Collecting Patient-Reported Outcomes as Standard of Care for Pediatric Patients
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Collecting Patient-Reported Outcomes as Standard of Care for Pediatric Patients

[ Music ]>>Here at HSS, we’re collecting
patient-reported outcome measures on every pediatric and adolescent patient, to really understand how they’re
doing before and after treatment. When we systematically reviewed
the pediatric orthopedic literature to understand what patient-reported outcome
measures were being used, only about a quarter of them were specific for kids, and the large
majority of them were actually adult measures that were trying to be used in
kids, often inappropriately. Here at HSS, on the pediatric orthopedic
service, we feel really strongly that how patients feel after surgery from their
perspective is really vital to their recovery. And so, we’ve made patient-reported
outcome measures standard of care for all of our patients, both before
intervention, as well as after intervention, to track their progress and
understand how they’re doing. It’s really been a big culture shift, where
it is understood that when patients come here, they fill out questionnaires, in order to
allow us to understand what their goals are, what their sports and activities are,
what their expectations after surgery are, and to make sure we’re meeting
those expectations. I think patient-reported outcome measures are a
really under-appreciated aspect of medical care. I think patients and family come in, and they
have to answer a lot of clinical questions. But these are just as important,
if not more important. Patients and families are really
receptive to participating in these patient-reported outcome measures, because they really feel
that they’re being heard. They’re being understood, that their goals
are being understood, and that we’re able to more effectively address their goals and
get them on the road to recovery quicker. [ Music ]

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