communism trump and leaving the left david horowitz politics rubin report
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communism trump and leaving the left david horowitz politics rubin report

is it just mirrors internet culture the
trolling the outrage and the endless hate starting to eat itself this
election obviously brought out the worst in almost everybody from real people to
Twitter eggs and anime avatars people are constantly attacking others online
and saying things that they would never dare say to someone’s face in real life
the really scary part of this though isn’t the words you guys know I love
free speech but there seems to be no bottom to this hole of anger just think
about your Facebook and Twitter feeds for a moment are they enlightening
interesting and bringing joy and goodness to your life or are they an
endless cascade of rants and raves psychotic ramblings endless fighting and
non-stop virtue signaling I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that for
most of you the answer is the latter not the former and yes there are also a lot
of baby pictures on Facebook which can be quite annoying what I think is most
interesting about our constant state of bickering isn’t the obvious fact that
the Internet can bring out the worst in all of us but that it seems to me that
this behavior and the reaction to it is now bleeding out into the real world I’m
slammed with emails every day in which people explain to me how they’re
suffering real-world consequences for what they post or even what they don’t
post online people are getting fired over tweets losing friends over facebook
posts and god only knows what’s happening on snapchat but perhaps worse
than all of this is the chilling effect that this state of outrage has on the
rest of us this is why I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again the biggest
threat to free speech is that we are actively silencing ourselves not that
the government is silencing us the threats of free speech isn’t just that
protesters are violent at a Mylo event it’s the trickle-down effect that that
has now they’re violent at events for people like conservatives and
libertarians such as ben shapiro and charles murray but of course it won’t
stop there either eventually they’ll come for liberals too while at the same
time plenty of other people who just won’t want to deal with the threats
simply won’t accept invitations to speak in the first place the outrage machine
will just dull us all down to the point where we won’t share any original
because we just won’t want to deal with the repercussions this is exactly what’s
happening with Trump right now the mainstream media and the Twitter Brigade
go bananas every time anything happens the result is that people won’t be able
to gauge the proper outrage if he does do something that truly warrants it yes
he eats his steak with ketchup while it is well done that sounds horrible to me
but you’ve got to deal with it remember the boy who cried wolf well now
we’ve got the media who cried Trump you think I’m being alarmist here well do we
seem more politically correct or less politically correct than five years ago
what about 10 years ago do you find yourself censoring yourself more or less
now than you did even last year who is forcing you to censor yourself isn’t the
government I don’t think so I bet you need only look in the mirror and guess
what this creep of stifling speech for fear of being ostracized isn’t going to
magically reverse itself we have to proactively fight it and we should have
started this a long time ago take a minute and think about our current
television programming could all in the family arguably the best sitcom in
television history with a bigoted yet lovable Archie Bunker possibly be on
network television today the beauty of Archie was that we all know someone like
him whether that person is white brown or blue only through seeing these people
poking fun at them and showing the shortsightedness of bigotry
can we change our society to be more thoughtful and decent for everybody even
when I watch Seinfeld with all of its quirky racially based characters jokes
about gays women and everyone else I think that the authoritarians will come
for the show about nothing which was really a show about everything one day
as well it won’t be the government kicking Jerry and the crew off the air
it’ll be the next generation of social justice warriors upset about the episode
where George wanted a black friend or where Kramer wouldn’t wear the AIDS
ribbon or the ones with characters like ping the Chinese delivery guy or Babu
the Pakistani restaurateur beyond the outrage machine there is another
nefarious layer here which is a whole group of people who get off on the
outrage itself this is the group of people who react to
anything in everything so to get clicks and ultimately money from our constant
state of outrage so in pewdiepie makes a stupid joke
about jews as they did a couple weeks ago the bigger reaction is from those
who want to capitalize on the moment rather than those who are actually
outraged by the joke itself then the mainstream media gets involved with the
wall street journal writing about the incident which subsequently led maker
studios to end their contract with PewDiePie this destructive force will
take anyone down who has moved up too far the youtubers attacking PewDiePie
wish they had his 55 million subscribers and the Wall Street Journal sees how his
influence Believe It or Not is now dwarfing their own as online culture
gets woven into every facet of our lives it’s vital we all pick up and choose our
spots when to fight and when to be outraged if we’re outraged at everything
then we’re outraged at nothing if we spend all day online trying to find
enemies well then guess what enemies will present themselves making
some intellectual point over an opponent has value but we have to be careful that
the value isn’t because of the retweets and the favorites it Garner’s I’m sure I
could be better at some of this myself by the way especially on Twitter trolls
are always gonna troll but those of us who want to change things for the better
have to actually be better ourselves final thought I was a guest on the Alex
Jones live show last week as some of you may have seen I’m not even fully
familiar with Alex beyond the little bites I see of him screaming and
generally going nuts that said the guy has a huge audience and is clearly
influential as mainstream media crumbles and online media Rises as I’ve said
before this comes with both positives and negatives but regardless the fact is
the guy’s talking to a huge amount of people immediately when I got the
requests to be on the show I thought that I shouldn’t do it because of the
ton of hate that I was about to get then I realized that if I didn’t do the show
I would only be holding myself hostage to the very same ideas which are
silencing so many other people right now so I did the show with no preparation or
advanced questioning and Alex let me say what I wanted to say well I got the
usual hate from the usual haters just for appearing on the show I also know
that I got some of the ideas that I care about to be heard by his large audience
now maybe some of them will come here and learn more about the issues that you
and I care about if you’re one of those new viewers welcome I don’t yell as much
but I think you’ll dig it around here but for the record I do not believe that
a secret group of lizard people are leading a shadow government which is
trying to undermine our freedoms obviously it’s actually a group of frog
men led by Pepe and they’re actually a bunch of freedom fighters good luck to
us all joining me today is the author of several books and the founder and
current president of the David Horowitz Freedom Center David Horowitz welcome to
the Rubin report thank you Dave what are the chances that you ended up being the
president the place called the David Horowitz freedom Center that is that
isn’t quite I actually fought that name but but my board said I had I named it
the Center for the Study of popular culture as a leftist I thought it’s a
very hard to attack I think Center for studying anything let alone desperate
but conservatives see the word culture and they think left so that and it was
just confusing sky I mean I said kind of put your name on it so so here we are
alright so I don’t know in the years that I’ve been doing this show that I’ve
read anyone’s bio and found it more interesting than your bio it well at
least not someone that was born in the United States I thought it was just
there’s so much richness there your evolution politically it has a lot to do
with some of the things that you write about about going from the left to the
right and all that so I want to start with your history first your parents
were communist card-carrying card-carrying everybody not communist
like the Communists that kids that think it’s cool today these are people who are
part of a vast international conspiracy orchestrated by Moscow my parents I
don’t think my mother ever got a traffic ticket they were they were very
middle-class not break the law but they did hide an East German Communist in the
basement oh the government wanted to deport how
did he get to your basement I have no idea was very young did you know there
