeed
the night came during the middle
of this contest, as a leap from the top rope saw Seth hit a frog
splash onto Lesnar, through an
announce table. Though Rollins would hit a second
frog splash in the ring, this didn’t
stop Brock from getting Seth in position for the F5, though the
Architect was able to counter into
a superkick and his second curb stomp of the night to get the win. Slaying the Beast for the second
time in four months, Rollins didn’t
have to use a low blow like his first win at WrestleMania, but
instead it was the Architect’s
tactics and skill that won him the day, and his second reign
as WWE Universal Champion. So what can we take away from
WWE Summerslam 2019? Well,
what started out to be an average, watchable night of wrestling ended
up becoming one of the best
shows of the year. Major props have to go for the
Fiend’s debut, as well as the
performances of Charlotte and Stratus, as well as the Universal
title main event. The show did have it’s flaws though,
as many matches felt way too
predictable, especially the US and SmackDown Women’s title matches,
but on the whole, Summerslam was
clearly a huge success for the company, a success that
it’s clear WWE needed. Well guys , that’s the news for today
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  • john carpenter

    if u are gonna give a "legend" a big payday at SummerSlam, then give it to the Undertaker… Not Bill fucking Goldberg!!! I've never been able to understand why he has been pushed over the moon since his debut years ago, yea he is big, but he is a horrible wrestler, and entertainer, and has no charisma at all! Ive just never been a fan personally… Shitty matches year after year!!

  • Danny Lard

    Oh please, everybody knows or should know WWE is a scripted program. WWE knows who is going to win every match. If you go to a football games or NASCAR race and they already know who is going win, why waste your money and time buying a ticket and going? I admit the wrestlers are in very great shape and do some amazing feats let's face it, it is all scripted as I also think Football, Basketball, NASCAR and so many more PRO SPORTS show are, it is all about the money on who is going to win… So much of the world is so fake anymore, so just watch and be entertained, they will be laughing at you all the way to the bank… SUCKER!!! The hardest part of watching Summerslam was staying awake.

  • gamer dragon

    Umm what's the point of your video if you didn't say anything about the title of your video ??? 🤔🤔🤔. Why didn't you just name your video my summerslam review instead of clickbaiting your subscribers dude

  • Brian Carpenter

    Anyone else notice Summerslam was booked like a reverse Wrestlemania? The opening match Becky Lynch keeps her Title… While the Main Event was Brocl Lesnar losing his title to Seth Rollins

  • Ron Edge

    Stratus has never been a good performer. Orton needs to be champ. Kofi is boring. Wyatt should continue to dominate and destroy.

  • E Leyenda

    Kofi sucks as champion i just think it's dumb no matter what smackdown needs like a wannabe chris benoit champ or someone who is more deserving don't get me wrong kofi is great wrestler but not the looks of a true champ im pretty sure aew laughs about the kofi champion thing back then wwe when it was WWF it had true champions damn wwe is fuking up bad honestly impact wrestling has better champions material men who are like great tough looking people not some skinny funny looking weirdo like Kofi

  • Jimmy Burns

    Why did Brock Lesnar loose the title?? Its quite simple, no one wants to see a Universal Champion that is only a part timer of whom barely defends the belt.. Plus who can honestly say they like Brock Lesnar.. Put he title on someone that can make the tite prestige. Nuff said. WWE Fans are tired of having the Universal Title held captive and its time for a new face to represent WWE Raw

  • John Hornback

    Kinda liked Slat Rock, but I'm starting to notice like a lot of other wrestling pages, that you entice your viewers with BS to get views. Please get that under control.


    Stratus vs Flair was certainly not “ARGUABLY THE BEST MATCH OF NIGHT” … I don’t know what y’all was watching , but I saw hella botches and dangerous spots during that match

  • menchitty11

    Why didn't Shinsuke Nakamura defend his I-C Title on SummerSlam? And how come neither Tag Team titles defended as well?

  • Jonathan Uveges

    Ember moon ever won a number one Contender match. I distinctly remember Bailey calling out her own opponent for SummerSlam 2019.

