China’s constitutional change may allow Xi Jinping to rule China almost indefinitely
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China’s constitutional change may allow Xi Jinping to rule China almost indefinitely

And to tell us more about this, Professor
Choo Jae-woo from Kyung Hee University joins us in the studio today. Good to be here. 1- So currently, China’s constitution says
the president and vice-president (QUOTE) “shall serve no more than two consecutive terms.” 2- Then why is China trying to remove
the constitutional restriction on the maximum number of terms the president and vice-president
can serve? 3- Analysts have been saying that removing
the two-term limit gives the strongest indication yet… that Chinese President Xi Jinping will stay in power almost indefinitely. 4- At last year’s Communist Party Congress,
Xi cemented his status as the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao Zedong in the 1970s,…
adding to the party constitution his name and a political theory attributed to him. 5- And
the congress is all but certain to pass the constitutional
amendment when it meets for its annual session on Monday,… during which it will also grant
Xi a second five-year term and appoint new ministers and other government officials. 6- There’s mixed reaction over this and some
are even saying that scrapping constitutional limit on serving more than two consecutive
terms as president could affect the country’s economy as well. What can we expect on this front? 7- How would China’s constitutional change affect the U.S,…. especially as trade tensions have been intensifying between
the U.S. and China recently? 8- Meanwhile, experts say that Xi’s concentration
of power represents a growing threat to *Taiwan’s efforts to maintain de facto independence,…
AND to the embattled democracy movement in the semi-autonomous region of Hong Kong. Tell us more about this. 9- So all eyes are on where politics in China
will be heading as Xi Jinping is likely to make China much more aggressive on the world
stage. What impact would such changes have on China
as well as other countries around the world? 10- How would all these potential changes
within China affect the Korean economy and national security? Thank you for your insight today professor. Thank you.

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