was someone down there I mean did you know there was going to eat her was his
name I got the last name his brother was the mayor of these Berlin okay but yeah
they were very conspiratorial they never referred to themselves as communists
only as progressives even then because it wasn’t a dirty well oh it was very
dirty it was a dirty word very happy period what because this anti-american
left very subversive ready to work with the our enemies the up so a you know a
horrible totalitarian dictatorship work effectively quarantined we lived in a
kind of ghetto where you couldn’t say what you what you believed in that for a
Democrat armed with a small D for a liberal minded person that doesn’t seem
right but it was actually healthy given the Cold War at the time so so what did
it mean a big my on people who hate this country yeah we’ve lost that completely
so so we’ll get to that part cuz that really sort of that gets to the
evolution part of where you’re at we were stigmatized and what did they
believe like what did that actually mean if you said you were a communist in you
know we’re talking the 1940s now I’m nothing my mother was a registered
Democrat I don’t think anything different from certainly not the
Democratic Party of today although then I mean when Rosa was president they were
all happy Democrats when Truman declared that America would defend free peoples
fighting for their freedom against the Soviet Union they all defected that
formed the Progressive Party which was run by the Communist Party yeah
and then around 1956 if I’m not mistaken all the information well that comes out
about Stalin and then that sort of right that was my way I was 17 at the time
was my kind of awakening that everything that the William Buckley is who we hated
they right that the right said the right said Stalin had killed seven million
people he actually killed about forty million and we said with this was all
anti Soviet lies the Soviet Union was a paradise of the future everybody equal
everybody working everybody happy all lies but we my community believed them
and then Khrushchev came along with this gave a secret speech that the Israeli
Mossad smuggled out and it just it blew up my community that there were divorces
in our and we knew of over people dividing over the Khrushchev report
people felt betrayed they had lived a lie and other people felt you know you
continue you go on and they defended it yeah and that made marriage is untenable
yeah right you think it’s tough now for marriages when people are going to love
Trump I hate Trump but but that’s the same why that’s earth-shaking stuff your
whole narrative yes so I came into the when I went to college I mean my mission
self self developed was to rescue the left from Stalinism I still believed in
this future where every you know common a government ownership of the means of
production and quality and everything and so I I was a fervent new leftist I
was one of them actually one of the creators of the new left I was at
Berkeley we published a magazine called Branch Aetna but by the end of that
decade it was clear that left was a totalitarian force it couldn’t and was
supporting it you know whatever was the men of Maoists they were Maoist now
killed more people and Stalin and so you saw that change from
yeah something decent you saw that basically anything related to
authoritarianism would be sort of pieced into this my my must I had two serious
deviations I had a nuclear family and everybody
else was living in communes of whatever but the more serious one was that I read
books so I I mean I remember when Billy Ayers was elected vice president whether
whether people took over it SDS this is a college senior he boasted that he
hadn’t read a book in a year I was horrified as a leftist by that statement
but what was argument was what I’m not being programmed by these people and all
but they know Jesus is an irresponsible twit I mean his you know came from
wealth very bring you know privileged I have nothing good to say about Billy
Ayers but by saying I haven’t read a book in here who is he how was he trying
to impress somebody by well because the books are written by the ruling class or
winner yeah what did Mark say the ruling ideas are the ideas of the ruling class
completely false how would you explain how universities today and that Marx is
full of crap you know that’s the first thing yet yeah
well we’ll get to our universities nobody by that but wait a minute the
first one you mentioned there was you came from a nuclear family and that was
then a problem I had a nuclear face yeah oh you had your own nuclear I only also
came from a knew quite the end of the decade I had four children yeah yeah so
why was that a problem for them because they want they didn’t I wasn’t expelled
from the left I I was well what happened to me was that I edited ramparts which
was the leading it was the biggest magazine of the left and a Hollywood
producer producer of Easy Rider was a big funder and sponsor of the Black
Panther Party and he he introduced me to Huey Newton because he wanted me to take
Eldridge Cleaver had been on our masthead and Eldridge there was a war it
was basically a black panther party is a street gang and
this was a contest for leadership so he he introduced me and I I got involved
raising money for the Panthers I raised for a school I was very impressed they
had a lot of children and the Panther Party was a mix there were you know
genuinely good people and there were gangsters
and the good people impressed me and one of them was running the school a school
and they were jammed into a brown single house in the in Oakland I mean that they
had double-decker beds from one wall to the other Wow my kids so I I thought
this Hollywood producer would give me the money but it didn’t turn out that
way I but I raised I think was one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars
which a lot of money in those days and bought a church a Baptist Church in East
Oakland that had been overtaken by the inner city was a white Baptist Church
and I and I signed up the check I created the Oakland Community Learning
Center a 501 C 3 to house the school I’ll never forget the the minister said
to me as I handed him the check I hope you’re not going to turn this over the
Black Panthers what the Nation of Islam what did he know who that you were
working with them at all that with the flowers he had no idea I was literal I
have no I’m joking to you like most of the left today I had no idea who they
were the Panthers mm-hmm but anyway I’ve told
this story in a radical son my autobiography anyway in 1974 I I
recruited the book keeper my bookkeeper at ramparts to do the books for the
school because I believed our own propaganda that the government was
racist and that they would shut down the Panthers if they didn’t keep the books
which was ridiculous I mean look at Jesse Jackson
well Sharpton he needs a huge tax evader yeah and he’s walking the streets
because he’s progressive and black he’s protected and in December 1974 Betty
disappeared and by the time the police fished her body out of San Francisco Bay
I knew the Panthers had killed there I and I had been interviewed by the police
they explained to me lots of things very difficult to high to dispose of a body
unless you have an organization and then it’s not so hard you have safe houses
and this and that and so when that happened I was personally devastated I
mean I was in the same place my parents were yeah being embarrassed by the crews
– every port something I swore that I would never
happen to me and I carry your parents around at the time yeah and my mother
was worried they were worried for my safety as they should be I was
threatened by Elaine Brown who was the head of the Panthers is a life today
hosted by the Atlanta journal-constitution and funded by
actually conservatives often not always gonna speak on college campuses she was
the head of the party I mean why would conservatives fund her now has she
evolved I’d forget that what’s the name is a big Orange County foundation they
gave her ten thousand dollars to speak and I can’t remember it was UC Santa
Barbara and with the student is there informed me now because conservatives in
this country are well-meaning liberal minded people generally especially the
ones with money give you the benefit of the doubt I mean here’s a black person
claiming that America is an oppressive country oh sure he is the money anyway I
was personally devastated I was clinically I would say clinically
depressed for seven or eight years I mean I wake up in tears every morning I
felt response for having recruited Betty her name is
Betty van patter the woman who was murdered she was a mother of three
children the ideology is so pernicious that on the way the to Betty’s funeral
her daughter who worked for me and was I don’t know she was 19 or 20 at the time
I tried to warn our I mean I was afraid for my children but I said I think the
Panthers killed your mother and her response was no they’re good people
so so I set out then to warn when I had sort of assimilated all this I my
mission was to warn other people and that’s how I know that Barack Obama is a
communist all right so wait let’s let’s pause before we jump to modern-day
