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Comedy Knockout – Jokepardy: The Constitution | truTV

All right, it’s “Jokepardy.” I give you answers,
you give me questions. The Constitution. What did my dad call
his morning poop? [ Laughter ] Gina. [ British accent ]
What should have in brackets “Just for white people”? [ Laughter ] Lemon:
Damn shame. Shane. What is American
currently wiping its ass with? [ Laughter ] Yep. Lemon: All right,
the microscope. What did my ex buy me
as a “gag gift”? [ Laughter ] Shane. What do I need
to see Josh’s career? Oh! Lemon: Okay. There you go.
That’s about right. Gina. What do both of these guys need
so they can see their penises? [ Audience groans ]


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