Children, Young Persons, and Their Families (Oranga Tamariki) Legislation Bill  – Committee Stage ..
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Children, Young Persons, and Their Families (Oranga Tamariki) Legislation Bill – Committee Stage ..

so here was the choice I call ronmark well it’s in some ways I almost walked out of here a few minutes ago because it’s a really interesting hearing a lot of people have got a lot to say very passionate about what they think about how children and care should be looked after and it’s very interesting to hear even the minister say that they paid a lot of attention to the Youth Advocacy that or the youth group that was there as an advisory group or surprised I am a foster child I still call myself a foster child I work with fostering kids and have done for years trying in some way to put back some of the things that I was privileged to gain from caring loving New Zealand parents who took me into their home because my family wouldn’t didn’t couldn’t should have listening to all the rhetoric I hear around here about the importance of papa nono had you say take your call take your call into your time maybe try listening to someone who is a foster kid who has gone through that who understands the dislocation all do I hear exactly what you’re saying and you’re politically correct patronizing overtones so get this it doesn’t matter what we all think about the parents rights the extended far knows rights the extended extended for Noah for knowing at Otunga that might be preached at a slowed and clear it actually only matters what’s right for that child and that might well cut right across some adult feelings and hurt them but that is tough tough because the only thing that matters is what’s right for the child I was fortunate unfortunate depending at which month which year of my foster care I want to look at and understand this my last set of foster parents were unofficial just took me in parkia Audrey and Alex Horne took me in because I had nowhere to live yeah I had barracks in the army but where did I go when I went home my foster parents had packed up and moved out I’ve been discharged from care at the age of 17 apparently an adult capable of living on my own well now you guys are saying or we should raise the age of criminal responsibility because I shouldn’t have been living on my own I should have been kidding well hell I did like tens of thousands of other foster kids like me and they took me in unofficially gave me a home why because they cared about me they loved them they weren’t Marty they couldn’t talk to me about fucka papa they couldn’t teach me Turia the only thing they could give me was love that was it and it’s interesting because when I joined the Labour Party one of the people who I admired was a chap by the name of norm cook norm only had one thing to say people don’t want for much they only want somewhere to live someone to love and somewhere to work and that’s the nub of this care of the child is paramount and I don’t actually give us stuff about the bleeding’s and the whinings of some extent of Furnari who may or may not visit them once in their lifetime because let me assure you many of my extended Furnari whom I live among now never visited me once not once not once did they make an attempt to find out where I was all my brothers and sisters not once did they come looking but the only thing they’ve got then you have got to criticize me for today is that I don’t speak to real the only thing they’ve got to criticize me is because I dare to argue back at them with a different view well my view is built on life experience and they gave it to me they gave it to me what else do I look what I look on it’s positive I look on five sets of foster parents who the state selected and who took me into their home the Duncans the Seymours the wilds the fields the Thor beds every one of them Parker now I could have been placed with the Marty family at the drop of the head of someone to step forward didn’t have I know from the connections I’ve managed to attain since I came to Parliament that I’ve got family who loved me dearly and who have taken me back into papa why taking me back into Hoonah New Year Ani taking me back into – aw D or D and now I know about my connections with 240 tor not euro Cola CRO ah a tour here and very very very proud of all of them and particularly in my uncle up in mahouka and my naughty pro family I have been able to learn that and pick it up and feel the love and the generosity of the speaker was Chet feel a loving the generosity post my care in a way that I will forever be grateful for and I will always cherish and I will be proud of it but in those days from three years to seventeen the only thing that really really really mattered was that someone would take me into their home give me a bed to sleep on a roof over my head three square well I wasn’t always 3 square meals a day but good meals regular meals and even if I had to go to school be a feat which I did they pay you to a primary underhill Chris didn’t matter I had weet-bix in the morning milk on that and when I had a cup lunch of my bag and when it got home someone took an interest in my homework I will forever be grateful and why do I give support to these foster families regardless of their race ethnicity the language they speak Muslim Jewish Christian Marty Park yeah the whole lot why because they care and I’ll be damned if I’ll sit in this house and have every foster parents slagged and bagged or the innuendo stop it there the innuendo that comes out are they all get abused they all get abused well help I got some hidings yes I did but overall when I finally got what I wished for that one visit back home and I ended up as a 15 year old in cannons Creek pub in potty Rua at 35 drivers Crescent and I saw firsthand what my life could have been I thank God for the Department of social warfare I thank God for the system we had I thank God for those foster parents who took me and cared for me and gave me a chance and I also thank God that people like Rick see me like auntie Liu 90 me he auntie Mary that even the coat that I battled a lot with oh good God forgive me listen she’s gone astray out of my head no workmen Kim workman Kim workman despite our different political views on the justice system out of things was the man who connected me back to Papa y aided and assisted by ran a white I and I thank God for them but let’s not lose sight of what’s important here we would have ended up supporting this bill Minister but for that little issue that we disagree on around the youth justice system and a couple of other tweaks that are when appropriately focused in our view on earphone our first sorry it’s about the child first the Honourable Nanaia Mahuta

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