because everything that you just described there was why I thought your
bio was so interesting because you grow up with communists you know now I didn’t
know about the guy I didn’t know about the guy in the basement but you I mean
you you are firmly on the left your whole first 40-some idealism are so I
wrote a book called Empire and revolution which they’ve left is right
so leftist communist marxist I mean so Paul Berman for example said of the
a-bomb my book that it was like I don’t know what he said a handbook a Bible for
they for the left before he called me a renegade for leaving the left right
right so that’s so you’re you’re a hero that but the second you now change now
of course if you deviate from the party line that’s what political people don’t
realize political correctness is a term that Mao Zedong the greatest mass
murderer in human history invented to shut people up it’s the party line if
you deviate from the party line they throw you into the cold yeah all right
so now we’re let’s flash forward unless there’s something made to you or shoot
you right so they stay silent e then they shoe you you know so unless I’m
missing something I think we can flash forward now to around 85 which is really
when you that’s right what happened was when this
happened I was writing I had left ramparts with Peter Collier who was my
buddy and it was Peters idea that were to
write a a dynastic biography the the goals were these saga was on PBS at the
time or so it was a generational saga so I was in the midst of writing a book on
the Rockefellers which became a best-seller and then we were asked to do
a book on the Kennedys which came out in 1985 and in 1980 and and when it came
out it was a number one New York Times bestseller and The Washington Post the
editor of The Washington Post Sunday magazine called me to pick my brain
about young John Kennedy it was a congressman and he said what are you
guys been doing our oh you won’t believe this but Peter and I just voted for
Ronald Reagan and neither Peter and I had talked before casting that vote Wow
oh that’s a good story you want to write it so our story was better run than read
but he renamed it lefties for Reagan right so then and that’s when the knives
came out and Peter said to me at the time I just show you how deeply current
brought the fake news is we were front page New York Times mm-hmm both books
both the Rockefellers and Sunday Times and The New York Times sets the standard
for all the meetings they even reprint them reviews but and when our article
came back on we voted for Reagan Peter said to me our literary careers are over
Wow I said you must be joking so you really
had no idea I don’t know I even though you knew some of the tactics that it was
exactly right I was at the end I don’t like last twenty books I’m the
in New York Times they noticed one and called me a relic for using the word
communist it was just a squib right so even though you knew all the tactics
that could be coming down your way and the way you’ve been trying to never been
a realist about that so yeah so that’s it you just weren’t a realist in your
own even though you saw you did such a history of seeing what would happen not
the hair instant communism black man I can never believe that people can be you
know so ideological and so duped and I should know yeah I think I’m suffering
from a little of this right now and I meted the rubbers meeting the road with
me at the moment of what what was it about was it something about Reagan or
was it really about Mondale’s Reagan yeah it was this happened earlier my
London’s into the parking light of the Berkeley co-op which is a supermarket
that was we everybody like as it was a cooperative we’re not rolling stone
actually published a story that Peter and I did on the weather
The Weather Underground telling the truth about it and this woman I knew
that me in the parking line she said David you know people really hate you
now they’re the truth about these crazy terrorists is what they were who got
people killed and they hate you now they hate me for from saying the
truth about it yeah but what was it about Reagan also that then they hate a
Reagan the way they hate Trump yeah it was the same kind of hatred but she’s a
ticket they just hate it’s it’s because he sees not one of us that’s it’s very
visceral yeah he’s not worth anything I Ronnie he’s not one of them you know he
was an act you know I don’t know the Trump phenomenon and problem is a little
different but it’s it’s not all that different I mean Reagan was an actor
that they look down on that you know upon me seized from a pamphlet called an
essay which is a pamphlet called the anti-capitalist mentality why to
academics Hey capitalism why are they so left and the
answer is because they feel superior to businessmen and here’s Trump the
businessman businessmen are Yahoo’s they have no respect for what it takes to
build a billion-dollar Empire for them it’s all theft or something underhanded
right it’s theft or it’s crony capitalism Reagan just like that he was
an actor war how dare he be pressed we’re so much smarter than he is we
should be running the country so intellectuals Jay I think was about
intellectuals generally they know what they feel that they’re smarter than
everybody else right because they haven’t actually created for the most
part so they have to sort of Ellen I want the Pat I think the power should go
to them and I learned very early when I was still leftist when Jack Kennedy was
assassinated and Lyndon Johnson became president I was living in England and of
course Europeans looked down on Americans from the beginning of the
Republic but LBJ he had the LBJ cufflinks and the LBJ children and the
LBJ dogs and the image you know was so they they just thought he was this is a
yahoo this is a you know and Johnson was much smarter than Jack Kennedy he went
to East Texas State Teachers College but he he unfortunately he put in place the
Great Society which is an albatross on America’s neck has been for lo these
this half-century but he was smart he knew how to get it through Congress and
Jack Kennedy couldn’t get any of it through yeah right now Congress barely
well so so that’s why when Trump came along I’m I wasn’t one of these never
trumping inside the beltway snobs although some of my my good friends
found that path okay so you you have this this final awakened and you write
this thing then a year later I think in 86 you wrote why it was it why I left
the left I wrote an essay look I as I say I was personally threatened by
Elaine brown and then you know I have the tape of the phone conversation what
she said if you if you should get run over David really I’m I’m gonna be your
best friend because people will say I did it something like that I mean it we
said they could threat so I was afraid I fed to Kate Coleman a world an article
for a now-defunct left-wing magazine what’s called the party’s over about the
criminality of the Panthers which I had discovered by personal investigation but
uh I forgot well getting to the Village Voice piece Oh the Village Voice yes so
I finally in 1986 which is it’s a decade later I wrote a piece why I am not no
longer a leftist and and referred to this I did not name the killers but I
did refer to the murder and the pant that the Panthers had murdered her and a
Paul Berman wrote this piece about the renegade Horowitz the intellectual life
and the renegade Horowitz I was a vicious attack and he had me at the end
of his piece cheering on suic de who was a psychopath that was a contra in
Nicaragua whom I hadn’t even heard of when he called me said in Horowitz is
cheering wakes up the next morning cheering so Necedah so basically you you
went off the reservation officially with this article and then you had said the
knives were already out then no it was with the reagan article yeah with the
reagan article was one was this is right this is right at left right so this was
he what he was a year later right I think it was 85 and 86 so
a year later so the knives already out and then this was like sort of the final
door on that’s right and that’s not 1986-87 that’s like 30 years ago is that
what it is something like that in 30 years my work has never been taken the
work the the ideas my arguments with the left why I’m know why we’re a long essay
on leaving the left and why I left it never responded to i’m the nation made
one stab at it but it’s not a very good one on the other hand there’s like a
hundred thousand attacks on me I left this so it’s not like they don’t think
that I need to be refuted I think it’s just more effective to it pretending
well it makes you feel any better right before we sat down I was scrolling my
Twitter feed and some article was written about me where they referred to
me as a right winger and then got a few other things incorrect about me and then
my own audience actually started attacking them on Twitter and then they
they didn’t issue a retraction but they changed the headline at least and change
one other thing which of course is not journalistically sound but I guess maybe
I’m picking up some of it well at first it hurts but eventually you you get to
be liable proof they they libel you so much that it just seems ridiculous more
than anything else it’s just lazy lazy and rude and well you you know army
