CERNbot, a robot intervention
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CERNbot, a robot intervention

CERNbot is a novel robotics platform, which is not only the robot but the entire robotics framework. It can be customised according to the need This is mainly the biggest advantage that we get from this novel platform I work with ATRAP I’m responsible for the positron system for making antihydrogen. Positrons are useful for making antihydrogen because it is the small particle that orbits around the antiproton The radioactive source decays after about two-and-a-half years so every few years we need a new source We’re going to try to do this with a robot to reduce the radiation dose even further Robotics at CERN is not meant to replace human work but it is to prevent the exposure of humans to hazards During a short technical stop or an unexpected beam dump we can make preliminary visual inspection then we can intervene in a few hours in order to restore the beam in the machine as soon as possible There is already a preliminary study for the future accelerator in order to be robotics-accessible


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