Can robots take care of the elderly?
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Can robots take care of the elderly?

My seven love bill J. Yeah, she was agent one life she was It’s loneliness a big problem amongst your generation I mean you know they are because no one ever comes to visit. You know they they never seen that one you know and then They go down to town about once a week. That’s why we use I’m Shelby and I say life You know what about the idea of a robot for a companion? What’s that my little female? You haven’t drunk anything for two hours Hello papa hello We could do this forever oh no we could The elderly population is growing it’s a real problem, and there’s not enough young people to actually support those elderly population, so there’s this demographic time bomb Bill’s taking down, so I think that’s potential if we could get them to talk properly with us And it could be a great companion for people what else do you do the robot can appear in many ways to be empathic and be Helpful and it could well be they could form a relationship with empathic Robots, but of course the robot doesn’t form any relationship with them because it’s just a machine You


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