  • xGRIM-_-REAPERx -

    Right call, I really hate this UFC Brock Lesnar hype, I miss the original Brock, the one who did Mat moves, reversals etc, now this Brock is the Zach gowen killer, Mr. Only suplex city

  • Raymond Furgison

    Positives: bailey retains – seth wins – bliss and cross retain negatives randy lost trish lost i think nat is under appreciated i think ziggler is under appreciated i like goldburg the rest is just filling as far as im concerned ive been a wrestling fan since the 60s but im glad i didnt bother watching i hope wwe solves its problems im gonna watch raw tonight

  • Matt G

    I don't get why they keep letting that douchebag have the title. There are plenty of other superstars that deserve a shot at it other than Brock and Seth

  • Brenda Morris

    Lorkin looks like Ceasaro. Bray Wyatt is so demonic. I feel so sorry for his new baby and his other kids. WTG SETH. You can take away Bray's demonic actions. Raw is on the down-side and will stay there. If Lesnar goes to SD, well another wrestling show ruined.

  • littlenel17

    Your videos are trash. You should be banned from YouTube for lying about your titles. Why was he forced to lose?!?!??

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    and why SET DIDNT BEAT THE HELL out LESNER when he beat LESNER and instead ALMOST CRY.. I mean LESNER ABUSED SET for about 2 weeks.
    LOOKING like be BROKE HIM in two PIECES… and SET DIDNT DO NOTHIn getting REVENGE which means there is going to be another SETH AND LESNER MATCH..

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    I think raw & smackdown need to end, they've earned their place in history, wwe needs a new injection, NXT maybe? being the next generation?

  • Citizen 5591214

    This PPV was billed as the 2nd best offering of the year, however without Lacey Evans, Alexa Bliss, Asuka and Mandy Rose and the match where Ziggler jobbed for the washed up hack Bill Goldberg, it quickly became the 2nd worst of the year.

  • Detective Justice

    I think this year summerslam is the worst one I don't ilke it one bit so boredom no matches make me interesting

  • Larry Wolf

    Bork Lazer is boring af. He has exactly 3 wrestling moves and one of them is "chair shot." His championships are boring, non-events where he doesn't even show up 99% of the time. Just the most boring championships ever.

    But if you think Heyman went against Lazer's wishes, you're crazy. Bork just wanted a vacation from carrying the belt around. Heyman isn't ever going against his meal ticket.

    And Ziggler is fucking wasted in this company. He'd be a heavyweight champion in more appreciative companies. (coughsAEWcoughs)



  • He's a Modernaire

    Bollocks: I think Heyman likely "suggested" it, and Vince approved. I do think Heyman is responsible for "suggesting" that the influx of new, young, under & poorly utilized stars should get more screen time. Lastly, did anyone notice that the dreaded "s-word" was said on Raw last night. No, not shit, the s-word that Vince finds abhorrent on his programming: Sport. Wrestling was referred to as a sport on the WWE's flagship show. I'd bet half of my next paycheck that Heyman is solely responsible for that one.

  • Cosmic Jester72

    FORCED? Ya real force…WWE Writers to Brock..Tonight you lose the title… Brock to writers…OK..Whatever you guys want just pay me my money..I work for you in this SCRIPTED world

  • Thomas Rondon

    Once again we have a new boring scumbag champion. Why can't he get injured again, that would be music to my ears. Oh well, one can only hope. Lol

  • OleeoleeOO

    Hate hate hate goldberg. Stay retired you washed up non wrestler. Well well that's about as cranky I've been in years.😕

  • Mark Montenaro

    Are we supposed to believe that the beating brock put on Rollins meant nothing? ? … can we get professional wrestling for adults and not children? … AEW , here is come.

  • Doranza Arkham Menace

    This just doesn't make any f*cking sense how can Brock lose to someone like Seth Rollins Brock is way bigger than Seth and Seth was f*cking injured.

  • Carlos Alverio

    I would love to see Amber moon win the women’s title she definitely got skills in the ring and deserved to have the title just saying I don’t think Bailey is as good as Amber

  • James Hurley

    Just wasn't feeling it….been a fan for over 40yrs but i sadly have to say wrestling is done…horrible storylines poor sells and just lackluster showmanship overall seem to be a trend…things probably won't change till another horrible accident or injury, then i expect it to get worse…will aew be the light at the end of the tunnel? Im not holding my breath on that one either but i can dream….sigh…

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