easier target than you are because I vowed when I left the left that I was
going to talk to the left address them in the same way that they address
everybody else No all right hey to them nicely yeah you were very very hard to
demonize yeah I’m sort of easy so when you see you had some nice things to say
about me when you sat down and when you see someone like me that understands the
title of this book that understands your journey and all that do you think I was
just even though I’m obviously art we have 30 some odd years between us that I
was just late to the game and picking up what was going on here or do you think
something also happened in the last couple of years with the left did you
two winnings first of all starting with the McGovern campaign that’s when it
started the Communists left in traded and took over the Democratic
Party I mean Tom Hayden oh is no longer with us was a cynical anti-american
lying radical and he was given the Medal of Freedom by Bill Clinton he was a
state legislator in the state of California you can still see his work
whenever you see prop 65 that warns you about the bad effects of chemicals in
your whatever yeah it’s everywhere here in LA yeah but the Democratic Party took the left
in the the Anna and the anti-american totalitarian and I would say racist left
I will explain that ya later got a racist left was taken into the bosom of
the Democratic Party in the Clinton administration and with Obama they got
one of theirs in the White House okay so so let’s pause there for a second so
when I hear you say that about the Clinton administration that’s hard for
me to picture because those eight years were basically I don’t think we saw a
lot of what we’re seeing right now so what am I missing
well he’s missed them you didn’t know the personality is from one I’ve written
them let’s put it this way I think back to the Clinton administration very
fondly still that things were basic or the return that they were basic let’s
let’s but Bill Clinton’s was is not an ideologue in the way that Hillary
Clinton is Bill Clinton’s ideology was Wow and yes but that you would argue
that’s probably saving grace then yes in those corruption is far better than
communism yeah if it weren’t for the corruption of the Clintons Bernie
Sanders would have been a nominee huh that’s a great quote there could you
just come on corruption as far better than communism that’s a good only base
it is because you got to mean that you can deal with it doesn’t have the
ideology that sweeps people along with it
Bill Clinton domestically was a fairly centrist you know and I have too much to
quarrel with him there I’m foreign policy was terrible
absolutely terrible the World Trade Center was blown up in 1993 by ramzi
yousef he intended to kill 50,000 people or 200,000 the top of one of the towers
on the other that the bomb is fired it wounded a thousand people it killed six
the Clinton never visited the site dismissed it as an individual criminal
act when it was inspired by the blind Sheik has just been Osama bin Laden we
should have been stopped in the 90s before the World Trade Center was I bet
I can’t go I’ve written a lot about this so bill but in the case of that in case
the the first World Trade Center bombing so what do you think was going on then
in Bill Clinton’s head with so this happens he never visit us and what is it
what’s the ideology there that would lead him to that it’s an interesting
question I wish we had one of these Democrats on and you could ask them the
question I’ll try to get a former I just to skip ahead in this book I’ve written
big agenda I lay out what I think is going on that that the Democratic Party
is now a racist party if you use the phrase people of color is a racist
phrase identity politics is racist and it’s anti-american the fundamental
American idea is that we’re all creatures
of a divinity or maybe nature’s God whatever Jefferson wrote there and equal
in the eyes of our Creator therefore we should be treated equally by our
government and we have rights that are inalienable that the government can’t
take away so it’s all about individual freedom and most importantly individual
accountability when I was a kid in public schools we always there was this
phrase regardless of race color or creed who an American is somebody who doesn’t
look at your origins there were a nation of immigrants that way don’t look at
your origins of course if you come from a terrorist country we Manning there’s a
little betting process yeah identity politics is the opposite what the left
seeks them we are in a civil war situation now and the reason is the
reason it’s so irreconcilable is that the left believe is a is racist that
believes in a racial hierarchy so if you’re the right skin color which is
dark you go to the head of the line for admissions to college go to the head of
the line for job you go to the head of line for a promotion you go to the head
of line for almost anything everything’s not diverse enough so we’ll take anybody
so what would you say to the people that would say well white people had a good
for a long time and yeah and white people honor their things and they did
good things and one of the good things that white America did was to liberate
the slaves people forget that we inherited slavery
this is how I’ve been myself notorious in the left by coming out against
reparations for slavery a hundred and thirty seven years after the fact
America inherited a system of slavery slavery existed I learned this from
Orlando Patterson who is a black left-of-centre sociologist at Harvard
who’s written prize-winning books on slavery and freedom slavery existed for
3,000 years nobody ever said it was immoral not Jesus not Moses not
Aristotle until a white Christian males in England led by Wilberforce said it’s
immoral and an American slave owner Thomas Jefferson wrote it into the birth
certificate of this country that all men are created equal and a given right to
liberty by their Creator within 20 years the slave trade was ended the reason
that America didn’t initiate Civil War in 1776 to free the slaves
what are the biggest reasons was that England would have come and just retaken
the colonies and reinstituted slavery anyway and within a generation or a
little more given in those days people lived shorter lives at the cost of
350,000 Union soldiers we the Buried of the slaves and liberated them throughout
the hemisphere so black people Americans can be very proud of their heritage you
know it’s it’s a human heritage so it’s got a lot of bad spots but you look at
any other country in the world and forgive me left this for saying this is
the best what other country the way Asians get in boats and risked their
lives to get into it you think they’re coming here to be oppressed right I mean
everybody everybody wants to be here and then the funny thing is this at the same
time you go to swatch some of these protests and the people that are
screaming about how racists and evil and patriarchy and all this stuff they’re
also the ones calling for open borders they want everyone to share in the
horror that is well I would destroy the country and then anybody with any sense
knows so had it all but let me just say yeah the left is is it its O’s whatever
ideas it has to Marx it’s the Marxist paradigm of the oppressors and the
oppressed and it’s an economic it begins as an economic and they’ve layered on
race and gender so as a fact is what determines a country’s prosperity is
culture not classes its culture America has a great culture we take in one of
the things we do is we take in brilliant people from all over the world and give
them freedom to innovate other countries copy our innovations Israel is the same
way it’s why they hate it because they’re bringing in people from all over
the world but also it’s the freedom yeah people do not appreciate freedom in this
country obviously since we are universities and now
totalitarian institutions I can’t go to a university without bodyguards yeah
and that’s been true for the last 15 years I’ve been physically attacked if I
didn’t have bodyguards and if the university they put in place of security
I could never get through a speech yeah and I’m not alone it’s any concern no
it’s all virtually any conservative and it’s and now it’s moderates and this is
fascism and that’s it’s totally embedded in our university system yeah do you
make a distinction between sort of leaders who really understand the stuff
that you’re talking about so the people who are the leaders of this leftist
movement versus the bulk of the people who I think are following along without
bad intentions like when I see all these kids who I you know I mock them on the
people go to demonstrations to get laid yeah yeah you know when people are
gullible and they don’t think and they can’t put two and two together
the phrase saying I didn’t want to skip this people of color yes a racist phrase
it’s not English do we say here’s a box of crayons of color it’s French
that’s the way French people speak to color or whatever they say yeah so it’s
a completely ideological construct so as that is its function well let’s look at
the Mexico two main ethnic groups the descendants of the Spanish conquistadors
who slaughtered the indigenous Indians and the descendants of the indigenous
