Centralized Power is the Problem, not the Solution
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Centralized Power is the Problem, not the Solution

Whenever you give government power to do something you like, you’re also giving your opponents the power to do the opposite. Sometimes people tell us we are missing opportunities to expand liberty by insisting on decentralization of power, and refusing to turn to Washington D.C. for solutions. They tell us that sometimes we need federal power to keep States from violating our rights. For instance, a lot of conservatives have put their faith in federal courts to protect our gun rights from strict state regulations. Others will point to successes, such as the Supreme Court decision that struck down Virginia’s ban on interracial marriages. Every once in a while, the feds do get something right, and we do see a small victory for liberty As the saying goes, it’s basically a broken clock. But the strategy of giving the federal government more power in the hopes that it will use it to protect your rights comes with great danger. The power you give it today can be used against you tomorrow. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that they will be able to control federal power by putting “good guys” in charge. Even though that never seems to happen, that might work for a while in theory. But at some point the other people are going to take control anyway. Former Libertarian Party presidential candidate Harry Browne summed it up perfectly: “Give good people the power to do good and that power eventually will be in the hands of bad people to do bad.” More power centralized in Washington D.C is always the problem. It’s never the solution, at least not in the long run.


  • chevy6299

    I dod not want the Feds telling States they have to honor other States Concealed Carry Permits, that scares me to death. Plus I should not need a permit to carry a gun of my choice.

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