Cleveland City Council to vote on cyber security legislation after airport incident
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Cleveland City Council to vote on cyber security legislation after airport incident

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the council may protest to
recognizing what we do in the
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to be in the city of Cleveland
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that the rest of you, Ms. P1 a
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are so on behalf of City Council
1% this if they come from within a month
until the fiesta by laboring and
would like to say that one colt
won hearts as part of the morn and about the same day honor and
two initiative here in Cleveland
was recognized nationally on
good morning America so defined
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incorporated well and beyond the call of duty
president for allow states to
serve and we’d like to continue just
amazing where announcement to
deliver the most also are huge
partner in this initiative off and the bank of England and are many
thanks to a stigma of the office
for all the work you for
community for three more informative team
for partners. The committee
review in the 19 accounts members are
the only bad part of the west of
Redding director public LP in 3
to 1 or contact with the Sonoma orders by 620-1999 cents a
gallon at a park, west of the
richest women were required to
pick up disposal degree in an
announceme orders by the recent 2019 pounds
and is breaking all equally bad
arm points out that the director
economic development to enter orders by the 2019 customers
Cleveland and Kelly added our
request of acting director or
control inside first option to
renew th or to five and 1919 by council
members Cleveland Valley by
armor quest for the purchase by
women were required a contract
up and board is 54029 C by council
members Cleveland and Kelly had
permanent points off the top of
the opera and director for
control t terminal building it into
international Airport to support
its ground handling and other
airlines were service operations
from a 4 to 5.12019, and the winning
Kelly bad arm with operating
director or controlled enter
into a lease agreement with
United Airli or to 5.1 19th by customers
Cleveland Valley PAC armor
plates of writing director or
controlled interim police with
the port Nat Ortiz 5.32019 continents the winning rally at
our request of rising director
for controlling enter into a
lease with United States postal
serv or to five record 2019 accounts
members leaving Cal event are
ways of writing director for
controlling enter into a lease
agreem and other airlines or services
operations project when of your
mark warner’s 5.5 and 19 because
members zone Cleveland Brancatel and its successors and fines
start easing rights located
above the 300 with the island
drive and declaring that he’s
the rights or to 5.62019 icons members
written Johnson Brancatelli and
Kelly had parted ways of writing
for the public works to execute
the orders by recent 2019 icons
members back here Jones
songwriter lee Kelly had
permanent west of rising mission
purchases and supp orders five or 1919 by customer
Kelly Anthony Michael Stanley
way as a secondary, remain
secure a row between Euclid
avenue and or distracted the 12019 by
council members back here Jones
Johnson and bring to a permanent
points out that the record camp
rock was 5 to 2019 backup singers
Jackson Brancatelli Kelly part
of the plants giving consent
city of Cleveland to the county
of appl of county motor vehicle license
tax forms orders by the 32019 or
by council members Katie Johnson
Kelly and armor plates (the ca in a contract with van van from
Rutgers construction of the
rehabilitation of industrial
parkway west won 60 and
enterprise writ quarters back to port 2019
counts members Jackson Kelly bad
karma once a President Rick of
public works to enter into an
amendme planning commission republics
were to provide a restricted
contribution to support the
commission’s maintenance
obligations on p 17 relating to professional
services to provide general general plan the engineering and
design services department or
control orders 562019 icons
members Cleveland Park, west of
Reddi four. One year with three when
your options to renew orders by 82019 by council
members by Kelly Kelley by our
request to find council of the
final budget allocations
received from brains emergency solutions brand
and housing opportunities for
persons with AIDS or an order 5 to 1919 by council
members Brancatelli, and our
request of writing director
economic development in prince
will contract or to 516-2019 by council
members before may write telling
Kelly had permanent west two
main sections 1 to 8 states a 14
to 1517 which states that need to
provide funding for the nucleus redevelopment project ordinance 561-2019 accountants to form a retelling
Kelly Ike Harmon request of
writing the director economic
development in 3 to 1 more
forgettable and other associated cost
located in the vicinity of a
wave of former east fourth and
prostate game wardens 5 to 2019
I can’t re tour and green its port economic
development financial assistance
and forgettable and not forgive
the loan agreements under the or to five and 62019 by customer
Kelley by department west
operating director finance on
behalf of where of Cleveland
municipal first three merchants is to be
passed up 45482019 fact, some of them warm and
consenting in approving the
issuance of a permit for the
diverse the center of Northeast
Ohio and Ma 4549 and 19 touchdowns member
Kelly Anthony Michael Stanley a
second year in honoree remains
secure a row between duplicate
the Ortiz 572019 by council members
Cleveland Taliban army request
of rising director for
controlling employee, more
professional co to two replaced and applied
devices or does 5329 am concerned about
632019 by council members Bishop
Johnson creek and operating
director of community
development t or to five before 2019 backups
member rate of driving record