Indians when they cross the border they’re both people of color therefore
they were oppressed both of them the conquistadors the indigenous people they
are oppressed they deserve special sensitivities and special privileges
Maharaja’s in India are people of color be headers in raqqa are people of color
who aren’t people of color white people yeah white people are evil bad is this
opposes this is the racist ideology of our time is it also lacking in several
other ways I mean for example you could take
American Indians people who moved here from India or their grandparents moved
here from India or you could take Asian people of virtually any nationality and
they don’t count in this leftist thing because they well the Indians haven’t
yeah the Native Americans I’m sorry now I that was a ridiculous we’re not gonna edit that out because I
don’t believe in that but it was in a completely idiotic statement I meant
American aliens from India who moved to America Native American correct yeah
correct China is the job but the American Indian and that means thank you
for that’s correct yeah I just ruined course I don’t like to say that’s my
Nora you know you know don’t look over your shoulder yeah there’s only error is
over yeah I was coming India joke right there I mean the the left is pathetic
intellectually they don’t have an argument so they have to purge those
groups because those groups yeah that’s why they have to shut you up because
they can’t deal with your arguments is really simple straightforward and and
it’s so invaded our literary culture the last two National Book Awards were given
to racist tracks one by tiny easy coats I can never remember the title this is
just a ranked racist coats what inspired him to write the book it’s about how
evil America is but that was the murder of his friend not the bird Aish
the killing of his friend by a policeman in Maryland it turns out as he tells you
that the policeman the policeman accused the dead his dead friend of trying to
run him over with his car the policeman is black so how what does code say he
was thinking white now if ten isn’t the pure racism yeah and this one now it’s
called stamp from the beginning it’s a semi-literate book that it may be that
they have lowered their standards and so dramatically as a stance
shocks me because these are intelligent people that people give the awards but I
should know better but it opens with the police shootings of criminals in the
last year which were totally distorted by black lives matter and other leftists
into cops gunning down unarmed blacks these were
predators and who did they prey prey on they preyed on black people Freddie gray
I mean you know you could go on I can’t even remember the names a guy in
Ferguson they’re criminals who prey on black people but this guy has them as
innocent blacks who were gunned down by racist cops so at the opening of his
book which is but which he has called the definitive history of racism in
America he’s exposed as a liar anyone a National Book Award
so our institutions have been just generally corrupted yeah so what is by
this racist ideology of the left so for a lot of people hearing this I think a
certain amount of people hearing this are going to go yeah I get it
so you don’t talk quite like this which is why I think you’re much harder to I
want to see you with a so-called liberal I don’t call them liberals got their
bigots yeah well I’ve had many progressive progressives on this show
and I treat them with the same respect that I treat anybody else out of my
general rules I don’t find that berating somebody or belittling them but yeah as
I said I made this bow ready 30 years ago then I was gonna berate the left I
was gonna say hey LBJ how many kids did you kill today I actually when I was
still sort of leaving the left I thought about that statement a lot saying let’s
see if I were a prisoner of war and I was in a room with my captor would I
rather it was LBJ or Ho Chi Minh and it was a no-brainer so that’s part of it is
that you just constantly say the worst thing about your intellectual opponents
because there’s no end here that you just must constantly say anything to you
and that’s why I love my law because he just throws it right back in
their face and that’s what really needs to be done these people need to be
embarrassed alone probably beyond embarrassment yeah I mean ABC News
Stephanopoulos is sitting there with Katrina vanden Heuvel whose entire life
has been spent apologizing for defending and advancing communist causes the hell
is that that’s ABC that’s how far gone this
country is so are all the answers then for you on the right or do you have
frustrations with the right because I think right before we started we only
talked from that but I think you said son or the liberal I tried to uh no I
mean III you know what did I oh I took on the leaders of the religious right
over Mark Rothko was the governor of Montana was the chairman of the RNC met
with the an englis called the Human Rights Association which is a gay group
and he addressed them or whatever met with them and he was denounced by Paul
Wyrick and very well known leaders of the religious right and I wrote an
article I’m saying that a political party is not a religious movement or
shouldn’t be and it’s the job of the RNC chair to reach out yeah and and so forth
and I’ve never been an opponent of gay marriage and I you know I could go on
and on yeah and you mentioned before that abortion you’re not a fan and to
say the least but you are a pro-choice right so you
know I wouldn’t describe myself as pro-choice okay I I am and it’s been a
long lifetime of rethinking decision when I grew up abortions were illegal after the third month and we know a lot
more now and medical techniques well we just know a lot more
fetuses and you know they’re there if you think about it they’re children from
conception I mean I just it’s not an argument as a person already you think
from the moment of yeah and the woman it’s not about the woman’s body alone you know I think the fathers are
involved as well but certainly there’s a child there so you know the argument
against it is you want to bring a kid into the world that’s gonna have a
absolutely miserable life because it’s a wrong parent at the wrong time you know
and III think the energy should be spent on finding ways to take care of children
that their parents aren’t able to take care of it’s a very vexed problem yeah
and I don’t I’ve confronted right-wingers actually within the
Heritage Foundation debate you know who said it’s murder I said well if you
think it’s murder then you should be demanding the execution of every mother
in America is that an abortion and if you don’t it’s a much more complicated
problem so that’s kind of where I am what was his response to that and shut
him up yeah that gets a real quiet well that’s why the abortion one to me is one
where I think very good people on both sides of this are just struggling with
it because it almost is coming down to the basic questions of life and it is
but you can’t discuss basic questions in our political atmosphere not with the
left I mean left wants to convert everything into a morality play where
they’re right how much of this is culture did you see that change to that
it’s just look I know what you’re saying that culture is the most important thing
but when did it go from like I was thinking even this morning of a started
taking over the universities in the 70s so now they’ve got the k-12 schools as
well and you know I conducted a whistling five or six year campaign to
try to get a an academic Bill of Rights really a student villain rights that
students have a right to a professional education and in a democracy that means
that they professors can express their opinions but they have to present
opposing sides of controversy issues in a fair-minded way and I was
attacked from one end of the country there is a Torquemada and a cliff as for
all our it’s very liberal and I did it all out of their own documents yeah
there’s a very famous academic freedom statement that was drawn well what’s the
thought control part of trying to get more thought in there don’t you know it
can’t be logical this is the AAUP these are Stalinists i
mean i debated them across the country they gosh I mean they they put me
through the wringer but you know like I say you get the point where you’re
liable proof because they’ve libeled you so much and it doesn’t what they fought
it tooth and nail and for example I had praised in all of my speeches this is a
19-15 statement on academic freedom by the American Association of University
Professors and the Penn State still passed as a second or had as its
academic freedom provision the statement that the obligate the the it is not the
place of a professor in a democratic society to indoctrinate his or her
students therefore they must present divergent opinions in a fair-minded
manner that’s a paraphrase of it and I praise that and so the head of the AAUP
Carrie Nelson I made it a personal crusade to get that ripped out of the
Penn State academic freedom from it’s just so the so-called liberal person
right right now this to be removed he’s alive this cannot carry yeah actually I
mean he’s defended me in some places so it’s like a nun no but whatever he’s not
