CAB 2019 | Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019 | Assam Protests
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CAB 2019 | Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019 | Assam Protests

Hey every body this is Priya and you are watching Finology Legal In today’s video we will get know about the Citizenship Amendment Bill what kind of problem this bill is going to solve ? What changes will it bring? And very important that what problems people are having with this bill? All these we will get know about in today’s video And to know about this topic very well, we should know the meaning of these two important terms First is “Persecution” which simple meaning is to misbehave or doing violence or discriminating If one group is doing violence or discriminating on the other group it is called Persecution Persecution could be of many types such as religious persecution, Political persecution, and being rascit The second important term of this topic is “Immigrant” If any person leaves his country and starts living in other country permanently then he is an immigrant for that nation Next we will understand the relationship of India with the neighbour countries. Which is very interesting to know So this is India and its Neighbour countries Between 12th to 20th Century, due to religious persecution in Iran The Parsis of Iran migrated at a large scale towards India In 1947 partition happened between India and Pakistan due to which more than 1 crore people migrated to each other country And because of this Partition, The Bangladesh Freedom Movement between 1960-71 lakhs of bangladeshi people migrated to India because of this war for freedom After that in 1959-60 due China – Tibet war Tibet many Tibetians migrated to India And due to Soviet – Afghan war and religious persecution over there Afghans also migrated to India Like this only in between 1980-2000 due to Sri Lanka Civil War, Sri Lankan Tamils came here And during 2015-17, The Rohingyas of Myanmar migrated to India According to the sensus report of 2001 a huge amount of migrants in India are from Banladesh and pakistan The issue of Citizenship in India is discussed in two places- in Constituion of India and Citizenship of India Act, 1955 Constitution says that who will be the proper Indian Citizens in 1950, So the provision of the Constitution was helpful for our grand parents and fore fathers But the provisions after 1950 like who will called as Indian Citizen after 1950 How today any can be Indian Citizen or in coming days how any will able to acquire Indian citizenship? All these things are discussed in Indian Citizenship Act 1955 Now let us see what is the main purpose of this Bill This bill wants to change the way of acquring citizenship according to the act so how ? Firstly by changing the definition of illegal immigrant Till now the Illegal immigrant defined in this Act as If any person who comes to India for living without having valid passport or having fraud documents Or he has exceeded the permission limit of staying in India In that case that person will be called as illegal immigrant and he will be forced to leave the country But this bill changes the whole definition of this act And it says that before 31st December 2014 any people who has came to India by any ways and if they are from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh and they belong to these 6 communities- Hindus, Sikhs,Buddhists,Jains, Parsis, Christians So now these peoples will not called as illegal immigrants So according to the act people who were called as illegal immigrants, bill amends that thing and all these people who came from these 3 countries will not be an illegal immigrant Second big change is coming in process of Acquiring citizenship Before it was like, if you are coming from Pakistan and willing to take Indian Citizenship So for that you have to spend 11 years in India or have to do any government service and after that you will get Indian Citizenship


  • sultan choudhary

    Bahut log Aise Hain Jinke Paas Koi evidence Nahin Hai Barsat Mein kharab ho chuka khaskar pu bihar walo pe to bilkul nahi h q ki waha jada barsat ho tihe badebohot aati he

  • Shahid

    I think it's totally bad and garbage decision to pass the citizenship amendment Bill 2019 it's not came the peace in the country it will be great discrimination with minorities.
    hata Indian RSS and shivsena party and bajrangi dal cut the Muslims in front of road and crowd the name of the Lord Rama then Amit shah time in oz to give the citizenship only 5 years living rules now it should be discussable how much my net is are disturb in Bangladesh by the majority Muslim to minority Hindus Buddhist and Christians Christians.
    it's totally fake news tu make the enemy to Hindus this news can be pilot our friendship relation with India.

  • Vijay Appaji

    The issue here is only with the Assam people. Assamese are afraid their culture will be considered minority. But India is burning not because they are with Assam, unfortunately false understanding is being spread based on religious grounds. Political drama is making the country into chaos. Helping refugees who deserve it is way more important i feel. It might be hard for Assam people, but their culture is not going to go anywhere. Worst thing that can happen to them is they might be considered minorities. I don't think that's a bigger problem than being persecuted by a huge group.
    Thank you for your fair and simple explanation on this issue Miss Priya!

  • bevini raja

    Hello can you please speak in English also because we are from south Hyd. Can't understand Hindi
    Your explanation is really well

  • mahendra deepankan

    Those who get citizenship by this bill should be relocated in different other states but not in assam to respect assam accord 1985.and i feel this decision to exclude muslims frm citizenship is bcz there number must be much much more than all 6 communities altogether…So dilution wud be easy if less population r involved.