army units to development to
enter into agreement with qwest
time i or has 565 and 19 I can’t
remember Brady operating
director department of community
development to enter into an
agreement with Ortiz 568-2019 by customers
Cleveland Taliban army request
of rising commissioner purchases
and supplies to make one more
purcha the network promotions under rules by
council member agency that the
rules be suspended in the
legislation to three in the
place of the pass and delicacy and use-it-all
police and often don’t have anybody object being, two
BS sponsor for Michael family
way that objection for so with all the role tuition Brady writes a weekly
one, over the years and Johnson
are seared Jones Joe Jones case
became a format: six santana’s
all jellyfish a great break and
selling Cleveland, within your
syntax and a sheer Johnstone
Jones case became a format: six
santana’ resolution passed in 1919 by
council members and Cleveland
zoning or may oppose the senate
bill 23 which prohibits abortion
clin first dreamers resolution to be
adopted a resolution by 662019 by
council member Brancatelli
objecting to an Uzi to mecca for
may be no three Brawley avenues
resolution freedom office and the rolls by
council member Casey that the
rules be suspended and the
legislation is pretty place
compound an please call our own jellyfish
and Great Britain telling
Cleveland, three years in
Jackson issued Johnstone Jones
case became an bank and please, let down to
Kelly patiently by Kelly
Cleveland, over the years and
Johnson issued until Jones case
became forma on which one no please include a consequence
has no intention of some of it
and give second reemerge the
words is to be passed an ordinance to 9520 19th by
council members Mccormack
Townsend Brancatelli Kelley by
armed with west operating
director public 43262019 and commanded by
council members Johnson
Brancatelli Park, west of
arriving director capital
projects to issue one more 43292019 by council members
here; Steve Townsend Brancatelli
and Kelly added Carmen west of
Redding director public works
and he Ortiz 330-2019 by council
members Mccormack Johnson
Brancatelli Taliban army and
west of Redding director public
works and you n 43752019 by customers Cleveland
oak or may write a leak out-west
terminating the contract with
Cumberland TCC 1 for the for the between a rock and roll hall of
fame and the great lakes science
center to enter into agreements
with rock and roll hall of fame for DOS five only 2019 backups
member Kelly bad karma request
of recognition as a sale of
bonds and maximum possible
amount of $ Ortiz 509-2019 by council member
Kelly Frye art work west of
rising issues and sale of bonds
and the maximum principal amount
of housing and providing for the
discharge of governmental
functions and services otherwise
benefiting the public safety and
health report is 5T2019 by cosmetic
alley that armor quest of
recreation as a sale of bonds
and the maximum possible amount
of $23,000, Ortiz 520-2019 I can’t remember
Kelly of rising corporate
counsel to enter into a
trademark license agreement with
U.S. census b suite of offices and rolls and I
can’t remember Casey that has
been suspended legislation to
three in the place of outcast
and s Elton john du police overall feeling they
should refrain telling
Cleveland, oh great year stint
at the sheer jobs java jobs case
became a form freedom of this panel as a
council member Casey that the
rules be spending legislation to
create the place of outcast and
sicken : action jellyfish and Great
Britain telling Cleveland, will
receive your skin Johnson
rushing Johnstone Jones case
became a for doesn’t linger and as the CIA,
one and now some people the
neighborhood leaders since the
two have a diet and they can
stand out may see them up to date, the
other a person wanting none of
his my cousin the council
president of Youngstown Allies
have to mak pretty dull and you must add that only 60 and
1/2-foot-tall as plain up thank Mr. President of like
to introduce on lap by Kia
whirlwind of his out-of-war five
active is violence here varies,
stron and currently a member of
Cleveland is for public transit
as well as he stepped on ice of
his car as many other is a loss the
list goes on what fife and
Nelson and years and a click you
off as a president to go to
India to one is a longtime friend of mine
from a neighbor movements in a
prize for reliable hearts is a
nonprofit organization based in
c under any announcements and is there any miscellaneous and
helping care reform act as an apologist as a chair this
presents a program announcement
but nonetheless miscellaneous
business alliance, Mr. President
l , as a Saturday in the fourth
from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM these
are annual station hope in Ohio
and city offices a fantastic
progra slaves and honesty from, assault
and other areas on their way
into Canada and so, there’s an
incredible history of church and
fr when encourage us to think about
how can we make sure the REC,
presents Friday and Saturday and
Sunday, when any other place whe and what happens if that happens
points in America that is being
loud and lava in China to make
their calm and being fed by the own personal loss of a com this
is something that’s encouraging
people shall I think that we
have to have the space, that
allows and there was one of the time
for public comments and a happy
guy, well, so we’re ½ to lead
the market is something that we
sho we own home residents who are
coming in to express themselves
about which one more year in
this society and within
one-China fig of Dr. King said that, writing
in the language of on her
statement about her so the more
that we suppress people’s right
to spea not get the experience and
distance of aggressiveness that
residents have become the
committee can express themselves
so once ag the individual who passed away
and so free, the number from a
read the Marco of DE capital and AR ceo of Riga
Marco, she is the mother of, the
city Perkins council president
21 whose mother, and on is there

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