China heavily criticizes Trump approving legislation that backs Hong Kong protesters
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China heavily criticizes Trump approving legislation that backs Hong Kong protesters

US president Trump signed legislation
aimed at protecting the rights of Hong Kong residents China responded with
anger and strongly criticized Washington for interfering in its internal affairs
Kim bo-gyung has the full story despite strong objections from Beijing president
Trump has decided to back Hong Kong Trump said in a statement that his
decision comes out of respect for president xi jinping China and the
people of Hong Kong in hopes of leaders of China and Hong Kong settling their
differences for peace and prosperity for all trumps approval comes just a week
after the US Senate and the House of Representatives passed a legislation
last week under the new law Washington who needs to certify
at least once a year that hong kong retains enough autonomy to qualify for
special us trading considerations the US could also play sanctions on officials
responsible for human rights violations in the chinese road city the new law
also bans exports absurd in military supplies which could be used against the
people of hong kong Trump’s decision sparked strong opposition from China the
Chinese foreign ministry released a statement on Thursday heavily
criticizing Trump’s move saying that Washington’s plot showing the sinister
intentions and hegemonic nature of the u.s. is doomed to fail Beijing
considered Trump’s move as interference with China’s internal affairs violating
international law and destroying not only one country two systems’ formula
China is firmly committed to but also Hong Kong’s stability the Hong Kong
liaison office also emphasized how the United States should not underestimate
China’s belief in the one country two systems policy and further added that
China will take firm countermeasures in response to the u.s. legislation Kim
bo-gyung arirang news


  • Kyle N.G.

    The "HK human right and democracy act" is a US internal policy. China has no authority to regulate US policy to others, visa or citizenship approval in US, and who assets to freeze in US. If China dont like US policy, dont do business with US, dont come to US, dont invest into US.

    So the China government should establish an internal policy (also apply to themselves and their family members) : dont buy any US products (specifically I phone), give up all the US citizenship, ban anyone from china come to US, and send all their assets from US back to China.

    China is angry because most of the rich and China government officials and their family members are living in US and hiding their assets in US.

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