Chucky | Halloween Horror Nights | Universal Studios 2018
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Chucky | Halloween Horror Nights | Universal Studios 2018

What’s your name stooge Yeah you Kyle, oh how very millennial of you Kyle Hey Kyle, is that your girlfriend? no no you don’t have one hahahahaha Hey lady What your name yea, you Elmo Emily Henley Hey Henley that Kyle I now pronounce you Psychopath And Psychopath. Thank you and what you favored weapon of choice Kyle? So hard my hands Like when like you gotta be more specific than that kinda choked people do you punch them to death You just give them the middle finger until they drop dead hahahahaha does it really I find it rather ineffective right tell you what you use your finger I’ll use my knife Let’s see who wins that fight Hey Henley, do you like the fight? Tell you what, I got a fight for you. Why don’t you bend over put your head between your legs and fight for air? Where your from Henley? Your from England yeaaaahhhhh how long are you here? Two weeks wow, are you having a good time? Do you mind if I cut in? hahahaha Hey, what are you laughing at lady in the black top over here with the blonde hair you don’t even know my name What shouldn’t come closer lady I can’t hear you over there Get over here Don’t make me come after you I’m kinda stuck in a box here Hey, do you like to play with toys? I Got a whole factory full of psychotic toys for you to choose What’s your favorite toy lady? And let’s not mention the ones that are under your bed Oh really what you don’t have a husband Yeah, well you’re probably happier for it hahahahaha Who here is married make some noise if you’re married Working out for you, look at those glow-in-the-dark horns over there. Who’s horny? what you people are really sick, you know, I’ll just standing there staring at me We expect it you want to show? You want me to sing and dance for you? Oh, I don’t do that crap. I kill people matter of fact Who here likes to kill with a machete? Alright a couple of people like to go old-school. What about a kitchen knife? Alright lady that what I’m talking about who likes to use a shovel? The great thing is they’re all right chainsaw people If you don’t want to invite those people over for Thanksgiving dinner There will be nothing left for that Turkey Hey speaking of turkeys What about you lady? Get over here No, what’s your name? Nikki hi, Nick everybody say hi Nikki HI NIKKI!!!!! Come on okay, let’s be friends. What do you do for a living? Student Wow, who else you it’s a student Everybody seems to have like a little bit of a Down energy. Hey Students!!!! Wouldn’t you love to just kill the guy that owns your student loans Yeah, I could teach you how to do that. Hey when you just love to kill the kind of cuts you off in traffic That’s right, I’m looking at you I-4 highway But who here would love to just kill their boss Booyah just wants to kill in general. All right. Well, how about you join the cult of chucky? ADE DUE DAMBALLA give me the power I beg of you ADE DUE DAMBALLA ADE DUE DAMBALLA ADE DUE DAMBALLA hehehehehe Oh crap it didn’t close who design this thing Thank you for watching this video, if that video somehow put a smile on your face, then why not Give it a like. Hit the notification bell for future videos, but don’t forget to subscribe


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