quite a bit on air but yeah but did he the Faculty Senate there ripped it out
and took out explicitly the thing it’s not the place to indoctrinate the
students yeah do you find when you when you meet
people maybe some young people that are waking up to some of this stuff that
once they see one piece of it that the rest of it crumbles were exactly because
I see this because I saw it happen with myself obviously and for me it it’s
still an unfolding process I think and that’s why I am
have these conversations but I see it happening with other people now I get
emails everyday people be like one little thing happened and then months
later I now believes everything the receive Miller says it was guns that’s
what turned him from a liberal into a conservative I have somebody who writes
occasionally from front page my website who heard me speak in Camden New Jersey
and I pointed out as I as I do in my book big agenda every inner city of any
size is 100% controlled by the Democratic Party and progressives it has
been for fifty to a hundred years polluting Camden so every walkie Atlanta
Chicago always all the Rolling Hills st. Louis Baltimore right everything that’s
wrong in the inner cities that policy can affect Democrats and progressives
are responsible for once you see that it’s all over and then there are people
out there screaming that it’s no you Starla wasn’t even president we had this
here’s a leftist mentality when Peter Collier and I wrote the best-seller on
the Kennedys we found ourselves in a green room Good Morning America sitting
and there were only three people the other person was William F Buckley and
was dead silence in the room and the reason that Peter and I were silent as
we did is we we had no idea Buckley was we just knew we didn’t want to be nice
to a fascist yeah that’s what the letter all of them of fascist I didn’t want to
be nice to a fascist so Peter broke the ice by saying my mother is a big fan of
yours and then we found out from Buckley was a very gracious human being that he
was silent because his son had just written a very critical attack on a
Kennedy book there was another one that came out and he didn’t know if it was
ours ha their lack of civility of the left yeah just it’s so it’s fascist
that’s what it is and there’s there’s no way I mean the only response you can
have this what like just go in their face anyways I just
shot you down yeah there is a an incredible video that I saw a couple
years ago of you at University of San Diego Inc and a young Muslim student
gets out very articulate with a headscarf yeah and she at first she
opens by thanking you for coming and saying she’s I was sarcastic diversity
of thought if people can watch it will link to it below so people can actually
watch the video there’s a twang of sarcasm in it or or it was either
sarcasm or she was trying to butter you up before she let her to kill can you
explain the rest of what happened there so that I don’t yeah then and it is she
because she said i falsely accused the Muslim Students Association of being a
front for the Muslim Brotherhood which it is and Hamas so and and we had
distributed pamphlets showing this so I instead of arguing with her about
whether the Muslim Students Association and students for justice Palestine
they’re both a mosque fronts Brotherhood fronts instead of arguing with her I
just decided to cut to the chase I said will you condemn Hamas as a terrorist
organization and she said you want to crucify me here come together I don’t
know how are you spotting coming in and she said well if I don’t condemn Hamas
then I will be arrested by the Department of Homeland Security this is
how delusional these people are so I changed the question I had done this at
other campuses so I knew what it started to expect I said let me put it to you
this way I’m a Jew and the head of Hezbollah says he wants us Jews to
gather in Israel so he won’t have to hunt us down globally for it or against
it she leaned into the microphone and said for it and she was defended
afterwards by the Muslim Students Association the whole left a genocide
all they want to kill the Jews which she said that I suspect you were not shocked
as insanely shocking as that sounds no because I had added a lie and you see
in a bar I asked the same question of that of the Muslim Students Association
and he said it was too complicated a question for a yes/no answer genocide
it’s too complicated he was smarter than she was right hers was just like hers
was just showing you what they think and what they want so all right so let’s
let’s shift to Islam then I I’ve been talking about it and I’ve tried to bring
on I’ve brought on liberals to talk about it I’ve had you know very measured
people like sam harris quote pupils I’ve had ayaan Hirsi Ali on who talks about
her own personal story enemies of the left people who are marginalized who is
a Muslim embarrasses you know he’s still a leftist liberal yeah he’s a liberal
he’s a liberal whether that I I don’t want to speak for him I don’t get into
any extra trouble well but I’ve had my point is that I’ve had plenty of people
thought of as liberals or on the Left discuss it they get hate from the left
then I’ve had people more on the right talked about it such as Lauren southern
and ben shapiro and some others and of course they’re going to get a certain
amount of hate for it how do you gauge how much of a problem this actually is
at the moment the problem being the the problem being islamic extremism or
violet i think Islam is a problem i no rational person could not look at islam
and say it surprised not a problematic religion it preaches hatred against all
other religions its sanctions there’s just a series of quotes from the koran
sanctions murder beheading of infidels which is what we are the prophet
mohammed has said has said that the day of judgment will only come when the
muslims fight the jews and killed him when they jews hide behind the rocks and
the trees and the rocks and the trees cry out all muslim is it you hiding
behind me come and kill it yeah talk not only aided by organized
islam but it’s repeated yusuf al-qaradawi
said as much the whole cost was a punishment and on Egyptian TV
and he is the about the leading in man not only for the bus love Brotherhood
but for Huma Abedin Hillary’s right hand that’s her mmm
that the Holocaust was God’s punishment of the Jews for their corruption and it
will come again this time Allah willing at the hands of the believers
he’s a genocide all Nancy is Guerra Dawa and he’s the mmm of Hillary Clinton’s
right-hand and deputy but in charge of Muslim Affairs for the State Department
yeah it’s a big problem not a little one yeah so and keith Ellison is the Muslim
Brotherhood candidate is now the number two guy in the Democratic Party only
missed by 13 votes yeah how could the Democratic Party embrace this and Tom
Perez is no better but at least now Allison has an open record but you know
a being in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood being supported by them and
being a Farrakhan Jew hater and America hater and white hater come on what
happened to the Democratic Party yeah I mean and the ferric and stuff is amazing
because even in the last couple days I don’t follow fair again it’s verified
Milo’s not on Twitter anymore but I was looking at fire against Whitter veto
right something got retweeted into my feed I mean it’s all God will destroy
America I hate all the Jews hate white people he was for 11 years a spokesman
for the Nation of Islam and you know people they have to repudiate what they
did that this is this is why I say Barack Obama’s a communist he was raised
by communists he’s a whole political career until he became the United States
Senator was in the communist left I mean I know these people if you are part of a
movement that you know is evil the first thing you want to do is warn other
people about it especially when it’s so deceptive it stalks our social justice
and all this crap anyway yeah well I mean that he doesn’t so that’s how you
know what his allegiances are and when you asked me about the
this was earlier in our conversation about why why is the Democratic Party so
soft on Islamic terrorists they’re people of color that has to play a big
role first thing you do is all we have to understand that they’re killing
people it must be because we did something very sick yeah what is that
self flagellation that’s so many people in the West have it’s guilt I mean it
still is relative success Shelby still was written a whole book called white
guilt yeah it’ll bring down our great civilization if it’s that you know and
we haven’t talked about Donald Trump which is the object of my book yeah okay
so that’s I think is I think if we have an antidote he’s is it so you really
believe that that Trump and that you know I was going to say a second ago
when you were talking about you know fighting the roots of Islamic extremism
I mean Bannen from what I understand seems to be the
architect of that that is a good guy Steve Bennett yeah
so you don’t believe him to be an anti-semite
hell no first of all the chief evidence there’s two evidence given that Steve
Madden is an anti-semite one is a disgruntled wife in the middle of a
divorce proceeding a custody case who said who claimed that he said that