  • no division cohesiveness

    Very informative, I would like to put one question for all. Who are going to accept these Muslims.Does Amit Shah has some understanding with Pakistan and other countries or just a dirty politics and creation of chaos.Furthermore what about many Indians who are non-believers?

  • Sukalp Pathak

    You explain the topic related terms as basics before explaining about topic with real life example. Basic terms and practical examples equal to thorough knowledge of topic. Thanks you reminded me of my physics school days. Unlimited li kes

  • Govind Kumar

    मेरा एक प्रश्न है कि फिर इससे हिन्दुतान के मुस्लिम समुदाय को क्यूं इतनी दिक्कत आ रही है?

  • Md Asif Nasim

    You forget to say in favour of CAB for Muslim religious.
    Hope you make advantage and disadvantage video for CAB including Muslim Religious

  • Subhankar Nag

    Mam one this I just want to know whether Autonomous District council will be effected due to implementation of CAB, as there is an Instrument of Accession already been signed in 1947 between GOI & Manikya Dynasty. Is it a violation of Art. 14. Here is a misconception in local tribes & other communities which is responsible of communal Percequation & group of communities taking advantage of this issue & spreading remorse & it spoil the peace in society.

  • Durgesh Kaushik

    I can't believe a girl can be that beautiful and that intelligent at the same time have not seen this kind of thing in a decade 😅

  • Aayush Kapoor

    i would say that this bill will not solve the problem from its root but somewhere it will be beneficial too to have this amendment as the people who were devoid of facilities and other priviliges will now be able to live a better life and for these peeps life will nomore be now as a refugee. But for the immigrants after 2014 it will be a major challenge as it might worsen their situation.


    Thanq Maaam…….
    I think government is doing corect… because it is highly impossible to deport lakhs of people.

    DOUBT ——-And can you tell me maam…If the bill got passed , is it possibe that countries will permit to leave their country and join with in india………..

  • Ishwar mallanagoudar

    But Bharat me jo aye hai voo Desh drohi kuch community Desh drohi Kam Karate hai kya voo log apni maa ke sat yesa Karate hai

  • Luqmanul hakeem

    Let me ask…if a muslim lives here in india from 1965 born and grown here…but he has no documents issued before 1955….will he be excluded or included?

  • Shivam Shukla

    Thats a great thing. showing facts. really appreciating n good job. i think art. 14 stands for right to equality refers to equality before law n equal protection of the law. this also further imply to that equal should be treated equally n unequally should be unequally if circumstances justify these treatment. since these minority community are procecuted in there respective countires which make them unequal hence muslims were not included as these counties have islam as state religion. so actually CAB is increasing its reach to procecuted minorities not taking anyones citizenship wheather they are muslims or hindu.

  • anuragiful

    1. भारत का विभाजन धर्म के आधार पर हुआ था, जिसमें से जो हिन्दू, बौद्ध, जैन, पारसी, ईसाई पाकिस्तान या बांग्लादेश की तरफ रह गए थे, उनको वास्तव में बहुत सी परेशानियां झेलनी पड़ी। मुस्लिम भाइयों के लिए तो दो देश हो गए थे परन्तु भारत एक सेक्यूलर देश रहा। जिसमें सभी धर्म के लोगो को समानता का अधिकार मिला। परन्तु हिन्दुओं के लिए कोई भी देश अलग से नहीं है। इस आधार पर देखा जाय तो इसमें इन 3 देशों के अल्पसंख्यकों के लिए हम एक अच्छा काम कर रहे हैं। वैसे भी वे कभी भारत का हिस्सा थे।
    रही बात दूसरे देश के मुस्लिमों को न बुलाने की तो उनके पास पहले से ही जब इतने देश हैं ही। फिर भारत में भी पहले से बहुतायत में हैं तो क्यों बुलाया जाए। हम भारत के मुस्लिम भाइयों को तो कुछ कह नहीं रहे।
    इस आधार पर मै का cab समर्थन करता हूं।

    1. दूसरे देश के लोग अपने यहां के जासूस को हिन्दू, बौद्ध, जैन, ईसाई, पारसी के रूप में भारत में भेज सकते हैं ताकि उनको यहां की नागरिकता मिल जाय और वे जासूसी कर सकें। तो सुरक्षा के लिए खतरा हो सकता है।

    2. अपनी संस्कृति व धरोहर की चिंता सब को होती है, होनी भी चाहिए। हम में से कोई भी ये नहीं चाहेगा कि कोई बाहरी व्यक्ति यहां आय और हम पर ही हावी हो जाय। जैसा कि आसाम में हुआ है।

  • damodaran nair

    With Taliban coming back to power in Afghanistan, you can expect more Hindus and Sikhs to come to India. Pakistani Hindus and Sikhs are also struggling to survive and under Imran Khan, they are unsafe than ever. India can now expect the entire Hindu and Sikh population to come as refugees to India within the next couple of years.
    India will have a serious socio economic problem developing and how our people will react to it is to be seen. Testing time for Modi and Amit Shah!

