• Gr33nAv3ng3r

    My basic question is: why was the group there? So there's a party going on, in a public park…and you're driving around in your convoy…why stop at the park? Sometimes it is what it looks like…

  • LightBearer

    that's not the confederate flag. it's the flag of the confederate army that lead a failed coup d'etat after the 1860 elections.
    get your facts straight people,

  • kjones0261

    CNN spewing more "divide and conquer" propaganda.  Time to wake up people.  This is exactly what is expected when you trample on peoples rights and freedoms.  This is one purpose of the Charleston "shooting".  It's all propaganda and it's been going on for decades.  Get away from the TV and get away from the MSM.  It want take long before you start thinking for yourself again…….

  • Alexander Martinez

    Flashing guns waving a flag that symbolizes racism, calling them N word and threatening them all at a children's party isn't terrorism? Maybe not to you but in the eyes of the law it is.

  • Kevin Call

    Time Warner Inc owns CNN.
    Time Warner Inc is Hillary's 7th biggest financial supporter.
    CNN is posting all over that Hillary won the debate.
    CNN's own polls show that 81% of their viewers think Bernie won.
    CNN will not even post the results of their own poll.
    #FeelTheBern #BernieSanders2016 #DemDebate #CNNisCorrupt #ConfrontCNN

    1. C-SPAN: Sanders (7.2k) |Clinton (938)
    2. TIME: Sanders 60% | Clinton 12%
    3. CNN: Sanders 81% | Clinton 12%
    4. Drudge: Sanders 61% (126,448 votes) | Clinton 6.74% (13,925 votes)
    5. Dailykos: Sanders 59% (7,970 votes) | Clinton 34% (4,659 votes)
    6. Slate: Sanders 75% | Clinton 18%
    7. Syracuse: Sanders 78.11% (3,190 votes) | Clinton 15.77% (644 votes)
    8. Fox5: Sanders 77.35% (30,248) | Clinton 15.86% (6,204 votes)
    9. MSNBC: Sanders 81% | Clinton 12%
    10. Wishtv8: Sanders 77.65% | Clinton 13.15%
    11. Advocate: Sanders 77% | Clinton 19%
    12. Nationalreview: Sanders 558 votes | Clinton 39 votes
    13. 9news: Sanders 8.9k votes | Clinton 2.2k votes
    14. Wwnc: Sanders 78% | Clinton 15%
    15. Philadelphia.cbslocal: Sanders 81.03% | Clinton 14.56%
    16. Postonpolitics: Sanders 84% | Clinton 10%
    17. AJC: Sanders +225 -20 | Clinton +62 -108
    18. Controversialtimes: Sanders 84.42 | Clinton 10.39
    19. Tcpalm: Sanders 74% | Clinton 18%
    20. WRIC 8NEWS: Sanders 75% | Clinton 6%
    21. WGY: Sanders 68% | Clinton 12%

    All three focus groups declared Sanders the victor.

    1. Frank Luntz Focus Group: “The participants agreed overwhelmingly that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was the big winner at the first Democratic debate.”
    2. Fusion Focus Group: “Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was the most popular candidate among a group of young registered Democrats responding to Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas. The panel voted 8 to 3 for Sanders against the runner-up Hillary Clinton, with one panelist saying it was a tie between the two.”
    3. CNN Focus Group: “Majority of CNN Focus Group Think Sanders Won First Debate”

  • Steve

    I thought you said the flag was not a symbol of rascism, but rather a symbol of cultural identity……fucking lying dickwads!

  • Show Me What You Got

    That city is going to be sued into oblivion for this stupidity. We all know what really happened. The flag guys were at a location. The black lady had party next to that place. The blacks started attacking the flag guys and throwing rocks, because they stupidly feel entitled to do that. It escalated. The blacks shit their pants and called the police to make false charges.

  • - вайс

    мировое правительство (сионский кагал ) решили смешать белых с цветными во всех странах. отсюда все эти репрессии

  • Lord Of Allusion

    In all actuality, as a man who has not only lived in GA most of his life, but also all over the damn state, GA ia probably the least racist of the Southern States, at least at the economic levels CNN is reporting on.

    Douglasville, itself, is and has been filled with blacks and whites living side by side harmoniously for years. If this were a real racist story the white people would have been going after Latinos in GA.

  • cHRIsTINE ᴋ.

    Slavery has never ended. America is not free. There's no such thing as freedom of speech. Instead of talking about our terrorist treasonous murdering government, this is Much..more important "news"..to focus on..apparently..?

  • Shadow Viper Inc

    hey look, CNN is pushing more terrorist/flag bull shit…. i hope you guys see the pattern that is happening.. this is just more propaganda. one day these cnn bastards will get whats coming to them.

  • FaithwalkerTodd

    This better be a false flag event. I can't imagine such a case in real life. It's the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen in my life.