Jewish children are whiny which melt way well be the case of you and you know the
whole ritual of bar mitzvahs you got our a 13 year old with tons of money and
give them the an audience of adults okay so they might be allowed to do it they
might be whiny right no that’s right but that’s certainly not G waiting right
regardless even if even if you were trained
that’s not you’d have to big deal but I’ve got these rising doing that wife
that yeah over the kids and when they go to school and maybe the school was very
expense is an expensive school yeah the archer school the other evidence is an
article that I wrote yeah I gave the title to Bill Kristol
Republicans spoiler renegade jus so people who haven’t read the art I read
the article I did not find anything and II know you renegade because he’s going
to return Huma Abedin and Ben Rhodes who was the architect one of the architects
of the Iran deal back to power it’s a death knell for Israel I mean what
they’ve done eight I’m not to mention the United I mean it’s not Iran isn’t
powerful enough to destroy the United States but its leaders do chant lead
chants of death to America that’s what they believe
why if Franklin Roosevelt gave nuclear weapons to Hitler what will we call them
Obama is an American traitor and that’s because he’s a communist and always has
been and always will be so I know enough people are gonna watch and go wait a
minute but the deal says that they can’t get nukes but you would say well it
expires one it expires two wedding the effect of the deal was to lift the
sanctions bring Iran back into the community of nations he gave them two
hundred billion dollars two hundred billion a hundred forget all the
payments and there’s no controls but even if there were controls why would
you bring them out of isolation now Iran is running over the Middle East they
overthrew the government in Yemen you know which is why we now are losing
American lives there come on anyway so if so that’s why I thought that crystal
and I didn’t attack crystal during during the campaign you know look I you
know I can see Donald Trump I can see why he upsets some people yeah I can see
how in my view they’re exaggerated you know the whatever the fears them you
know I don’t think it for a second that he’s anti-mexican or bigoted in any way
and it you know and I’m one of those people who says well he’s like he’s been
in public life for thirty years he didn’t become a racist and until he was
running against a Democrat for crying out two years I so I but I I could see
how people would get bent out of shape during the campaign
but once he’s the nominee then it’s him or Hillary and apathy Larry it’s who my
Abidine I mean it’s you know the whole anti Israel crew so you can sympathize
then with Bill crystals intent so bill kristol who wanted conservatism oh you
know what’s thought of as real real conservative these are really these are
people treating politics as a religion yeah if you don’t refer to the United
States as a constitutional republic conservative if you don’t use the phrase
limited got limited government he never said that that’s not look what he’s
doing now I mean he’s cutting the government in a big church so they’ll be
I mean it’s just crazy he won me over this way I mean I was nervous about him
through the campaign because you don’t know you know this is his first venture
into politics I don’t I don’t know I’m not nervous about him anymore I don’t
know I think he’ll disappoint me on some things but he won me over in the first
debate here’s a guy he’s never been a political candidate before he’s on a
platform with 12 of you know the top Republicans in the country it’s in front
of I don’t remember it’s 30 million people or whatever it is and the friend
he gets the first question because he has the highest percentage in the polls
and it’s not a question it’s an attack from megyn kelly you called women fat
pigs slobs and dogs and he says oh that was just Rosie O’Donnell I said this guy
is a guy they can’t intimidate because the political correctness is a party
line mm-hmm as I said it comes from now it’s a like
a communist party line it shuts you up there is no other Republican Under the
Sun who on national TV this time in front of 50 million people were to look
Hillary Clinton in the eye and said you’re a liar and a crook even though
she’s both if it were a male they would say it why be copy because there’s this
gigantic double standard it’s politically incorrect
to say anything critical about a woman this is ridiculous and if that’s the
case they shouldn’t be in politics now the left will just take that back for a
session about it but you can’t be protected and at the same time pretend
to be strong you know it’s interesting how pernicious some of this stuff is
because I’ll even see sometimes if a man attacks me on Twitter not that twitter
fights are that important but I’ll immediately defend myself and come back
and I’ve had a few instances where women have and I’ve just ignored it because I
don’t want to attack a woman and I know that’s my own then that’s it’s just my
own reflection of what I’m but we’ve all been schooled in that and then there’s
penalties you have to think quickly about what the consequences are so
Johnny’s a reson so that desire to punch back or to not be held hostage by
political correctness or Eliza would you argue that that is far more important
than any of his political totalling that’s what it is I saw here’s a guy who
the Democrats can intimidate look I use this phrase in my speeches
whenever I see a Republican square off against the Democrat it looks to me like
Godzilla versus Bambi because the Republican the Democrat is going to call
the Republican a racist a sexist a homophobe an Islamophobe and the
Republican will call the Democrat a liberal who’s gonna win that argument so
this is a bulldozer or and I love the way they they called Trump a blitzkrieg
the Democrat blitzkrieg we have a tradition in this country it’s sacred to
a democracy of a honeymoon for an incoming president it says there’s a
peaceful transition of power it says we’re all part of one community since
we’re gonna see what you do and then we’ll free to criticize you and the
remedy is the next election Trump didn’t get seven seconds he didn’t get
confirmation hearings he got a witch-hunt the and this is another
example of how political correct this works Jeff Sessions I’ve known him for
20 years whatever and I’ve known a lot of senators what if a handful of the
most decent human decent human beings in the Senate a champion of civil rights
this was an attorney general in a deep south se state who prosecute
the Ku Klux Klan who desegregated the schools and there’s Elizabeth Warren
calling him a racist and then violating Senate rules to repeat calling him a
racist and when she’s told to shut up they say oh they’re silencing another
woman yeah ID so effective political correctness is
it just to be clear for people that didn’t follow that whole thing she was
reading other people’s words which isn’t technically allowed in the Senate so
that she was doing something that she wasn’t allowed to do by their own rules
examine everyone turn it was gonna be a letter from Coretta Scott King that she
was repudiated what happened was in Alabama there were there were three
blacks who whose were defrauded of their voting rights because they were in
opposition to three other blacks who were NAACP corrupt officials that’s the
whole case and and sessions didn’t know how to defend himself the first time he
was up in the eighties I mean this is a thing Republicans are not used to
fighting back they are used to getting out of the way
why wouldn’t you if people are calling you racist sexist above all so it’s
obvious to me that that stuff is not working as much anymore so then my last
question ripping that that is amazing right so the words aren’t but what I now
think is we’re gonna see more violence because they’ve been pinned into a
corner where everyone that they’re against is a Nazi and a racist and all
those things really viral so I suspect we’re gonna see more violence but my
last question to you is with this evolution with with now the first
Republican as you’re saying with Trump that’s not going to take it what’s the
good path now like what if you could see something good coming out of these next
couple years what is that path you know I am Antonio
Gramsci once said that the revolutionary for a revolutionary must have pessimism
of the intellect and optimism of the will and I think he’s stole that from
somebody I can’t I can’t remember but I think he did it it’s in Wikipedia well
it’s a Wikipedia definitely stolen somebody I yeah I you
know my head will tell me there’s nothing is good is gonna come I know I’m
gonna you know and you can see I mean there’s so many so many problems of you
know as I pointed out in in my and my book big agenda at the left the
Democratic Party it’s a totalitarian party now it lied to get Obamacare and
lied about you can keep your doctor lied about you can keep your plan and it in
its mission was control it’s an incredible assault on individual
freedom the government tells you you have to have insurance the government
tells you you have to have you you have what are they for packages this is the
