Cling Rise Universal Tablet Kiosk
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Cling Rise Universal Tablet Kiosk

Hi guys, Alex from Compulocks. I’m here
to show off today our Universal Cling Tablet Stand what’s nice about it it’s
been coming numerous sites so you have the 10 centimeters which is the 4 inch,
you have the 20 centimeters which is the 8 inch, 40 centimeters which is the
16 inch, and you have the 60 centimeters which is the 24 inch. So real tall one…in
any case, all of these can be used in retail, they can be used in hospitality,
they can be used pretty much anywhere the very versatile, and what makes this
Universal is the ability using this special Torx head screw and to adjust
the width to any of your tablets and it also rotates from portrait to landscape.
It can tilt backwards and forward and swivel, so this is a really truly
Universal solution. Extremely easy to install, literally seconds. It can bolt
down to the desk using four screws or one of our bases which you can order
from the drop-down box. I highly recommend this stand if you are in need
of a tablet kiosk or an iPad POS or any POS for that matter. This is a
great solution and also just there to display. We have these days from museums, we have these in some of the most famous retail channels, some of the
most famous hotels use this in the reception in the lobby. So I think it’s a
great solution and I hope you enjoy it Love It. Lock It

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