• RonnieMai

    Silent Sam, I have not been into this dilemma, but why go through all the anger, hate, and drama about the removal of this statue? I don't mean to come off as non-caring, but life is short, uncertain and to be cherished. This issue is just another division of the devil- removing or remaining it is not going to change any hearts to love one another. In times like this, pray and give the situation over to God and He can/will do the good for all.

    Have you observed Texas and the lives thus far that are dead, troubled, and remain to be seen? You are blessed, don't waste time on a "graven image" which God warns against. Count your blessings, look at God's Grace & Mercy in the mirror everyday you awake and be thankful.

  • Brock Parker

    The UNC police dept. is a joke. The banner should be taken off the statue and anyone attempting to put it back up should be charged with vandalism. A barrier should be installed,anyone crossing should be charged with tresspassing. Any student protester charged with either offense should be expelled from the university and sent home to their mommie and daddy. Our universities are filled with worthless entitled pieces of shit.

  • lifeline52002

    Like to know when will these Extremist Left Wing Nuts Liberals Snowflakes Supremacist Democrats will demand that any Confederates Cemetery be remove and the Stature and the Graves and the Grave Markers all be remove and the bones of the dead be grind up and be put into the Sea .

    Yes I am sure this is around the corner because people hate History so much they want to have it wright in the way they want it and the hell with any one else and what they want.

    Like to know what did this Stature ever done to you except to remain us of a very dark pass in our History and a story is told on both side.

    What all the Battle Field , Confederates Statures will; have to come down because some Extremist Left Wing Nuts Liberals Snowflakes Supremacist Democrats will be not happy when they visit the battle field.

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