  • Rooster DC

    Save the word "terrorist" for the radicals the USA funded and let loose overseas.. Bs propaganda.. That's what's next people labeling unhappy Americans terrorist and removing their rights and silencing opposition

  • Cheezy Truth Seeker

    You people at CNN are some of the nastiest animals on this planet. You are scum in every sense of the word. Nothing has made me happier than to see this country waking up to your made up stories. You will no longer tell us how to think and feel!!!!

  • Devon Cottrell

    FUCK you CNN. This is propaganda in order to write laws that control everything about normal peoples lives. FUCK you CNN. People are aware of y'alls shit so cut it the fuck out. If you want to stop terrorism start by imprisoning all the bull shit politicians that CREATE terrorist attacks and fake ass shootings. Fuck you CNN. NONEOFTHEABOVE2016

  • Surely Serious

    A video put out by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a zionist organization that goes around labeling hate groups, while spreading hate to divide and conquer.

  • Starvin Marvin

    Wow, don't you like how they did that, mixing the flag with terroism. They have to create the idea of home grown terroism to pull off more false flags in the future. They also are trying to place fear into the hearts of the people, as they do with nearly every story. Expect more so called terrorist attacks in the future, gotta build up the police state to keep everyone in line.

  • Mike Frost


  • Obbaefun

    Some times we have to step back and see from a different angle what it is presented to us, in this case it is so obvious that any one can see even if is unaware of the manipulation of public opinion machine, commonly known as media, this is a good example of manufacturing consent from the group mentality and at the same time stirring attention from more important issues, however above all creating the condition necessary for a massive racial confrontations, where violence will be the motive for future laws.
    My brothers and sister stop falling for fear and anger fictional manufactured by this people, there is NOT a racial problem in USA, there are only little group of people and individuals that have racial problems, and even they are victims of the fear propaganda and behavior manipulation of the media.

    CNN we are not falling for your propaganda any more.

  • K Shwayzy

    And they say people do it to themselves, well if there wasn't so much of this propoganda bullshit maybe the sheep would actually be able to get their heads together and stop all of this nonsense.

  • Smoke dawg

    bahahahahaha charge who ? & who did the who HARM , INJURE ,BRING LOSS OR BREACH A CONTRACT WITH A FELLOW MAN/WOMAN, no1 u scumbag propaganda machine luv to divide & conquor but , just wait til more of my brothaz & sistaz wake up & start holdin them scumbagz liable for there actionz or inactionz & dont hold the title or postion liable u hold the man/woman actin as a cop,govt agent liable & this bullshit psyopsz will stop cause if a fellow man/woman orderz any1 to HARM,INJURE,BRING LOSS to a man/woman & the man/woman understandz how much power man/woman has over the servantz this shiiit will stop WAKE UP BROTHAZ & SISTAZ #STOPTHEPSYOPS #STOPTHETPP

  • 31leoceara

    Staged psyop. More bs from CIA and CNN to create black vs white conflict. Stop broadcasting these lies, CNN. It's getting uglier for you guys. Everyone knows your game by now.

  • Ricky Montena

    I really don't see how CNN thinks that this obtains to news. It's clearly a he said she said situation. If you feel threatened invoke mutual combat not scream like a five year old.

  • Efrain Amezcua

    I don't understand how people can get so upset over a flag. The confederate flag meant so much more than what people are constantly accusing it of. Having a confederate flag doesn't automatically make you racist.

  • General Hades

    In New Orleans they cant afford to pay firemen their pensions for the past 15 years but they propose to spent millions and millions on changing a few statutes that most of the black community was not even aware of …
    Funny the civil war was not even fought over slavery …
    Americans have become idiots , now we fight over history that didnt even happen as if it were fact !

  • Victor Doss

    Thank You god.
    I hope they all go to jail.. Bunch of cowards.
    You Whites need to wake the FUCK up.. THESE RACISTS would Kill… they've done it before that's why the treat was taken seriously !

  • Victor Doss



  • georgiaridgerunner 79

    cnn. you all some wrthless scum really you end this video with a picture of dylan roof… roof and his actions have nothing to do with this….

  • ZAM zam

    The confederate flag is now a symbol of TERORRIST ORGANIZATION as we can all see, but Americans are all for it, and see their fellow Americans die in groups.

  • Juan Masa

    Fuck the Confederate flag and anyone that stands by it
    Fuck Trump as well🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • MasterWooten

    Probably an old case if it went anywhere.  My main question for the DA is where was the "attack?"  I'm not saying that this was a zeit geist charge (it may be) but I'd be hard pressed to see anything that a jury could return a conviction for.

  • American Patriot!

    The reporter on this is just an instigator to make things worse than they really were. Just because somebody is throwing around some verbal language doesn't mean it's wore the interview on this as a piece of s***

  • frank franks

    That's right lock them up and send them back to the country of their ancestors. They can restart their confederacy there.

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