  • Salman Khan

    I am worried about how modi will deal with 2020 Khalistan referendum if he is going to use Same hand with Sikhs the Indian should ready for new Partitions more than one.

  • Piyush Gupta

    NCR me sabko illegal migrant bola, ab ussme 50% hindu hai issliye ab CAB…. Ye secular country ko Hindu country bana rahe hai…….. And btw, ye batao… India ke paas paise kidar hai, ye immigrants ko job resources de? And wo logo ka Kya hoga?

  • Sindu Nair

    India has always been a dumping yard fir the Muslim countries, the Muslims talk about toralence, but in their own land they are religious persecution.

  • Ayesha Safa

    Madam first look at article 14 of the Indian constitution , wouldn't think this law itself violating the article 14 of Indian constitution. Secondly india is a secular country , understand the preamble of India , clearly mentioned word " secular ". Personally I would suggest should accept everyone or should reject all , don't divide based on religion , just look on the other countries Which constitutions are based on religion economically weeker in the World. Should follow constitution first to get strongest nation in the World. Jai Hind

  • Mariya Hussaini

    Desh me log bhuke mre….. Inhe srf dharm ki mala japna aata hai koi dhang ki policy ni rhti bjp ki ….India ki economy itni girti ja rhi hai wo ni dikh rha B's Hindu Muslim krna hai inhe…agr aise log Gandhi ji ke time hote to desh kbhi aazad hi n ho pata .

  • lakshaysofficial

    Its ok from these three countries and from these 6 religion will get the membership of India but what about atheist..
    Or kya Afghanistani Muslims and Bangladeshi Muslims ko add nahi krna chahiye thaa or nahi krna chahiye thaa to kyu nahi krna chahiye thaa

  • lakshaysofficial

    And this short 5 year time period is quite little dangerous for our India
    And don't you think that this is the partition2.0

  • galaxy's 90

    You said everything right accept about exclude community why they are excluding 1 community . You better know about it because of hate . They want to genocide in India . This is very big plan about only 1. Community that’s Muslims they want do Muslims stateless inshallah it will not fulfill their dreams .

  • Prashanjit Roy

    I wish everyone explained their concepts properly as you did instead of blaming one another..☺️☺️ hope you continue with your beautiful presentation.. the situation is getting worse even after so much hard labour and government service😔

  • Roshan Kumar

    Wao wao wao what a video this is?
    The clarity of every aspect and concept is really really amazing and I do like your voice and technique to simplify such a complex topic
    Thanks 4your video and keep doing this I really appreciate your efforts .

  • natanam mungyak

    Before explaining about CAB. I think you should have study the case of Tripura. Where the Bangladeshi are rulling the native people of Tripura.
    CAB is very simple to explain. but in ground it has different story. What Indra Gandhi told the people of North East before bringing the Bangladeshi in North East. And what have happened.
    Jis ghar me aag lagi hai wohi janteh hai takrif kis kis form me ayega.

  • nadeem Usmani

    ma'am aapki video dekh k sari confusions door hogayi leki Delhi students ko kyu mara jaa raha hai….
    Media pae bharosa nahi kar sakte lekin shayad aap batade

  • Nikhil Kumaar

    1. They doing it for vote bank of Immigrants
    2. Promote Hindu Muslim divide again, which was almost solved thru Ayodhya Verdict
    3. Promote Terrorism and radicalism
    4. Screw up the basis of 42nd Amendment

  • Meherdip Dhokane

    hey Priya !! It was really good and distributed information about CAB/CAA ! My prospective about bill is still im not sure whether it is beneficial or not . but about protest it seem like only one community is against it ..but those in not favor are really need to watch your video once .

  • Akash Sharma

    Very well explained priya after seeing ur video my all doubts are clear…
    I want to know what is your view on this amendment bill ?? Whether all these demonstrations are correct or just a political ajenda

  • Amit Agrawal

    In that 19 lakh illegal immigrants, how many are from these six communities.i think major of them would be muslims as they came from Islamic countries bangla, myanmar.

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