kind of insurance you have to have and the government gets all your health
information that is a totalitarian threat right there but Republicans
they’re lame why aren’t they saying that so replacing Obamacare is obviously you
know as we’re speaking and Republicans are all in disarray I don’t know I don’t
know what’s gonna happen Oh Trump is fairly isolated you have all
these conservative idiots like crystal and McMullen gunning Fran
Republicans marched to their tune of their own seven drummers all the time
their individualist I was amazed when the tea party came in and and held a
demonstration in Washington before that you couldn’t get three Republicans to
march together cuz they look at each other and say what do we collectivist so
you so does that then I already said in the last question but we’ll keep going
for a bit so there’s that though so when the Tea Party organized and the Tea
Party was gaining momentum everyone was saying there were these redneck back a
very decent people who cleaned up after themselves
that’s what is just destructive nobody was hurt there was no violence cops
answers when people start referring to the left as fascists and
not liberals then I’ll say okay we’re winning now it’s not right now it isn’t
happening they go on they like I say I mean it’s corrupted our culture it’s
corrupt in our schools just very very bad but I think you know I my faith is
in Steve Bannon and Steve Miller these are two fighters and Trump and Trump
understands instinctively that when you get attacked you attack back and throw
the book back well I have this phrase that I I picked up from Chris Lehane as
a democratic I was in the New York Times an article about him a democratic
strategist but he he stole it from Mike Tyson which is everybody has a game plan
until you punch them in the mouth and the Democrats have a massive punch in
the mouth for Republicans calling them racists and Republicans have to come
back and call Democrats the Democratic Party is the party of racism it’s the
party of racial categories it’s the party of identity politics it’s the
party of the inner cities it is a racist party it is also and I love this but
what Trump said and they was in the second debate he turned to the cameras
and said you have to understand Hillary has tremendous hatred in her heart and
what he was referring to was the basket of deplorable which she named she
identified all of her opponents or whatever half is the same thing a racist
sexist homophobic Islamic xenophobes you name it and he’s raised them up there
isn’t a conservative or a deviating liberal who hasn’t been in an argument
with a so-called liberal who hasn’t been called a racist a sexist a homophobe so
in a way that was a gift the Democratic Party is a party of hate that’s what
they run on everything they’re doing now is is hate invent conspiracy theories
with the Russians I mean this from a party whose candidate
turned over 20% of America’s uranium reserves that are Russians I mean how do
you deal with that the only way in politics you have a nine second
soundbite just go for the jugular well I hope and I don’t want you I like your
style I want to see if we can convert people
that way yeah well I think the reason it I think interestingly people are being
converted on both sides because I think what’s happening is I know for sure that
I’ve helped a lot of progressives realize what true liberalism is and at
the same time I think I’ve had and I know that I’ve gotten a lot of more
conservative people to realize that not all liberals are bad and I think that’s
where most of us actually are I know and that’s good I don’t want to take
anything away from you but I I found when I came into the right I’m
conservatives that are generally very decent people and when I criticized the
Religious Right leadership I had different reactions from things like the
Family Research Council I had people in my face the blood vessels popping
screaming at me and I had people who were very supportive very Christian in
that way and I also had this experienced in the 2008 I was at the moral majority
Ralph Reed and invited me to come down to Atlanta and the woman who was my
connection there and a moral majority member I asked her I said well if John
McCain gets the nomination will you vote for him and she said yeah so people what
the what the religious right needs to understand is that there’s religion and
then there’s politics and religion is about saving your immortal soul and if
you mess with the devil you endanger it and in politics you make pacts with the
devil all the time it’s about getting into office and trying to practically
change some things yeah and one thing that I wanted to talk yes to talk to you
about that I just remembered it’s a home studio so we can keep going yeah you go
ahead go ahead is this why is the why is the left announced
so-called liberalism why are progressives totalitarians and the
answer is that they it’s it’s a crypto religious ideology it’s modeled on
Christianity the world is a fallen place so that they never use that the world is
an oppressive place it’s injustice rules but there will be a Redemption and we
are the Redeemers that’s the danger we have to be and that you see it all the
time we have to remake humanity so it fits our model of the redemption that’s
why there’s something so if only Bernie was in we have to outlaw we have to
stamp out racist sexist homophobic we with yeah Milo we can’t let him speak what is war the only difference between
that in an actual totalitarian state as if they had the power they would execute
Milo he’d be in a gulag or he’d be dead yeah do you remember there was a line a
couple years ago that Oprah who and I basically like Oprah and respect Oprah
and I’d be happy never on the show of course when she was talking about the
you know this older generation and and some of their backwards ways of thinking
and so well we just they just have to die and we were thinking like even if
what you’re saying something that yes there might be you know studies show
that younger people are generally more liberal and on the social issue more a
little bit less right there well then all their blacks are liberal that’s why
Oprah doesn’t like them all right so then well that sort of fits everything
else that you’re saying but but my point being that when she said it sounds so
nice to me because one day if you just if you take that logic to its end
guess what one day the young people are gonna want all of what you did when
you’re old because it’s just woman it’ll just keep going can’t try to make sense
out of it but it is it’s three but it’s the actually the reverse
yeah older blacks I know as racist as younger blacks races have
this pervasive down I mean this is a very poorly incorrect set to say
anything it’s pretty obvious racist pervasive racism is pervasive in the
black community and especially among younger people who’ve been to schools
and told that they’re all their problems come from white racists very bad you
know the fifties were much better times in this country so I think I only got a
half answer than before you said my head doesn’t have a lot of hope something to
that effect about that’s right Rick but what am I in well I’m I’m an optimist by
genes I don’t know how I am I just am I you know I phrased it in a
book I wrote you don’t know I would like my head is in conflict with my heart I
follow my heart so I’m I’m gonna fight so I drop as though there’s a gonna be a
positive outcome but uh you know there’s no what was his name Skippy Oh africanus
was a Roman general who burned Carthage and when he saw Carthage going up and
smoke he wept because the classical view was that all it’s all cyclical empires
rise and fall all societies rise and fall and this idea of progress is one of
the really bad ideas that the Jews gave to us the idea of there’s a promised
land although maybe Moses didn’t mean it in a way that left us mean it but that
idea of a progress is the problem can’t redeem the world can’t be fixed why
can’t the world be fixed because the root source of all social problems is us
individuals so you can maybe you know it’s it’s very hard to take one
individual who’s gone off the deep end and bring them back yeah but you know
modest it’s you know and this is the oldest thing I was a Voltaire ten your
own garden you can make the space around you maybe a little bit you more humane
you can help an individual but you can’t change the world well on
that note I sense we could do a lot more so we’ll have to do this again okay
we’ll see maybe you know we’ll do this how about we do this one year from now
and we’ll see if I’ve incorporated around I can’t I can’t no I’m old enough
to know that that that will be you know a blessing you’re 78 years old how do
you look so good uh your makeup that’s all the makeup no I saw you when you
walked in come on what’s the trick oh no no I have a great marriage wonderful
wife I tried to balance the political with you know real real life stuff by
animals I have all these dogs I love yeah I don’t know and it’s also in the
genes all right one year from now we will do it again
and for more on David you can check out his new book big agenda president
Trump’s plan to save America and visit Horowitz Freedom Center org you

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