Civics Project Podcast 1st Amendment
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Civics Project Podcast 1st Amendment

I think the 1st amendment is the most important
amendment of all the amendments. It protects a lot of things under it.
It states that Congress cannot establish a religion and can’t prohibit the practice of
a religion either. The 1st amendment also protects the freedom
of speech, of press, the right to assemble and to petition.
This means that you can say and write whatever you want as long it is not threatening or
harmful. You can also practice a religion without the
fear of being prosecuted of doing so. The 1st amendment also protects the right
to gather in groups as long as it’s peaceful, and to propose the government to do something.
There are examples where these freedoms and rights can be applied so that we are protected
under the 1st amendment. Let’s say that we discover the truth about
something bad like the discovery of “Pink Slime”.
It was brought into view some time ago. People written and said things about it that
are probably bad. This is where the freedom of speech and press
applies where we are allowed to say/write whatever we want.
People also practice their own religions. There are also people who don’t practice a
religion. People can’t make you practice a religion, or quit out of a religion just because
they said so. Congress also can’t make a religion and force
people to be apart of it. That is also what the 1st amendment protects
where Congress shall have no law respecting an establishment of a religion, or prohibiting
the free exercise thereof. So the 1st amendment is what I feel is the
most important amendment. Though, this is just an opinion.
You may have different opinions about different amendments than I do.
But, then again, this is my opinion. So, I think that the 1st amendment is the
most important.


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